Did Netflix just save anime again?

Did Netflix just save anime again?

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Inb4 Jewflix goes all SJW on anime

From what?
From getting non-mediocre original shows? Sure did.

It's only a matter of time, Sup Forumsnon. Let it go

Did OP just made a garbage thread again?

I sure hope they don't

that butt saved the anime

>saving anime
the absolute state of a normies

Devilman at least has better threads than this shit

If B is what you faggots mean by "saving anime" then I'd prefer anime to stay dead

Devilman at least HAD threads
B was discussed the first two days and then only used as a shitposting tool

is that Destiny?

Wrong picture, OP.

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If devilman were weekly release i'm sure it would be as popular as Franxx and VEG on Sup Forums

B: has nice visuals and decent directing, but with the NETFLIX airing schedule there isn't really any novel discussion to be had.

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Huh this look interesting.

That was hot garbage

>two days
Not even that. It was shitposting from the get go.

Best anime 2018

Too bad the story was god awful.
>mixing shonen shit with thriller.
It doesnt even mesh well. Its as if there were 2 shows being made but due to budget cuts, they decided to combine the two and try to come up with a coherent story.

Why did they use a font/color combination that looks like someone just ejaculated their series title?

It deserves it.


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>No spice and wolf season 3
>Yet shit like this gets greenlit
Worst timeline.

The best part is how both stories were as trite as you could possibly get for their genre, and they still stapled their climaxes together. The villain droning on about "you and I are the same akchally" while showing shots of koku screaming about muh fate made literally no sense

Not really. It didn't do anything offensively bad except being chu2.

That's a strange thing to bring up.
If your thinking is like that than even S&W wouldn't be the first in line for continuations.

>you and I are the same akchally
Also the whole "if you kill him, he wins" but at least they actually killed him,
that was something

This show had a lot of really nicely framed shots, but for no fucking reason. It bugs me when cinematographers don't tie their imagery to what's going on in the scene

It hurts my soul becauae the quality of the animation is really impressive. Its the same with games, the artists do an incredible job but get held down by incompetent script writers.

We can all agree that the specific moment the show started falling off was when it turned out Jean was only evil because of mind control, right?

>if you kill him then you are no vetter than him
Oh, don't remind me.

At least we get more Boogiepop in this one

It could have been so much better. So many things with promise that went nowhere. Lots of cryptic bullshit and interesting shots leading to underwhelming conclusions or just getting dropped entirely. People leading to conclusions that they definitely shouldn't have during all the detective bits.

It's like that Sherlock copypasta, about stupid people writing smart people. Keith's deductions are literally fucking magic

This retarded thread again?

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And full metal panic
>Full metal fumofu S2 by Kyoani
Let the dice roll.

Does it bother you when people talk about anime that just came out?

There was actually a story to this? I'm pretty sure it's just bestgirl doing bestgirl things with some disjointed zany action scenes and selfimportant sounding rambling put in between.

The tone is all over the place too
>slow paced deduction and reasoning followed by alot of cryptic clues and cigarette smoke
>Edgy shonen battle with straightout exposition
>cheery SOL

Hehehehe, forgot to add picture.

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Netflix threads don't count as discussing anime, you know.

Good thing it's not a netflix thread but a specific anime one, right?
Or do you complaing about NHK in every Sangatsu thread as well?

Please post the close up of her ass

Here is the interview with the director and it explains why its complete dogshit. Mind the grammar.


I don't think anybody cares about this

Cremona must be the most multicultural society ever invented. How many places do you know with shops in italian, newspapers in english, bakeries that sell anpan, and average detectives who would use the japanese pronunciation of numbers to hide a code in a watch?

Thanks. Gonna read it after I finish the series.

Great because its painful to read as it is to watch.


You can only choose one.

>produced by japanese studios
>with a japanese audience in mind
Can you explain how it isn't anime?


This is fucking unreadable. This is a machine translation, isn't it?

>no more Haikyuu!
>B gets made instead
I feel your pain.

Brought to you by Google Translate

The SoL parts were how they connected the three together.
Throw out the shounen stuff
Make it more fucked up and have the boy as his actual adopted brother who he took in after what went down and have him leave the department.
The heroine is the one who stumbles upon the wierd stuff that makes up their family and confronts them in the apartment.

It seems more like a native Jap translator to me.

tl;dr They could do whatever the fuck they wanted to they took the Kubo approach "do whatever we like and make shit up as we go along".

gilbert should have shot that bitch and koku should have died with his gf after killing minatsuki. bad bad bad shonen

That was awful too.

One of few things I liked about it was the concept of throwing weapons down from an airship and using those as harpoons or lifts. Was pretty cool. Impractical, but cool.