Has anyone come up with a definitive answer as to which one of these two girls is superior?

has anyone come up with a definitive answer as to which one of these two girls is superior?

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ending the debate

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moot preferred Asuka and moot is faggot so Rei wins by default.

would love to see a picture of you reifag, obviously with a timestamp. Would give me a good laugh

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I do know that anyone still fighting over who is a better fictitious character in a series is inferior.

What do you think you'd see?

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thats what I thought pussy. I guess I'm not gonna get my good laugh

Rei II > Rei III = Asuka > Rei I

What's wrong with Rei I?


She was a cheeky cunt.


>doesn't want to timestamp

What would make you laugh about me anyways

I don't see the issue. Makes her more expressive than her successors.


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Rei a shit.

Rei is objectively the better girl. Stronger, smarter, faster, better.

Beyond that, it's subjective - a lot of people fall for the group-think and "back" Asuka, others genuinely have sexual fantasies about being abused and project that onto Asuka, effectively creating a new character they proclaim and defend as Asuka.

Others pick Rei becuase she's admirable and you can like her for who she is.

I'm still waiting pussy

>gendo's fuckdoll is stronger, smarter, faster, better

Depends on your taste

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Why the fuck would anyone ever like Asuka? She's nothing but an obnoxious cunt. She has NO redeeming qualities.


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Science has proven which girl is better.

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I prefer this a lot, for both of them.

I'm not an attention whore
but I also hate how you think I'm a neckbeard hamplanet

what do

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Make the windows match the curtain.

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>butthurt Asukafag has to use wanton insults to cover for his ego being shattered by the truth

Just like Asuka.

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I think you Asukafags and Reifags are missing the point. This angel on the left’s clearly the best girl for Shinji.

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How can people like Asuka when they'd hate her IRL?

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Rei is an emotionless robotic drone who does whatever Gendo tells her to
Asuka is a mental wreck who is abusive and harsh to all around her and is very insecure

Both are to be avoided. Anno never intended either of them to be your "waifu" as they weren't written as idealised characters, almost everyone in NGE has strong character flaws which makes them more relateable than a generic shonen gary stu

Both are shit tier.

She wasn't saying what you think she's saying in that scene.

As I always say, all hatred of Asuka is built on misunderstanding, or maybe inability to understand. This is true of other characters too. It's impossible to hate something you understand.

>Rei is an emotionless robotic drone
>who does whatever Gendo tells her to

Rei is just a turbo autist who wants her husbando to be proud of her.

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>Rei is an emotionless robotic drone who does whatever Gendo tells her to

t. never watched the show

>Asuka is a mental wreck who is abusive and harsh to all around her and is very insecure

>Rei is an emotionless robotic drone who does whatever Gendo tells her to
Demonstrably false.

Rei herself says so, and demonstrates that with her actions.

Wrong. "Like" for Asuka, or more importantly "Asuka fandom", is built on misunderstanding (willful or accidental) and hatred for everyone else.

Not even Ramiel? I want a piece of that angel booty.

I don't even hate Asuka. I thought she was very relatable and very misunderstood the first time I watched NGE.
However I can't comprehend the hypocrisy (or is it a delusion?) of the Asukafags who think of her as the "perfect waifu" when she's the worst kind of partner you could imagine.

Not only is Asuka not even near being perfect (or good), she is actually demonstrably bad and the series arguably used her as a warning against escapism.

This great "Asukafag delusion" sponsored post-EoE and NGETV has done nothing but destroy everything Evangelion stood for, so that only a soulless, pandering franchise remains.

Asuka fans
>ancient Sup Forumsutists
>certifiable geniuses (much like asuka herself,) responsible for the majority of NGE's lore being figured out
>damaged people yearning to pair with a symmetrically damaged person to form a complementary whole
>highly positive and focused, virtually all posts are praise of asuka or deep analyses of the evangelion

Rei fans
>discord teens
>unable to empathize with any of the characters who are damaged, so they pick the undamaged perfect one fit for normalfaggots
>bitter, highly neurotic. despise evangelion because rei canonically lost in both NGE and Rebuild
>only post about NGE to bash asuka or the show in general, constantly crying

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Did you even watch the fucking show?

