Will Bleach return or have an spin off?

I'm so empty without Bleach.

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Then try filling yourself with bleach.

It’s dead. Bury it.
Consider it mercy.


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Why the fuck did this Ichirukicuck burn his shit in his BATHROOM?

He's cleaning his bathroom with bleach, user. What else are you gonna use it for?


give it a decade

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>ywn get to see a Kazui and Ichika centric spin off focused around child neglect, rape, NTR and bullying
why live

>Yuzu has an affair with Ichigo and convinces Orihime to go hang herself
>Ichika murders Rukia for failing to raise her as a proper woman
>Rukiafags and Himefags collectively kill themselves
Urohacker needs to get on this shit ASAP

Tiles are easier to clean than carpets and don't catch fire.

one piece/naruto >>> bleach

Naruto is a poorly written storyline. Bleach was the better written storyline.

wan piss I'll agree with but Nardo's just as bad.

If Oda keeps doing shit like Luffy vs Katakuri then OP will be no better either

Imagine that Rukia getting impaled on any of their cocks

>imagining a guy with a vagina getting impaled on a cock
sorry user but most of us are straight.


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Was this a nip by the way? Who's the guy that originally posted this?

one of em was by a chink the other instances were by merimutts

No one was burning volumes in Japan, that was from some IRcuck either in the west, South America or Taiwan. The Nips were as shocked and bemused as everyone else: jin115.com/archives/52143909.html

Would you say that you’re hollow without Bleach?

why are shounenfags always so much more creative than the trash they like?

She already gets impaled regularly by BIG BABOON DICK.

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You're shooting yourself in the foot by posting Ichigo's grossed out reaction to her ass user.

Pic related is better.

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Kubo always enjoyed trolling Sup Forums. The more you beg for it to return, the less likely it becomes.

>Bleach was the better written storyline.
>He's probably not being ironic.

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