What is the most reasonable theory about this anime?

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That Lain is a cute

Which one? Sassy Lain? Bear Lain? Smug Lain?

which one was the Lain at the club?

Let’s all love Lain

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Ask fauux

Installing Gentoo Lainux in a Magick Gaia Drive from an applel network with cute lesbian icons instead of the homosexual ones.

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is he still active?

what was the problem with track 44?

Was Lain even real?

last update to neocities was last december. The ARG is not finished tough, /x/ confirmed.

The people of the world work as neurones for planet Earth, we're all connected through magnetic fields or something. The new protocol of the wired uses that to make the connection more tangible, bodies will no longer be needed. To break the barrier between the wired and the real world, a body is created for the essence of the collective consciousness. The bad guy tries to use her power. Everyone works for him, even if some (men in black) don't know it. At the end Lain realizes who she is and uses her power to rewrite the memories of everyone. The fact that even dead people are back seems to imply the "true" world is the collective consciousness, while the "real" world is just a reflection.

didn't know they talk of lain

there 3 different types of Lain(s)

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Mature/sassy Lain, a representation of how people tend to be more confident on the internet due to a lack of social pressure.

Why did she order to kill 2 people at the dude that then killed himself?
I think that was evil Lain
Track 44 has something to do with her

That Lain is a high functioning autist, completely lost in her own ream of fantasy and delusion.

it bad

Sassy Lain was made by Eiri, to controll all the Earth Mind
Tachibana made the bear Lain, So that the wired/Sassy Lain cant take full controll of reality...don't know how(?)

is studying telecommunications network useful to understand lain?

The lain personalities is probably one of the weaker explored concepts in the show since most people are more interested in what Lain is.
Some people speculate Evil Lain is just a manifestation of the Knight's hacking. Because when the Knights are hacking computers or hacking reality Lain is usually present (I.E her manifestation seen by Mika or her appearance in the headgear of the MiB before they get killed, which was likely done by "boss"). Because Lain is focus point of the wired, she sees this hacking of herself doing it.

Otherwise, Confident Lain and Evil Lain are just leaking aspects of her psyche. We all have an idea of who we want to be and we all have a dark side. With Lain these ideas manifest and are operating independent of her most grounded, neutral self without her being fully aware.

>Before the series “begins,” Tachibana Labs, the company that Lain’s “father” works for, begins developing Protocol Seven, an extension for The Wired so that the online user can connect without the use of a computer (or as they call them, NAVI). Masami Eiri, the project head, uses the program to develop an artificial, conscious being within The Wired. This being is Lain of the Wired, or Lain 2.

>After developing Lain 2, Eiri believes that this project could lead to the next step in the evolution of human consciousness. To test this theory, Eiri uploads his consciousness, thoughts, memories, and personality into The Wired, and proceeds to commit suicide.

>After Tachibana Labs discovers that Eiri’s dead, they expand upon his theory, and attempt to bring an artificial consciousness into the real world. This is how they develop Lain of the Real World, or Lain 1 (the main protagonist of the series). Because of her unnatural nature of being, she is naturally shy, defensive, and hesitant to engage with others.

Eiri was fired after they discovered his tampering, I believe only Lain's father was in on the experiment. Human Lain was software written into the protocol that resulted in the manifestation of the worlds collective psyche into a human girl with the most bare minimum personality.

Though it is still debatable if this manifestation actually existed prior and that the software was more of a memory implant.

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Lain 1 always walks on the light

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Evil Lain could manifest in Cyberia because of the music played that alters the perception of reality. Lain demonstrates this by playing track 44 on Taro

Yes. Lain is always with you so study hard user

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Pretty much everyone who comes up with a single theory to explaining Lain is wrong. The reason why there's no single theory that explains everything is implicit in the title: the Lain franchise is a series of 'experiments' that explore a variety of ideas in a loosely connected way: The anime raises questions about epistemology, the role of technology in human interaction, and ideas about a 'world soul'. The game version of Lain is mostly about mental illness, and reveals that Lain's namesake was an eminent psychologist who specialized in the study of schizophrenia, R.D. Laing.

