Detective Conan

How is this show popular on literally every corner of the earth except America?

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Questionable dub changes to fit to american culture and was death slotted onto adult swim/cartoon network outside of its wider reaching target demographic. Funi gave it 123 episodes and 6 movies to find a footing, but not even since it stopped airing on adult swim around episode 53 and no movie showings.

I don't think the name was much of an issue barring brand recognition.
Fortunately, it being on adult swim as a lad is what made me a caught up fan today.

Not enough high fructose corn syrup

English dub back in the early 2000s was ass. Americans are also too stupid to follow mysteries, even when the solutions are presented later on.

The amount of murders was too low for Americans to find it believable.

America was one of the last markets where Anime and Manga was introduced.

20 year latter from the rest of the World

Probably this. For the same reason One Piece isn't as popular in Burgerland as it is in Central Europe. Jimmie Kudo couldn't carry a show with his mad Japanese skills.

Looking back, it's kinda a miracle that it even took off at all here in Germany.

Sera is an overrated smelly boy.

DC suffers from introducing much more interesting and engaging characters as the series went on, leaving many of the original characters boring and stiff.
Instead of those entertaining storylines we more shit about the snotnosed kids that nobody gives a fuck about.

It's on CR right? I'd say it's decently popular.

> Americans are also too stupid to follow mysteries
But they are really simple. I almost always knew the answer before Conan.

I'm gonna kill you

Too smart for Americans.

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One Piece didn't get popular over here because it's not cool. I don't mean that as an indication of its quality but rather when you compare it to DBZ or Naruto it's just not going to look as cool to the type of person who watches battle shonen i.e. middle schoolers and blacks. The cartoony designs and visuals make it look kiddier and goofy pirates aren't going to resonate as much with that crowd as ninja or Superman level guys who fly and shoot planet destroying energey blasts. Same reason most of those types who love DBZ don't give a shit about DB.

It only got there at episode 754.

It's going on 3 yearsish now, sure, but it took a while to get there and where it is now. When it first launched it was on a 10 fucking day delay from original broadcast to the hour it is now.
The only saving grace is M-L wasn't timely, at least CR stuck to their 10 days.
They only recently got Funi's 123 episodes in their catalog, but we're still missing the gap legally subbed/available.

> but we're still missing the gap legally subbed/available.
Who the fuck cares?

>10 fucking day delay from original broadcast to the hour it is now

Jesus Christ, I picked it up when it was on Saturday to Wednesday delay. This must've been rough.

One Piece was probably never gonna make it in the US because of its art style, but the initial dub of the series soured any chance of it succeeding. Even redubbing the series hasn't really given it the shot in the arm people hoped it would.

>English dub back in the early 2000s was ass
It wasn't though. However, it was heavily reworked and aired on [as] despite being a children's show everywhere else

I doubt.

It demonstrates there's still a way to go with Conan, and it'd just be nice to have.

just because I can

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I will fight you. Sera and Haibara are the only worthwhile women.

Conan got lucky to be released in Germany before everything got cencored to hell and back. Shows like Naruto that came later had pretty much no chance to become popular because they would change absolutely everything to remove anything that might be seen as violent.

Weird localization, the main characters had localized names but everything else was in japanese

It's a stupid premise, that's why.

And what's the premise?

Because Japan doesn't like America. I wonder why...

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The american dub was pretty good.

It's not marketable compared to literally any other anime that aims to kids.

Amerifats is a pleb

One Piece was dealt the worst possible cards you could be dealt.
>Dubbed and dumbed down massively by 4Kids to the point it was now a stigma
>Funi waited years to get the rights after Saturday WB vs Fox died out instead of right away
>Did the same Ocean Dub to Funi Dub tactic of DBZ, and just picking up where they left off which was Skypeia when the manga was in post timeskip iirc
>Was put on the inferior Toonami which aired way too late for casual fans and hardcores already watched it
>Aired FILLER because why the fuck did they dub filler?
>Demarco was an idiot who did way too many marathons and movies so it pushed shit back futher so people lose more interest
>Put it on later behind NARUTO of all things because that will keep people awake right?
>Then can it for low ratings that you caused.

True enough, Conan would've been quite hilarious without any corpses. It also helps that Naruto wasn't even out back then