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Subs are out

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We're 7 episodes in and I still have no idea what this show's doing. I can't care about anything that's happening, the only reason I'm watching is to get some fucking answers.
How am I supposed to empathize with this protagonist? I have no idea why he's doing anything.
Why is there a dead loli in a computer on the moon?
What was even the point of half of these episodes? I feel like I've learned nothing for at least half of them. Was the 2 episodes for Dan really necessary?
What's Nero's motivations?
Who is Rin?
Why is this Grail War going on?
What the fuck is even going on anymore?

Why do subs take so much time?


unsettling episode all around

Does it say Umu? Is there a counter?

Because somehow this show is so bad that people get bored of subbing it.

Maybe SHAFT would have done better if they weren't animating that shogi boy show at the same time.

Welcome to TM. I am still waiting for the Mahoyo translation.

Fucking amazing episode, only for this, it's my favorite Fate anime, fucking Shaft man

The cabal killed all non payed for or official subs in the west.
Anime, even slightly popular anime, will never again gain a small following of dedicated teens and adults who should know better who will sub it perfectly for the particular social group they are a part of.

Hell, the last time user subbed an anime together was TTGL and that was a loli's age ago.

Because this show is made for those who played the game, not for fucking secondaries

Fuck you faggot be impressed with the madoka backgrounds

He must be blinding himself so he can shit on the episode

Nasu literally said he wants secondaries to be able to enjoy this
I've read F/SN too so I'm really a primary-and-a-half

He lied. He does that.

Not Nasu's fault if you can't think for yourself, we got a lot of anwser this episode but you must be too stupid to understand something, also pointing only what you hate about the episode like it was garbage just show that you are irrelevant. Just drop it the anime if you want to only spit on it when this episode was incredible.

What Nasu wants to do and what he ends up doing are often entirely different things.

Because that's what you're supposed to say otherwise secondaries and people who care about secondaries will try and get you to change stuff.

If you lie as say "haha, don't worry this will be accessible to everyone :^)" then you get to make what you want and by the time they realized you've fucked the secondaries over like the trash they are, it's too late to change

Glad Nursery Rhyme being a mindfuck is still in the show.

I never said it was garbage, I did go overboard a bit there
I'm still enjoying it, but I just wish it had some grounding in reality. Shiki and Shirou worked well as protagonists because they were complex characters but still relateable, they had lives you could understand from the beginning.
Here I just can't bring myself to get attached to the characters since I can't understand them

Because the audience is not supposed to be attached to him by now.
Like this episode had said, dead face is similar to zombies, mindless and driven by hate. It is very difficult to get attached to a zombie.

It absolutely is not. It completely shits on everything in the game from the setting to the characters. This may have worked in kinoko's mind or even on his paper, but after leaving out the MCs inner thoughts that over 50% of extra/CCC consists of you're left with a mess. Anime is a completely different medium that the guy has no experience in. It doesn't help that shaft is completely incapable of animating more than tops a couple frames per minute of air time.

>I have no idea why he's doing anything.
He's fighting in a grail war, trying to understand what's going on just like you.

>Why is there a dead loli in a computer on the moon?
That's just an image, Alice is dead on earth. Her ghost is now wandering inside Moon Cell.

>What was even the point of half of these episodes?
Flesh out the setting and the characters, even if a bit.

>I feel like I've learned nothing for at least half of them.
You aren't paying enough attention.

>Was the 2 episodes for Dan really necessary?
Yes, because he's an enemy Master. Even then, he didn't get 2 episodes to himself. At best he got half an episode. The rest went to Rani, Hakuno, the setting and the fight.

>What's Nero's motivations?
She's a shit whore, she has nothing.

>Who is Rin?
A Master who lost her Servant. She wants to clear the Grail War for some personal reason, we haven't been told that yet. She is particularly interested in "Dead Face", she's slowly leading Hakuno into something. She can also apparently turn into a Servant, in a fashion similar to Grand Order's Mashu.

>Why is this Grail War going on?
Because no one won it. It stagnated for a 1000 years. Part of that was Shinji stopping all fighting, part of that is something that happened on the floor above, that discouraged Masters from fighting. What that is, we don't know yet.

>What the fuck is even going on anymore?
The Grail War resumed, so progress. Masters are fighting and dying, half of the Grail War has been cleared.

