Do you prefer character driven or plot driven series, Sup Forums?

Do you prefer character driven or plot driven series, Sup Forums?

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The best series have a good mixture of both brainlet

Character driven series easily.

Says the brainlet who can't answer the question, and who's too stupid, scared, and indecisive to give a proper answer.

Neither of those you posted are good examples of the genre.

What are?

Kill yourself cunt

>too stupid, scared, and indecisive
You're the stupid one for not realizing his argument is rational and yours is emotional. Go back to tumblr woman.

Why not both aka pic related

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Bake is literally THE character driven show. It's just characters talking about their feelings for 24 minutes straight.

you mean plot driven series or fanservice driven series with an [failed] attempt at creating more than one diamentional archetypes?

I'm actually more into comedy.

What fucking argument? No one was arguing anything idiot. The OP presented an extremely simple "either-or" question. You have two choices and he couldn't even do something as simple as that. His retarded reply was completely unrelated to what the OP asked.

Plot driven: Code Geass, Gundam Wing, GitS
Character driven: 3-gatsu, Mushishi, GTO

SNK is a mix of both and excels at neither and the other one is just waifubait with drama mixed in.

sick opinions

RIP user's brain, it's so fried he can only make two word replies.


And Shingeki no Gaijin is fucking trash.

Character driven.
Besides, snk is trash.

This but without Code Geass, GW, and 3-gatsu.

The question was about preferences. An emotional answer is far more appropriate than a rational one. Rationally you have more useful things to do with your time than watch cartoons.

Why though?
I get that CG is pretty character driven on its own, but the rest are spot on.


You both should kill yourselves, crossboarders.

Says the guy who can only regurgitate the popular opinions of his anime imageboard hivemind.
Also probably an even bigger brainlet since I'm sure as hell you didn't read/watch any of these shows/manga.

Really SNK has the most interesting plot for a show in like forever, I guess it's the mystery and world building but it always had me invested.

Snk is garbage, why did you put it there?

I watched all of those.
You think that's some kind of superhuman feat?

A better comparison : is the plot centered on the characters or the world itself.

This, even tho Bakemono had nice direction and vibe.

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>SNK has the most interesting plot for a show in like forever

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Because it's a good example of a plot driven series. I was going to use Ergo Proxy but I figured most people on neo-Sup Forums haven't seen it.

You sure proved him wrong with that pic, nice job, I don't think user will ever recover .

dear god, its worse than i thought

It's a dumb question, so the rational answer is the superior portion of the dialogue.

>plot driven
>code geass

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yet. manga has shown a more itnerestign Eren. and both armored and abeast titan are easily the best characters in there.

because it{s better than your favorite anime (unless is something like ashita no joe or logh)

I think both. plot driven used to call my attention more, but lately Im into both as long as I enjoy the anime/manga. of course, mix of both (and not necesarily exceling and one) is also a godo option depending on execution

>Really SNK has the most interesting plot for a show in like forever

Chracter Driven.
EVA and FLCL are the immediate stand outs to me.

I prefer a character driven story, OPM is a great example for that

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Most anime these days are character driven.

Japs can't pull off good plot driven shows anymore.


pick one

I prefer more plot driven shows, just because they seem to be less common. I like MiA more for its plot than characters.

Madoka is a million times better than SnK.
SnK is a flash in a pan compared to Madoka's continued success.

>Interesting Idea
>Bad Execution
>Horribly uninteresting characters
Every single time I watch or read SnK I get an annoying itch that needs to be scratched and then I go and turn on The Walking Dead instead and I understand what it means to make a GOOD post apocalyptic drama.

>Y-You're just a contrarian!!!!
The absolute state of snkfags

>Geass, Gundam Wing
Holy shit, talk about pot calling the kettle black.
Also while Mushishi is certainly good, I wouldn't say its characters are terribly strong.

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I don't care, if i find it interesting or entertaining, then that's means it's a great anime. sorry for the most basic answer.

kill yourself butt hurt hard lol

>SnK bad
>TWD good
Sure thing user.

both, shouldn't that be obvious?
good story telling 101.


>Character Driven
That show has the blandest characters in the medium. I often had to check if I wasn't watching the same episode twice because of how painfully similar every character is.

Both of these series are trash though.

Depends on the context.


False dichotomy made up by marketing deps to shill their poorly written shows