Anime food

So. When are YOU going to make food from your favorite anime?

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>Food Wars
What a funny english title

Pineapples don't grow on trees!

Man, out of all the picks, he picked that?
The guy's good enough to make the more elaborate shit.

Would you eat it, Sup Forums?

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Probably just got showed a list of some anime food from Crunchy and he picked whatever looked the most plausible.

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Good idea, now where to find a konata, hmmm...

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Clean out the fridge dinner with saved from the trashcan leftovers!

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I've made Beef Stroganoff before. Does that count?

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We're talking about the man who made and tasted the every-meat burrito, he could put more effort on it.

>every-meat burrito
Wasn't that some kind of special?

>So. When are YOU going to make food from your favorite anime?
I don't have a kitchen

user! user! Let's go eat some ramen!

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I tried, but I got a yeast infection

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Yeah 2 millions subs.

>binging with reddit

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I can't do shit even when I follow instructions.

I wonder why nips always gotta hate on english food. English food is historically great, it just takes a back seat to French and Italian cooking because they're more popular but English dishes are just as good.

>you will never be this comfy

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