What do you guys think about Captain Tsubasa? haver you ever read the WHOLE thing?

what do you guys think about Captain Tsubasa? haver you ever read the WHOLE thing?

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Nitta best guy

Just how fucking big is the field?
Why is on top of an hill?

20 kilometers long

>haver you ever read the WHOLE thing?
No, but I did watch the 80s animu which was the football version of five minutes till Namek explodes.

as a kid i tried to copy the powershots
so there's that

who didn't?

'murricans, i think

I used to watch the anime when I was young. Didn't watch the whole thing though, does it cover the whole manga/are there differences?

the manga is sill going in Japan.
Do the math.

I watched the original one when I was a kid with my father, but never paid attention to the many sequels of manga.

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I hope you watch this new version with us

Nope, I couldn't stand the art, but that was a few years ago and nowadays I'm trash and read through things even if they bother me. Will definitely watch the new one though, even if I dont pick the manga back up again

Hey Tsubasa, prepare to choke.

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I will, seems like a good chance to get back into Oliver y Benj-I mean Captain Tsubasa

> Italian edition was exported to the whole Europe
Is still set in Japan but everybody has western names?

>West Germany
It's always amazing to see the name of a country of a time before you were born appear in media. Especially if it's still running

>Is still set in Japan but everybody has western names
The spanish version did, it will be hard to get accustomed to the original names.
>Benji Price is actually called Wakabayashi Genzō

>it airs on a night time slot

They have still Japanese names, though they quite often fucked up first and last names of the characters.

Kickers had western names.

Makes me wonder what they will do with the reboot in that regard. Making it play today or staying close to the manga.

The spic version changed the named to westernized ones but left the japanese surnames, so you ended up with things like Steve Hyuga and Tom Misaki

Being a night time anime. I can imagine they are doing a straight adaptation in that regard.

It's shit

Read all of the manga.
It'll never be finished and there's too many unresolved plotlines. All of the characters are spread out as well

Looking at the recent manga stuff. Yōichi Takahashi can't draw at all anymore.

It's kind of sad to see the guy who once was an all time master in paneling is reduced to a source of memes.

Watched it when I was a wee lad. Was pretty happy to see this on the charts. Will def watch.