Yeah, there's nothing wrong with Rei. She has no trauma. Just temporarily inconvenient life circumstances. It's easy being a god.

It's a copy pasta. It's a deranged Asuka fan posting it as usual.

Feel free to ignore.

Who knew the color of perfection is red?

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How does it feel to be so wrong?

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Its probably the same one spamming these threads daily.

Yeah, at least he admits Rei is a Godlike being though. Next step is for him to accept that Asuka is mortal trash.

sure are a lot of rei shitters active in this thread.
Who am I kidding lol, the poster count isn't going up. It's just a couple of them spamming the thread and pretending to be multiple people.
Go back to your safe space on /c/ please :)

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Asuka isn't materialistic! These are only the essentials of living. She's practically a monk.

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It's kaworu spammer, you'll learn to recognize and mentally filter him.
Lately his new kick is pretending to be a reifag and responding to himself, because he isn't allowed to shitpost egregiously any more or he'll catch a rangeban.

Did you not see how much of her shit she brought with her from Germanistan?

>doesn't even bother changing the filename

Asuka has a scowl worth protecting. What are you going to protect with rei? Her emotionless thousand yard stare?

Those were probably boxes of coats to hand out to the homeless!
Asuka is a saint!

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Shinji's dick made the choice already

At least you've got humour, but you may be right. I heard she adopted like six african children too.

The moment she goes from her thousand yard stare to an embarrassed but happy reaction is worth protecting. It is a World Heritage.

I doubt africa survived the wake of second impact
It should be real cold there

>Asuka isn't materialistic

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Rei is a plot device mostly

Asuka is just attention starved, which is bad for any girl

I saw him spamming kaworu less than 4 days ago I'm pretty sure... What happened? Are mods finally deciding to crack down on him?

>kaworu spammer
Argh, forgot those lunatics exist

>Rei is a plot device mostly
Wrong. She's one of the more defined and fulfilled characters in the show, with a proper conclusion only next to Shinji. That's a fact. Rei has actual positive development that happens on-screen, is quantifiable and understandable - unlike Asuka.

Rei's entire character arc builds up to her final character moments and actions, validating her thoughts and progression - for Asuka there is no such thing. Asuka fans like to say Asuka had "salvation", but all of that happens of screen - which makes it thought canon at best, and objectively inferior to Rei's actual canon progression.

>Asuka is just attention starved, which is bad for any girl
That's a sugar-coated truth. The truth is that Asuka is a puppet, and she was made a puppet by starving her of attention and providing her with the EVA to excelt at to feel worthy.

Rei was also subjugated and suppressed through various (and more brutal) means, but overcame her doubts, fears and misunderstandings to reclaim what NERV had taken from her.

The difference between Asuka and Rei is immense - one is quite literally a Godlike being, while the other is but detritus.

I like Asuka because everything that's good in her is hidden.

That's appealing for a number of reasons. To start with, something can be more attractive specifically because it's hidden from plain view. A butt with a skirt draped over it can titillate better than a naked butt. At every moment you stare at the scowling Asuka you can tell there's a softer more vulnerable version hiding beneath the surface, and that implicit knowledge makes her fun to look at.

Hidden goodness is also a kind of challenge. There are people who buy nuts with the shell on because they enjoy the struggle that comes before the gratification. There's a yin and yang to human satisfaction, we're programmed to enjoy something more if we worked for it.

>Asuka is a puppet
oh yep, that's kaworu spammer all right

I also think characters that are sweet and vulnerable and etc. all of the time are a bit exhausting. It's easy to get used to them and for them to wear thin. On the other hand, a burst of sweetness or vulnerability from an otherwise harsh and independent character is delicious.

It's easy to get hooked on Asuka's dere, which is a tough addiction to have because she almost never shows it. Sometimes there are onlyl even oblique proxyfied hints at it, it doesn't even manifest directly. But that rarity is exactly why it's so sought after.

Class rep

asuka in 02 can defeat nine mass production evas at once, at least until she runs out of power

now imagine how powerful asuka in a box must be

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Given a choice, 4 out of 4 discerning anime viewers correctly chose best girl.

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Girls with red eyes are so fucking hot. Why didn't they make more girls with red eyes?

