Episode 44: 運命の囚人 – Unmei no Shūjin
(Prisoners of Destiny)
Having learned the truth hidden by the Ignis and the truth behind the Lost Incident, Playmaker tries to persuade Revolver to stop the Tower of Hanoi. Unfortunately, his words fail to convince Revolver. Having been driven into a corner, Playmaker entrusts all his hopes to his new ace monster!

Fujiki Yusaku/Playmaker: Ishige Shoya
Ai: Sakurai Takahiro
Kusanagi Shoichi: Kimura Subaru
Kogami Ryoken/Revolver: Takeuchi Shunsuke
Frog/Pigeon: Seki Tomokazu

Script: 吉田伸, 立原正輝 || Yoshida Shin, Tachihara Masaki
Storyboard: 髙田昌宏 || Takada Masahiro
Direction:: 髙田昌宏 || Takada Masahiro
Animation Director(s): 荏原裕子, 横田明美 || Ebara Yuko, Yokota Akemi

Episode 45: 極限領域のデュエル – Kyokugen Ryōiki no Dyueru
(An Extreme Duel)
Revolver sets up the ultimate battle formation that transcends human intellect itself, and drives Playmaker into a corner.

Script: 吉田伸, 立原正輝 || Yoshida Shin, Tachihara Masaki
Storyboard: 町谷俊輔 || Machitani Shunsuke
Direction: 布施康之 || Fuse Yasuyuki
Animation Director(s): Lee Sung-jin, Kang Hyeon-guk, Seo Soon-young

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>Episode 45
The actual fuck. Is Revolver/Ryoken playing 4D chess or something?

Probably extra link

Human intellect in VRAINS sure must be low if someone like Revolver can transcend it.

New OP fucking when?

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I knew his face meant nothing.

Not as handsome as I thought, huh

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42 ratings. They’ve been pretty low recently. Wonder why. The episodes themselves have seemed fine.

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because the plot is boring and there aren't enough interesting characters to keep it decent.

How many more times can they repeat Playmaker vs Revolver do you think? They probably fought for 10 episodes total by now.

>his new ace monster!

the water code talker maybe?

>Yuma and Yuya used Hope and Odd-Eyes quite frequently
>Yusei used Stardust a good amount of times after the Fortune Cup Arc
>Yusaku only used Firewall twice so far

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I mean, the ace part.

The real ace monster was friends he made along the way.
Oh wait...

they've called excode an ace monster before I think.

Arn't the Code talkers his aces though? Also is he really going to stick his hand in a storm again?

Decode should have been his ace.
I hope that it's another Shining Flare Wingman/Neos situation and Yusaku gets a Code Talker with 2.5k attack as an actual ace

Revolver can't keep this up alone.

I wonder if the Water Talker will have all three arrows downward (bottom left, bottom, bottom right)

>We're gonna have three blue armored colored Code Talkers

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Buy Blackwings

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Well this time its not NAS or Konami.

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I just want Aoi, please Konami.

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>Varus -> Varis -> Crow
they cant keep getting away with this

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I don't care about BA, I said Aoi.

this girl?

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>first name is the name of a literal jobber

They're planning something

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His eyebrows weren't as bad as I though they were going to be. Seems it was just oversaturation from Stardust road.

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Imouto man exist for suffering.

Of you have been on /dng/ you would have known by now that his new ace monster evolution is an upgrade of his wizard card, not kidding search for cybernetic horizon cover card and you will see that it's true.

it seems that niips had enough of firewall's shenagamins and is getting banned, so here it is yusaku's new ace monster, a cyberse wizard upgrade.

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What is their plan?

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So Firewall is no more and ace card will be a "Magician"? The connections to the original series keep growing.

What's next, another character whose name means "Seahorse"?

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it's another flame wingman situation, it crearly seems that they don't have a fucking idea of what to do with firewall dragon so they are going to drop it, bear in mind that revolver has already had upgrade of both his borreload and topologic dragons so yusaku's magician are going to be a thing to as it seems.

honestly wish his eyes were more blue

>Year 2008+10
>mfw people running mirror force

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about $1,300 for a mirror force card, why?

its hanoi's strongest card, cringe before its noble power

I really love the support for Rituals and now the retrains for Ruin and Demise. I'm here hoping that Northwemko (and Garlandolf maybe) get retrained soon but I can only hope.
Also young version are really adorable for doomsday monsters. I wonder if Northwemko will have that (also a mini archetype for her, and Garlandolf)
Feels like I may have two Northwemko deck in the future.
I mean. Mirror force was always a good card. People dont run it because there are a lot of ways to break them but still, lets suppose you dont have mst in that moment of the duel.... yeah.

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they probably want a monster complete opposite to topologics that probably has a protection effect

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I assume it was like like how backup operator is to backup secretary.

Such an underrated girl. She managed to one up even Kaiba himself at one point.

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>She managed to one up even Kaiba himself at one point.

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Different cases, think about gagagas and utopia, the former are different monster while utopia has upgrades, and that seems to be the case with cyberse wizard, after all they already forshadowed as an important card for yusaku in the shima's episode.

price comparison.

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Hacked into KC at the age of like 10.

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My god...

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it was under the control of dartz at that point wasn't it?

What would save VRAINS?

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Someone with a BRAIN

Yup it was.

cyber satan.

Duels outside of the virtual world.

Crazy psycho character who would last longer than Spectre and not be so one-dimensional.

A cute shota who blends in well with the plot.

Duel Monsters references, the story actually being set in the same world as original did.

The characters are boring, the duels are boring and the plot is boring. No wonder it is failing

>Crazy psycho character
>not one dimensional

pick one

IRL interactions

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>he still haven't summoned his fucking Firewall more than once.

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he has used it twice.

I would rewrite Specter's back story entirely.

The tree will be important later on. It's probably a "save the planet, nature is alive, focus on the real world and not the fake internet world" bullshit scenario.

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Ai is evil

Characters that don't exist in a void and more cute girls

Next recap when?

Before the new opening probably.

Every 8 episodes, when was the last Vrecaps because I forgot, soon anyway

Literally just older Yusaku with white hair

Characters actually interacting


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wow this is another kaiba vs yugi

>Imouto man would go at 100 at the far left

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At this point he's manged to do more for Yusaku than Aoi.

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He did that for Aoi though, if playmaker got taken down because of him who would save any of them afterwards? Go? Nigga please

Name my band

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Such is the fate of a filler character. It's a shame, she really is a qt.
>Duel Monsters references, the story actually being set in the same world as original did.
How would that even work?

What's stopping VRAINS from mentioning it happens 50 or 100 years after DM or something? This random Millenium Eye from the OP makes me theorize at least.

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>millenium eye
yusaku boy

No that would be shit in pure cyberse

It's yusakus enlightenment paladim

It was for Aoi indirectly, it was directly for Yusaku.

Awaken now, the circuit the burns with an Azure flame!

>tfw summonong chants are dead and monsters don't have personalities anymore

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