Too problematic?

Too problematic?

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Asses don't just turn into balloons fgor no reason

americucks everyone!

Too underrated.
Not enough lolis and teary eyes for jap shit taste.

More like too awful
>Mary Sue main character
>Completely unlikable cast
>Fucking BORING
>Not even sexy

Konnichiwa jap-kun.
You have shit taste.

I would have definitely watched it if it had a JS cast.

Nozomi is one of the sexiest MCs ever, did your parents feed you antifreeze or were you born this gay?

How is problematic when it is progressive as fuck? It shows that girls can be competent at sports without the help of men, they form bonds, rivalries and friendships between each other and all of that without being ashamed of their bodies.

>Nozomi is one of the sexiest MCs ever
Yeah, her deep personality of being a gold-digging whore who's only participating in Keijo for the money, and being able to magically do everything just from taking high school gymnastics, is really sexy. Fuck off retard.

This should've been a swimming anime instead.

Keijo was supposed to become a real international sport. We truly live in the worst timeline.

She is in a fucking keijo training camp.

Actually IS real.
But not professional. I heard someone in portugal wanted to give a try.

I liked the premise of having a saint Seya kind of action shonen fought with boobs and titties.
It was desecrating and hilarious at the same time.

Our ancestors descended from the trees and had worked tirelessly for millenia to conquer the elements and understand the workings of the universe, so that we could have the technology to come together as a species and develop a planetary collective repository of every kind of lewdity imaginable to create on Earth, the greatest spank bank in the known Universe, that we today refer to as the World Wide Web. Conveniently, there's a portal to it in our pants, in our bag, our desks, and some cars and kitchen appliances as of recently.

Fully-clothed ass and tiddy on television is a relic of a dark time in our history, a time before the web. We've moved past this already.

Also, you can figure out most of important plot points by looking at the poster.

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too good for this world

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Anyone subbed BDs?

>Fuking BORING

I agree

Show was so unpopular in japland that Bds came out censored. So no one bothered do it.

Are you seriously calling Keijo boring? What a sad life you must lead.

Holy shit, the asshurt.
Yeah, of course it's going to be boring when all the characters are trash and I don't care about any of them, that's only natural. I died laughing when they tried to give that "sad backstory" to that martial arts girl.

Got the english blurays yesterday. Glad to see some of the animation got touched up. The dub is alright. Nozomi doesn't have an accent but none of the girls sound particularly bad or like they're a 50 year old trying to sound like a teenager.

Check nyaa.
What the fuck you talking about? You can literally see 3 different subbed BD versions on nyaa.

>Mary Sue main character

Nozomi had plenty of challenges. She wasn't the strongest player in her school, that was Mio. And she didn't beat Maya on her own, she needed Kawai's buff to win.

>Completely unlikable cast

Well you can fuck right off.

did they fix the QUALITY issues with the last 2 episodes?

Too bad the manga got axed. I unironically enjoyed the references to other franchises.

What was even the point of this show?

don't bring this meme to Sup Forums. keep the shitposting to Sup Forums and Sup Forums

>>Mary Sue main character
confirmed for only watching the anime

>all shipping services are retarded and I've yet to get this

I liked this. I expected something like High School DxD, but this was an interesting sports anime. Even the best one for many years.