Hay Vegeta

Hay Vegeta
what does the SCOUTER say about his POWER level?

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IT'S OVER 9000!

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I've noticed memes have circulated somewhat in recent times. Is it time for Over 9000 to make a come back?

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It's over 8000 !

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No, there's too many simple text + image memes on social media these days.

image macros

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What was so funny about this again?

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Was this the moment, Dragon went to shit?

Vegeta's and Nappa's reaction, taking off his scouter and crushing it while screaming Goku's PL. It's just absurd and silly for how exaggerated it is.

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No. It's too late. The memes are inert.

Why didn't they bring back Nappa? He could have been reformed.

nobody gets your joke, piccolo

>what does the SCOUTER say about his POWER level?
It says go back to redit.

I'm almost positive it's because they wouldn't know how to portray his super saiyan form. It doesn't matter that "a saiyans hair never changes from the day they're born", he still went bald.

El Hermano

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Who's Nappa? (laughs)

Radditz. What a cool guy


Did you know it was over 8000 in the original?
The over 9000 meme is based on a mistranslation!

Golden mustache and eyebrows. Just don't have him go SSJ3 ever.

It says Vegeta will forever be undefeated against Goku.

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You know, the guy Vegeta takes the fall for (regarding the killing of Yamcha *Saibamen*, Tien *himself*, the mime *himself* and Piccolo *meant for Gohan*). AT, pls.

Heh sorry dude, I just don't have the attention span for manga these days :)

>the only decent scan uses the chinese names

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Radditz was a little bitch

I don't hate Nappa. He's good friend with EL DOCTOR GOKÚ.

What is his powerlevel?

IT'S OVER the game




I watched that whole Broly Movie in this dub, fucking hilarious this was acceptable for TV.


>Americans meme over 9000
>Japanese meme over 530,000
truly we are weak

They have a power level meme? What is it? Base form Frieza?

Yeah, the JP community has lots of iconic lines.

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Thanks for the pic user. Trips don't lie.

Weit über 8000

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Vegeta was actually the least viable out of the three to be reformed, the other two would have been much easier. But Vegeta was popular, and the others weren't. It's that simple

Dragonball is terrible with its supporting characters. If Nappa had been brought back he just would have been sidelined like Yamcha and Tien. A fate worse than death me thinks.

Edit them and then upload. Lazy fuck.

Fighterz made it seem he's too coward and arrogant for change if he did
>no what if story where Nappa and Raditz see SSB/SS4 in action

You, a Plebian: Nappa
Me, a Patrician: Paragus


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'bout three fiddy

Paragus will be FighterZ DLC

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IT'S...one thousand and six

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All your base are belong to us

not german but I get it
german cartoons over free satellite when you are from a poor country was fucking awesome
that's how I learned the german language
always rushed home from school to watch anime on RTL2 pokito
member this?
gotta love german inside joke easter eggs

I've never seen this. How the actual fuck was that possible? Wouldn't that require both sides to agree for that plug?

what both sites?
same voice actor and probably the same team working on both of them

Sadly Sup Forums is the only board that bothers with proper image macros these days.

The creators of Benjamin Blümchen and Spongebob. It's hardly the same team working on them.
The people who do the dubbing should have no say in this.

>The people who do the dubbing should have no say in this.
Yeah, but you know, when they get called out on it, they can always say it's just a blooper that accidentally got put into the broadcast version.

literally you right now

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why does he call pikachu bodo?

My mind is blown to pieces by the sheer brilliance of this. Why did I have to see this on Sup Forums anyway?

It was the VA fucking around which would, as I said, normally be cut and maybe used as an outtake, but it accidentially got put into the final version and screened just like that on TV.
Bodo was the name of the dubbing director according to Pokewiki, but notice that Ash didn't order Pikachu to use Thunderbolt, but "Rülpsattacke" instead, which translates to "burp attack". Needless to say, that scene caused a bit of confusion amongst viewers

It's exactly 9000.

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But maybe I can bring them back with my ninja info cards.



Dragonball Z: The Abridged Series was never funny or clever.


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Why was Vegeta so stunned at Goku being 9000, wasnt Vegeta still a higher power level at the time?

low-class puny 1x earth gravity warrior being stronger than elites like nappa? impregnable

The best part is that image macros are the most common "meme" but they're barely memetic in nature due to being explained in the image.
It's barely an in joke or colloquial if it's explained as part of the parcel.

I blame bad advice dog, courage wolf, and pokeparents. They set the standard for "impact font on the top and bottom"

I still remember the theories of whether he was obito or madara. Crazy times.

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>calling it bad advice dog
We got a redditfag here

i'm horribly drunk, be nice

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just listen to the way Vegita says the line, it's so goofy you can't help but laugh.

that made a comback in combination with all the soyfaces

demotivationals were the beginning of the end

It's better as a gif desu.

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