You're just too fucking stupid, Hakuno got a lot of character development this episode and got a lot of thoughts, also his personnality didn't change so if you really played the games which i doubt, you would realise that he doesn't need character development again since he already got one in the games


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>leaving out the MCs inner thoughts
Eh, I didn't play Extra, but he gets A LOT of internal monologue. I rarely ever see characters who think to themselves this much in anime.

Best episode so far desu

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So Nursery Rhyme was the book that Hakuno was carrying right? Because it also disappeared when Alice, it's mana source died, or am i completely wrong?

You are correct.

Episodes 6 and 7 were really good, too bad subs are dying. If I had to make a complain, I'd say the fight by the end, all that dimming killed the scene.

You're right

Blame Pikachu. Or just wait for the Netflix raws.

Happy Hakuno has a motivation other than NIKUI now
These past two episodes have done the best job at developing both the enemy Master and Hakuno
Hope they can keep it up. Next Master is Julius, right?

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What I didn't like about this episode was Rin being all ''I don't want to use my trump card" to then go TRON mode and Gay Bulge Alice out of nowhere.

Julius or Amari/empty floor.
I wonder how Julius will be handled. In the games, Hakuno sympathizes with him the most, even crying at his death. In LE, Leo seems to be dead, so what does that mean for Julius, whose sole purpose in life was to protect Leo?


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I liked this episode, but Nasu really needs to stop the Alice suffering, I already feel bad for killing her in Extra, I didn't want to watch her turn into a monster.

Julius will also be in monster form like Alice after he an hero'ed himself because he couldn't protect Leo. Which will truly turn the series in a monster of the week format.

>Leo seems to be dead
Is this another one of those dumb theories with nothing behind it?

>“The sound of rain whittles away memory. Mist clouds the senses. Death blows through the City of Heavy Rainfall. Even now the mad scorpion continues to wait for only one person.”
Depends on whether he's waiting for Leo or Hakuno.

Li is a Berserker here, so it could be something similar to when Julius came back after being defeated in the game
But I don't know where you got Leo being dead from. At the very least, Gawain has appeared in a CM so I'm assuming Leo is with him

As it's been pointed out before, the events of the games took place a 1000 years ago, but there were slight variations. So it's too crazy to assume the events that led to Li turning into a Berserker also happened.

Might as well post them all
>“The pirate laughed gracefully. Farewell to arms, and lay the guns to rest. A festival in the calm of the sea immersed in the past, the remains of the Pied Piper’s dream. The Sea of Stagnation welcomes visitors.”
>“The dead unrevived, the pride unable to be inherited, [his] face gone. The hunter dances on with the ghosts. The ticking of the clock resounds in the stillness. [He] continues to wander the Forest of Regrets”
>“The Garden of Forgetfulness repeats. A scream (fairytale) echoing in thin ink. An examination table, a tea party, and a story left behind.”
>“The sound of rain whittles away memory. Mist clouds the senses. Death blows through the City of Heavy Rainfall. Even now the mad scorpion continues to wait for only one person.”
>“The victorious lost sight of life. The defeated lost sight of death. There are two beats in the coronary world. No one remains to speak of the Unlimited—-”
>“The king reached completion and fell asleep. The knight waited for his awakening, gathering rust. The day breaks at the end of the seven heavens. Onwards, to the Spire of the Sun.“

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>“The Garden of Forgetfulness repeats. A scream (fairytale) echoing in thin ink. An examination table, a tea party, and a story left behind.”
That was more literal than I would've guessed. If the rest are as literal as this, I can see Leo being dead.

Quality subs

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>shadow of the head

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Where did you get that from


>Slutfox pretending to be relevant

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Does anyone have stitches of Rin and Saber from this episode?

So why did Alice/NR appeared at the end of the episode?

It's as she said, and she can't die? Or was it NR? The sort-of-Reality Marble was still up

That was her looking at Hakuno right as she was dying. Or getting deleted? I'm not sure if ghosts can die.

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>still no redman
Getting real tired of this shit, when is EMIYA showing up?

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D-did Rin take a bath alongside Hakuno and Nero? They were all wiping themselves with towels at the same time.

>Nero involved

Obviously she hosted an orgy, learn the history murricuck.

Is she OK?


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I enjoy that a lot especially after having completed Apocrypha.

I'm not really sure she was dying. She said the system didn't need to kill her, because she was already dead. Also, the elevator was there all the time.

episode 1

Yes, remember episode 4

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I´ll stick with the spic subs, seeing how bad their mistranslations can get is one of the few things that keep me watching

>1000 years
>paw mark
She is coming and you will like it

Nero rekt him in the 1st episode

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>I have no idea why he's doing anything.

