My Nee-san

Did the user who translated these ever do any more?

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I'm not sure if I should find this cute or if I should be turned on.

Both, obviously.

>The wife is only 8 years older than his daughter

If you're onee-san: cute.
If you're shota: turned on.

>tfw no onee-san or imouto

39-44 with a divorcee 29-year-old is realistic enough.

Who cares?

>tfw i have the ideal onee-san

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Aww is that it?

>tfw imouto
>tfw she's a landwhale whore because of my mother raising her

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>tfw imouto who looks up to me but also takes care of me when I fuck up, like an onee-san

Life's pretty good desu. Her husband is my best friend, too.

That's all that's translated.

You fucked up user. It was your responsibility to make sure she didn't end up like that.

>starting your manga with damage control

Thanks, I hated it.

>starting your manga with damage control

He dosen't like it that they aren't blood related

I wanna have a daughter and then get remarried to a girl her age.

Hmmm cant seem to find the manga anywhere

It's a pixiv manga.


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link to artist?

NBR is only bad when it's an asspull after leading the readers on by making them think they are blood related.

At least he is upfront about it instead of twlling us half way through the series.

Ok I'll give you that.


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so user just translated the first 3?

My nee-san is a landwhale, believe that I would prefer to not share family bond with her

>My nee-san is a landwhale
This doesn't matter as long as she's a good nee-san.

Thicc nee-sans are popular now user.

Why are older sisters so attracted to shotas.

When onee-sans are around shotas their maternal instincts kick in. Some take on a motherly role when around the shota, but others instead want the shotas to make them mothers.

NTR doujins imminent

kill yourself

Thats all Im waiting for honestly

Thank you jeebus

>21 daughter with a 29 stepmom

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His dad is giving him blessings to get molested by his mom and sister?

>we truly are living in the era of /ss/

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Now if only the /ss/ stuff would get translated.

>We are not blood related
stopped reading there

>tfw i'll never be sandwiched between my mom and stepsisters tits

Just comission / request it.


>not blood related
Japan must have a lot of cucks marrying single mothers.

>mother get some action too
This is great.

Cute af
Both mom and sis have insane bodies tho

Fuck, the kid is pretty cute. I like that the author didn't just make him look like a girl like many other artists.

post the raws

8 Y E A R S


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You can do better user

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Dump it yourself if you don't like it. A silly 4-koma doesn't need to be 5000 x 7000 pixels and 2.5 mb.

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>Yamada Pasuta
>No entry on mangaupdates.

Nee-sans are great.

They sure are.

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>tfw only child
The economical perks are great from what I have heard

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Dropped at the second panel.

Isn't the mother and the shota BR though?

Is she starting to rape him in that last bit?



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Onee-chan is a badass delinquent?

>boy resists/doesn't want it
I always feel very off put by this. I wish more /ss/ had shotas that aren't seemingly getting raped all the time.
>inb4: shit taste

>mom's sweater puppies

He's a fucking 4th grader, what are you expecting him to do? Push her down and fuck her in the ass?
This is not shit taste, you're just retarded.

I need a sequel on him in highschool seducing his mom and sister.

I want pure love, not rape, faggot.

Go read that one with the delinquent shota then.

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I did, and the only other manga like this in existence.

couldn't find the manga that started the thread and I'm actually using this one to fill that hole.

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>bottom right panel

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Remember to keep it to 2D!

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got both, but didn't grow up with them and have only seem my half-imouto a few times over 10 years ago.

1. Don't quote so many posts.
2. Read the fucking thread.

I know the name of the Comic you fucking pock, I was wondering what you look up to get to it.