Sora yori mo Tooi Basho


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I wish I was surrounded by cake.

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I didn't like the outburst.

Dont bully this shorty.

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When did she lose virginity?

>Shirase plays Mahjong and got Baiman
>"looks tanoshii~" I thought
>open Tenhou and play Mahjong after such a long time
>get last place
>"just unlucky, it happens sometimes, let's try again"
>get last place 3 times in a row
this game is not tanoshii at all

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This could be a smug Yuzu.

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>Yuzu sees your dick

>5 minutes into pengin n' chill and she gives you this look

>Hinata is getting fat because running only reminds her of the track team

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What do you do, Sup Forums?

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I don't like you.


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Are you easily impressed? Maybe the episode could have framed it better, but it seemed to me that the girls wanted to apologize, but just picked the wrong way of going about it. Knew as soon as it ended that people would love it but it didn't make me feel anything. Is the moral that nobody should ever apologize?

Hinata is the cutest.

Am I the only one getting Satsuki vibes from her?

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They weren't remorseful, they just wanted to get close to Hinata and act like nothing happened, Shirase just said what Hinata wanted to say.

I don't understand Mahjong at all and I still cracked up at this scene.

They've had around 1 year to think about their mistakes and apologize. They didn't. Now they heard that Hinata is doing something amazing and suddenly they care about her again.

It's great that they want to apologize, but sincerity matters.

>They weren't remorseful
And you know this how? The email made it seem so.

I think the joke was that Kimari was telling the others all that she had and fucking up her game.

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Shirase is a yuri couple's daughter

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This show would've been so much better if it focused on fun instead of forced drama.

There is no moral. But it reminds me of a girl I know that was abandoned by her father, he returned after 30 years with some flowers asking her for forgiveness. She told him to fuck off. Long term damage shouldnt really be forgiven so easily.

>two long, dark, straight black-haired beauties in a lesbian relationship
>One's goofy and outgoing whgile the other is the awkward aloof dork
My dick literally cannot handle this.

Tanned Kimari is a miracle of the universe.

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Yuzu's budding breasts!

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I'm starting to get bored of this show, glad it' flopping.

>you're mine now

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What the hell was with that OST straight out of Jurrasic Park?

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>shh, no friends now. Only tears.

>Even the autistic Yuzu know that Hinata needs the hug
My heart.

>and I'm never letting you go!

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best girls

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>another week
>another kino episode
>2 episodes left

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>forced drama
pick one
Stop praising this seasonal trash

I don't, at best I can just assume that based on the timing (what user mentioned ), I'm just taking Hinata's side.
But even if they are actually remorseful, even if apologizing was the right thing to do, I still loved seeing Shirase (and Kimari) speak up for what their friend couldn't say.

Literally copy and paste drama from Hibike

I'm having trouble remembering the names of all the characters outside the main four but isn't Gin the lady captain?

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Jesus christ, what the fuck is that


at the center of the earth.



I want to make Shirase a single mother!

Gin please, you can't keep doing this.

you're going to die?

Lads is there life after Yorimoi ends?

This was honestly the most boring episode. Literally nothing but forced drama. How can you unironically call this Melodramashit AOTS? Go back to YouTube, yorifags.

How come she's the only one with tan and why does everyone find it so funny?

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That is correct.

On another note what's Jantei?
The kanji jan is from 麻雀 or mahjong and 帝 mean emperor, so I guess Jantei is a title for best mahjong player or something like that?

>forced comedy

Lesson learned.
Don't play against a lesbian

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Reminder to not feed the shitposter

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>I'm just taking Hinata's side.
The writers want us to obviously, but apologizing in such a manner is still difficult, and Shirase's outburst just made me feel bad. Fuck, I just like forgiveness.

some people has a sensitive skin and got sun burnt.
Either that, or she simply lazy forgot to apply sun protector

What is each girl's favorite sexual position?

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Shitposting aside, I must agree that outside of drama this episode had even less to offer than the one before.

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Knowing her it's the latter, and that IS a reason to laugh at her.

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She took her mask off last episode.

The previous episode has her taking off her glasses because they are uncomfortable for her, with the other girls telling her she can get sunburn doing that. Then we start this episode with her face like that. A two episode joke.

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>She took her mask off
Was it extremely painful?

Forgiveness is good, but you need to earn it for it to mean something. Remorse is only the first step, they have put in the effort to actually deserve Hinata's forgiveness. If she still feels this way then they have not earned it.

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Remember me?

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She's a pale girl

She's an average sized girl

How long does it take from intense sun exposure to the skin darkening without sunburn?

A week, which is what we have to wait between episodes.

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It depends on various factors (angle of sun, reflectance of surface, particulates in the air, air density, etc).

>Some people will show a tan in as little as two hours after being in the sun. Others will likely show the tan the next morning. Burn recovery usually takes a few hours, or, likely, overnight, or even up to three days, in my experience.

>last episode was christmas
>this episode was new year
They really did their research.

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I get the feeling Shirase would be really wild and into some weird shit, but take a while to get comfortable enough to show it. First few times would be missionary where she hugs the pillow and keeps her eyes closed but she'd eventually graduate to a more active role and trying out crazier and crazier stuff until she'd be riding you cowgirl style with her ass and loudly bellowing that she's gonna piss.

Yuzuki can't get off unless her whole weight is being held up entirely by a man at least twice her size, and held completely ummobile against him by his strong arms. She doesn't mind if she's held facing him or away from him, free-standing or pinned up against a wall, just as long as her feet can't reach the ground.

Hinata likes to do it facing away from her lover but also can't support herself on all-4s for very long at a time, so there's a lot of short sessions with frequent breaks for foreplay. She gets embarrassed easily and laughs a lot, and will shy away from kissing and intimacy during the act because it makes her feel awkward. Tries to take the lead when she's nervous but isn't very good at it.

Kimari dies a virgin.

I want to impregnate Gin-san and give Shirase a little sister.

I don't disagree with what you're saying on principle. It's just that the episode relies more on the fact that we're supposed to like Hinata, than it does on the incident itself, to make us feel bad. In contrast, Shirase's outburst seems to go too far considering how much she actually knows about what happened.
>you have to live with that
Shirase makes it seem like there's no path for forgiveness, when it's obvious that they wouldn't contact her at all if they weren't at least thinking about what happened. I'd like to think
If Hinata said it I wouldn't be complaining. But, forgiveness still makes me feel good

>forced yuri

Calm down there, Toshio.

>forced post

He's being protected by a different cake now.

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>forced reply

God I wish that was me.

>Kimari dies a virgin

Rude, I'm sure at the very least Megu-chan would pity-fuck her before it comes to that.

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What does her pubes look like?

This seems exploitable.

>daughter of Gin and Takako
But that's forbidden love!

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This is turning into At the Mountains of Madness
2 very soon


Not with all those romance novels she is reading.

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>hey remember how we fucked you over
>yeah now you're famous and stuff we want your forgiveness
>publically no less
I'm so glad the show didn't go the route of "you should forgive everyone no matter what".
Fuck them.

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It's perfectly normal when you play mahjong.


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>you'll never have a snack-and-beer-induced nap underneath the traditional American kotatsu in Antarctica

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