>I like Asuka because everything that's good in her is hidden.

Now see the truth: it isn't there. You imagined it being there because you've been exposed to so much WAFF fanfiction about Asuka and "praise" from Anno. Asuka's goodness is always something you imagine, and thus Asuka fandom is inherently based on lies, delusions and fantasy more than adoration for an actual character.

Unlike Asuka, Rei is stark naked. Rei IS someone - which is the point. But Rei is also equally if not even more, mysterious and "deeper" than Asuka if you will.

In the end, the things you fantasize about Asuka, aren't particular to Asuka - they are true for potentially, any character. Kaworu and Asuka fans are very much alike, they don't realize it yet.

>Now see the truth: it isn't there.

I stopped reading there. Good try though

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Think about it dude. You admit it yourself, you'd rather fantasize about what's not there, than accept what's actually there.

Ironically, Asuka fandom is a direct contradiction of EVA's message.

Posting a magical sutra that wards off kaworufags

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What the fucks wrong with you permavirgins arguing about which 14 year old cartoon girl you'd rather fuck? fucking sickos

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Lurk before posting.

I'll lurk your mums vast arsehole you nonce

The non-bitchy one.

You don't need to want to fuck either of them to accept that Rei is objectively better.

hahaha, you get used to it.

A lot of guilt in your post. We have most what we see in ourselves, right? That's one of the messages of Eva funnily enough.

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The fight at the end of episode 09 is a little bit of a sexual allegory, isn't it?

>asuka on top
>both blame each other for it not working - "You're the one who lost his timing first!"

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>which one you'd rather f*ck

This is purely platonic. We respect these characters, and never lewd either of them.
Stop projecting

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I both respect asuka and want to fuck her, sorry man


ok she sometimes does what misato tells her to do as well
but that's a small correction

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>Rei is objectively the better girl. Stronger, smarter, faster, better.

I actually don't think there's a single category that Asuka isn't superior at.

Asuka is in fact, stronger, smarter, faster, and better.

Rei only wins at not expressing her emotions, so if there's an emotionless robot mimic contest she'll win that.

Even with the change in color scheme Asuka still remains superior.

Don't give me that face.

Nonsense. Canonically, the only thing Asuka is better at than Rei is failing.

Stronger, smarter, better - reminder that Rei has a better success ratio not only as a pilot, but as a human being. Rei saves Asuka's ass on multiple occasion and is indirectly the reason Asuka even lives. Don't forget that Rei is Lilith - a literal Goddess. Asuka cannot compare except in the mind of delusional Asuka fans arguing using headcanon versions of the characters.

It's Rei that's capable of guiding people and taking charge as well, as demonstrated episode 11, and indeed, the entire ending as she guides Shinji and the rest of the characters. Asuka could never surmount her own problems and only made things worse for others. That's the canon Asuka.

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please get help kaworuspammer... The way you're living isn't healthy at all

>Rei saves Asuka's ass on multiple occasion and is indirectly the reason Asuka even lives.

Asuka is also the only reason Rei lives. If she hadn't stalled SEELE's evas while Rei was busy playing tit-to-palm pattycake with Gendo, SEELE would have won.

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No? There was never any need to stall the MP-EVA's. SEELE had already successfully infiltrated the facility as well, making virtually anything Asuka did on the surface pointless. Moreover, Rei was already own there long before Asuka was put inside the EVA.

You've completely misunderstood the point of the movie and the scene: Asuka's MP-EVA fight was always 100% pointless, and a plot device. Asuka's subsequent humiliation and mutilation was also later undone by Rei's actions, as well as Shinji's.

Can't we just love them both?
They're both best grills

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Empirical evidence suggests that every single asuka fan is a cuckold or soy-male.

So yeah.

I'm saying that I think Asuka is actually faster.

Like she'd win in a foot race.

She's more physically capable, and she's more accredited and clearly smarter on just intellect.

I mean, Shinji is a better pilot than both despite being worse in almost every other way compared to Asuka or Rei so does being a better pilot override everything else?

Is your only basis just who is superior in that one aspect because if that's the case then you should enjoy Kaworu out of all of them since he is so good he doesn't even need to be inside to move Evas around.