Kaguya 101 raws

The terrible youtube raws striked again, this time with more healing.

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Holy shit, the last page is cute as fuck.

This is an even better smile than Ishigami at the Sports Festival. Everyone really came through for her.

>youtube raws

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I feel like I'm back in 2006 reading Naruto raws on youtube.

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It has been too long since the 'how cute' faces. Also they're long past starting mind games just to figure out a phone number again.

>Kaguya so broken by not being able to recover her lost data that she just fucking wants the same phone as Prez without a care for anything else

>not posting the superior frame before of president flashing a peace sign

At least we actually got 3 non youtube spoiler pages in the last thread several hours ago this time.

Prez is trying too hard to be cool. Kaguya is at her cutest here.

this makes me want to mindbreak kaguya a la moeha

>That brofist between Shirogane and Ishigami after the election
I wonder who photographed Kaguya and Prez during the stargazing chapter though.

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Aka did it again. I love my happy kaguya

Is it time for Kaguya's dad arc?

is there a better duo than myu/yuyu?

Hayasaka's pretty cute there too.
>Describes a how cute for Kaguya, gets scared when she doesn't care
>Later starts getting excited about one of the phones

>I wonder who photographed Kaguya and Prez during the stargazing chapter though.
Probably Ishigami. Fujiwara only cared about her mochi then.
Ishigami also took the fireworks picture, and Fujiwara got the Sports Festival, election, and shopping with Kei. No idea what the bottom one's supposed to be though.

Ignore this, I suck cocks and confused stargazing = fireworks.

Wait, is the bottom one Prez's Bellmarks?

Korean - wasabisyrup.com/archives/iUsqak0A1MQ

Miko's great this week. She doesn't hesitate at all to break the rules involving cell phones if it's to help a friend.

What the fuck are Prez and Ishigami doing?

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The rules don't apply in the StuCo if Prez doesn't enforce them, read the old chapters.

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She says nothing about the rules. She actually does her shitty annoying emo shit again by saying that she thought that they had a LINE group already and didn't invite her and so was being bullied, when in reality there was no LINE group in the first place since Kaguya couldn't use line.

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Hayasaka a cute

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Cute Fuji and Miko

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why are Kaguya threads using youtube raws
did I jump to the timeline of pre-2007 suffering?

Cute Prez

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Cute Ishi, Miko and Fuji

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Yeah, but it's never stopped her from following and trying to enforce them in the past. Remember that before Fujiwara had to pressure her to play around with the phones- this violates the same rules but Miko is fine with it, presumably because it's for a good reason.
>She says nothing about the rules.
And that's the point. Using LINE at school goes against the same rules she was very reluctant to break before, but this time it's for a good cause so she doesn't hesitate or complain about it.

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> last panel

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> Ishi and Prez brofist

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Will this mango ever end?

all good things must come to an end


Miko a shit.

Why does Ishigami look surprised when he set up the picture himself?

Maybe he couldn't turn around fast enough.


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I want to fuck Hayasaka so badly...

How easy is it to trick her into sOx?

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Into what?

White sox

You know.
The good old pOnOs in vagOO

I want to make a baseball team with Miko!

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>tfw ywn hv a cute Hayasaka gf to discuss nerdy Sup Forums stuff and watch hydraulic press videos together
It hurts bro

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Fujiwarabutt has ruined fireworks for me.

It's amazing how well they know each other at this point. I'm sure earlier on he would have assumed he was making progress rather than realizing she was depressed.

Miko looks almost as happy as Kaguya about all this. She's even tearing up from joy in one panel.

She's a super socially sensitive type.

Do I have to start learning Korean to post on Sup Forums again?