Anime involves the church

>anime involves the church
>they're evil

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>church isn't evil and boring

Just like in real life.

>Put down your weapon and let us kill you or we'll kill this guy who we're going to kill anyway after we kill you
>Characters drop their weapons

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Dumb satania poster.

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havent you made this thread like 3 times already

Seriously though, the last time we had an angel character who was a nice person was..?

Just like in the real world

yeah i cant wait for high school dxd to come back

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But that's just boring at this point.

Confess your sins, user-kun. Christ, the king of kings, is all-forgiving.

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>Angels are evil
>Demons are the good guys

Well I'll just confess directly to Him then.

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>king of kings
Love that shit

Just because they aren't portrayed as goody-two-shoes doesn't mean they are necessarily evil.

If god is all good, why don't anime girls exist?

>jpg where the church isn't evil, or some shady organization controlling everything from the shadows, but actually helps people and serves as a social gathering place for a small town.
>you actually have some devout party members that are presented in a very positive light
Atelier Sophie really surprised me in this aspect, until the end I expected some kind of twist.


>Angels are good, but act like hoes
>Demons are bad, but act good

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They do. They are just living in another world. They are essentially living in a layer of the cosmos hidden from our 2D seeing eyes.

The Catholic church in particular is an ancient, exotic, powerful, secretive, hierarchical organisation with strong elements of the theatrical and supernatural. It's an amazing gift for a westaboo writing any sort of urban fantasy.