Idol Time Pripara and Aikatsu

What did you think about the new episode?

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locate a defect

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No dick, no beauty mark and hair isn't pink.

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Literally Jesus.

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>no dick
You don't know that

Can't be a coincidence

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no haato punch

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Excessive maxing.

I want to fuck Rola's armpits.

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Is it usual in /pc/ that no one post after page 10 or is it because it's in middle of day?

Who cares about /pc/

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I want a boiroller x girlroller doujin

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I'm fat.

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Holly fuck, if I buy those watches, then ikemen will invite me on a date. I want 6, one for each hand.

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I think that PriPara is lacking blushing girls. They are really cute and make Pretty Rhythm look more like a proper shoujo anime. Romance make every anime better.

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Just look at this scene. It makes my heart incredibly doki doki and kokoro tokimeki.

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You are right, but DmF and RL have less of them already.
Poor Hibiki.
He doesn't know what he gets into yet.


>tells the complete story
What did user mean by that?


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JP Yahoo Auctions here we go!

Pripara Ultra Mega Mix Vol. 3 rip when/where?

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I want a sheep.

>six (6) (seis) (六) vocaldolls in the same place at the same time
>world is somehow not spontaneously destroyed
I demand an explanation.

Did anyone else notice that there are now extended "DJ Collection" versions of the Ultra Mega Mix Albums from the Japanese music download sites?


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You can't mix Vocal Dolls and YO!
VD alone are fine.

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Delete this.

To be fair 2 of them didn't have enough strength to stay there.

Falulu had about a hundred Vocodoll daughterus in a helicopter that one time. Why is this a problem?

Only when I get a copy.


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>that track that plays when Janice says they need a kami level live
That shit is straight out from MMX.

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>Fucks up her ankle
>Rei even has to carry her to the stage
>Moments later her injury is magically gone and she can put on a performance just fine

Also, the tie stuff is retarded. Way to cop out.

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Poor Janice. It's hard to look cool or menacing with the duck potty in the background.

Stars will be over soon. Post art of your favourite idol from it.

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The later.

It's just one guy posting it every time. Maybe next time it will be funny.

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Since it was just Onegai Mary again I like to think they played a clip from an old performance while Kirara got treated in the back room. That or her performance was literally her playing the game on the arcade cabinet which then projected the image to the audience via hologram, since she could do that sitting down.

The game shouldn't allow this.

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Best most attractive and most feisty idol on the show

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Lily is my wife

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>Reona being extra gay

Nanase is my wife ;_;

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Is idol time finally saved?

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How many episodes does Idol time have left?

I wish I could hug her every day.

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I'm so alone.

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Big finale plus onsen.

There's some serious sexual tension in this picture. Right now they're just two very close friends. Maybe they're a little closer than most people would consider normal, their skinship a little more frequent. Hell, maybe they've even played around with each other a little before, but it was all just for fun, all teasing. This is different though. Pulling those strings is crossing the line. It's practically a confession. And you can tell by their eyes that they're about to do it. They'll pull those strings and let their bodies do the rest. This is the moment when two of the closest friends become lovers.

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I have a little too many Pripara lewds, where do I upload them?

Girls can't have sex, how would that even work

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There are no mascots in Pri-chan, right?

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This pic makes my dick hard.

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I prefer old Nekomusume.

I want to fuck Lala.

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After how shitty they were in IT, I hope not.

Anna will be desu wa.

>no DBS

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Rude but true.

That one at 8:30 looks like a cardgame show.

Gegege no Kitaro is going to be a much better show and you know it.

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It's Duel Masters.

I take they don't transform anymore? That looks like the plain Anna Akagi prichanning on the right.

Nice, I might watch it then.

It wasn't when I was a little girl, I won't be now.

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I don't want Pripara to die.

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I do, I also want want Stars to die.

>tfw haven't watched PP in over a month because I don't want it to end

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What do you want to live?

Only if we got an Ako and Kanata spin off.

If you sing hard enough in the next two weeks maybe it will not die.

Nothing, this generation of little girls show went to shit last year.
IT has been a total letdown with some good moments here and there.
Fairilu's episodes that aren't about Nozomu and Lip are meh as fuck. Cocotama is okay though, but that's it, it's almost never remarkable or shit, mediocre as fuck but not as much as Precure.
And Stars is an even bigger disappointment than usual, specially when it comes to the main characters.