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The game is about how Lain's nature makes her suffer psychologically and how the environment shes forced into drives her into misery. It's still connected to the anime plot, as Eiri is still a thing trying to get to her in Nightmare of Fabrication, which takes place in the game timeline as one of the missing files.

>Pretty much everyone who comes up with a single theory to explaining Lain is wrong.
that's an easy way to say: "i dont understand, so it is impossible to unserstand for others"

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i dont consider video game canon

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All of Lain

It's official media that explores the same themes as the anime and is connected through Eiri and Tachibana conspiracy. It's just an alternate way the plot can be taken.

"In the game, users can interactively access fragments of Lain's memory. Then users can actually feel the Lain who exists inside the Web. In the TV animation, people can understand Lain by following the story."

It's the prequil to Boogiepop Phantom.

Nah, Nakamura wasn't involved
It's just a fanfiction retelling made by Chiaki

Nakamura was the director who had certain input. Ueda created the Lain concept and Konaka wrote the anime and the game.

I don't think you're wrong, but I think it's much more plausible to see Lain as an unreliable narrator.

This is my point exactly - you can't come up with a single unified theory of Lain without choosing to ignore inconvenient bits of narrative.

The various 'camps' of Lain enthusiasts are like the competing branches of single religion: Sunni/Shia, Catholic/Protestant, Theravada/Mahayana - if you want to understand the point of any of those beliefs, it's silly to claim that only your preferred branch is correct and refuse to even consider the others.

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this may help


There is no theory. It is just about how we are different people online, in person, and how alienation from our peers leads to odd behavior, like suicide. It essentially predicted the next twenty years.

Lain never existed just because she is just an amalgamation of different online personas.

>you can't come up with a single unified theory of Lain without choosing to ignore inconvenient bits of narrative

I disagree. It is very much possible to fit everything into a theory without ignoring anything, it will just take effort because everything is so fractured. Just going by a community is not a good way to judge the possibility of something.

Lain isn't about predicting the internet and its effect on people. Ueda has said this and has also said that he was optimistic about young people being exposed to the internet. As the series' original concept creator, I don't think he would have let Konaka have free reign letting that kind of thematic material across, especially if he felt it important enough to address in an interview directly asking him if Lain was a reaction to the internet and kids having access to technology.

>Lain never existed
user, as long as people exist Lain exists. As long as there are people who have the slightest idea as to her being "Lain
Iwakura" she will exist as that individual identity emergent from many.

I haven't watched it in near a decade so I'll take your word for it.

It just came off to me as a story about the negative implications of social alienation and using technology as a vice

That's a fair conclusion to come to based on just watching the anime for the first time, which is why I criticize how the anime was written when you have to go elsewhere for clarification about certain details.

I don't remember this happening.

>Persona 3 gameplay trailer.webm

It's actually the prequel to Niea_7 set in the future due to the aliens and connectivity (antennas).

probably because is one of the most confusing scenes in the show

it's from the game, alternate universe

I actually remember a scene in which lain where using a gun though

Lain has nothing to do with modern internet.
With protocol 7 Eiri connected IPv4 with the Earth Brain/Noosphere, using the SR. That's why Lain can manipulate reality. She can distort human perception

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It has elements that reflect how the internet has (at the time will) affect reality but it's core concept is the focus on the flow of information through humanity in general, without or without the internet. It is also, of course, science fiction. People have a tendency to think the show is entirely symbolic when it does in fact, takes Lain, the nature of Protocol 7 and Eiri seriously. Lain isn't just symbolically omnipotent, she is omnipotent. When paranormal stuff happens to people like Mika, it's actually an anomaly occurring via the Knights hacking reality.
When the little grey man shows up, he actually showed up. It was symbolic, but this show takes itself more literal than shows like Paranoia Agent where the distortion of reality is more symbolic.