So was Amari Nursery Rhyme all along? Or was that just an illusion.

>nazary liam

>inb4 nishuen

Alice doesn't deserve all the suffering she's been through.

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dont forget about Toasu Pisman

It's pronounced "Rishobun" in nip
We'll probably have sub arguments about this too

He broke into pieces with a smug look. Have the Blacked version.

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Seems to me that Amari when she was talking to Rin was the real Amari
Also was the real Amari when she was talking to Hakuno last ep
When Amari showed up at the table to talk to Hakuno this episode, and later on was Nursery Rhyme

You don't venture in Madokaland and expect no suffering.

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There is a Master named Amari Misao. She did talk to Rin. She did talk to Hakuno. You can also see Amari in this scene. She's the only one who survives Alice's attack. The three males get killed, but Amari presumably runs away.
And Nursery Rhyme also used Amari as her disguise. When Nursery wanted to talk to Hakuno directly, she took on Amari's form, for no apparent reason.

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Why was RIn able to become Cu?


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Detroit Emiya is a sub 60 IQ nigger who got outplayed by a woman who casually killed herself because why not.

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being Alice is suffering

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>ED kicks in as Alice sees Hakuno and starts crying

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>a Fate series that isn't blatant shounen waifubait that Urobutcher, Apocrypha and F/GO turned franchise into
>Fate "fans" don't translate it

not really surprising though desu, most Fate "fans" don't actually like Nasu's work unless it's DEE-BEE-ZEE Servant powerlevels and titties. This applies in Japan as well, though.

It's even worse in Japan.

don't even remind me

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I mean it's still fucking dumb that King Arthur is a woman and the only reason she's a woman is because the original game was an eroge.

Nero??She is the only servant with importance in the series. The other servants barely appreciate or are developed

And the eroge part was just something to pull in horny viewers for extra bucks.

They were not expecting the story to blow up in popularity.

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Not at all, as a proof this episode was in trending on the twitter jap because japaneses liked it a lot.

>it's still fucking dumb
is it though
gender equality wasn't really a thing in the medieval ages, you can easily see women pretending to be men on occasion, see Mary Shelley
Just because Takeuchi came up with the idea because he wanted it to be an eroge, doesn't mean it detracts from the story

The only reason she's a woman is because Takeuchi gets what he wants
And he wanted a cute girl in armor

>Takeuchi wants Saber
>Proceeds to draw every girl to look like Saber
Too bad that's not what I want.

This episode would be popular here too if we actually had subs on time, it was just that good.
Doesn't change that 80% of the Japanese Fate "fans" haven't even touched the VN. The vast majority of FGO players don't even touch the story and just waste their money on waifubait.

it was dumb from the start. But it got completely fucking idiotic when Mordred came in to the mix.

>The vast majority of FGO players don't even touch the story and just waste their money on waifubait
Not that I disagree with you but let's be honest the original VN was an eroge where you played to fuck your waifu of that route. So let's not bash F/go when it's finally starting to invest some effort into the story which isn't completely terrible.

Have (You)r smug redman and go.

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>Takeuchi: Mordred is great. She is the crowning achievement of the culture that Type-Moon has created. Don't you agree, Nasu Kinoko-kun?

And you think F/SNfags are some group of deep, intellectual people only in it for the rich story? Get over yourself. It was the waifus that sold that shit. People loved Saber, Rin and to a lesser degree Sakura. That's what got series off its feet, not FAGGOTS like Shirou.

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yes yes we get it no story involving sex can ever be taken seriously and all the highest rated works of literature involve no sex at all i mean look at pynchon does he ever write about sex no i don't fucking think so

Stop saying bullshit the eroge scenes where cringy bad nobody played for them FSN VN was praised because of how masterpice it was that's all.

Okay there are people who have been Shiroufags since the translation so this is a lie

It's not just the sex. Change Saber, Rin and Sakura into males, remove all romance. See if this shit sells. It won't. Peopled the waifus. Rin and Saber in particular have incredibility iconic designs. People wanted to fuck them, or at least romance them. That's what they got out the game. The story, it was an extra bonus, unnecessary for the most part.

There's a reason Rin and Saber, two bland fucking characters, top the polls, while muh Shirou is low enough to be beaten by newcomers like Nero. The vast majority give no fucks about muh serious plot. They like waifus. That's what Fate has been about from the beginning.

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