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Let's have at least one discussion thread per month. All I see now are people being butthurt about "hurr durr pedo shit"
So what the fuck will happen to riko and 8chi next chapter? We have possible crippling of our mc who would not be able to delve without eyes, legs or some organs missing. I see no way out of this.

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>letting normalfags govern your threads
Just report posts like those, it works most of the time.

why would we discuss a series that's known for being shitty edgebait? fuck off

Why did you screen cap'd the replies of your post?
Are MiA pedos on this level of retardation?

I wanted a discussion in the other mia thread and some user replied this.

Oh no! Ozen ran out of money!

What should she do now?

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but everyone discusses the chapter to death the day the chapter releases. check the archive. there's nothing else to discuss.

Sell some relics, we all know Ozen will never run out of money

>So what the fuck will happen to riko and 8chi next chapter?
Veko will be Veko, around veko never relaxo

IF Riko gives in to any of those wonderful choices then I'm pretty sure it's effects won't be permanent.

So when is Srajo the Esoteric gonna show up?

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this looks like the pancake art i saw somewhere else.

It would be pretty weird if he could fly, maybe he's not a plague doctor just a fucking bird fanatic, considering his whistle is birdlike as well. Maybe that's how he made his last dive, he flew down the waterfall.

Punch Lyza to give her more

we never know.gif

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That sounds stupid

Yea I hope that won't be the case

Srajo took the elevator. Wakuna is the one who didn't even bother to go to it.

Also he has a coffin on his back, so that means he's not just a birdman.

>inb4 relic glider hidden in that coffin

I'll actually be amazed if she does end up losing her legs, eyes or organs. There's gotta be something that'll save her at the right moment, I don't think an injured Riko would be able to continue her journey without being a major liability, and as helpless as she's been so far there's no way they're gonna make her even more of a walking corpse than she is. I just don't see it happening, either some magic-bullshit happens and she gives up something but regains it (new legs etc) or someone/something removes her bet.

I've only been in this fanbase for a week and I'm already angry at Ozenfags.

I wonder if Bondrewd was offended by that

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Bondrewd says he didn't notice either of them make their last dive, I don't remember reading Srajo took the elevator

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>Ozen bullying Lyza
But Lyza is one of the few people that Ozen has feelings for

I took that as meaning Srajo just showed up at the Idofront and went
>lol bye Bondrewd I'm gone

Ozen bullies everyone though

Srajo decending means he took the elevator. Wakuna 'invaded' the 6th layer, that could mean he went there using another method

that was from this artist's rendition

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Descending means by default using the elevator. Mentioning Wakuna specifically using his relic means he didn't use the elevator.

Reminder that chapter 46 probably won't come out on the 20th, but 30th is likely.

Chapter 46 will be slightly delayed because the chapter will be massive, probably 30 pages.

Riko will sell whatever, but nothing will happen, since Veko will fuck up the balancing since she is friends with the gloo blobs.
Or Riko will have a sudden moment of clarity that leave the fucking place to assess the situation/wait for Reg, since Nanachi is not in immidiate danger.

It's been 22 days since chapter 45.

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Tsukushi made a tweet a few hours ago that he's going to be a bit late with the update.

>assess the situation

Yes, so it's probably not the 20th.

She's smart, she just looks dumb.

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Yea best case is the 30th

Link to tweet?

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>Bigger than normal more than likely
Calling it now, chapter will end with Srajo/Wakuna teaser right after it reveals if Riko actually went through with it.

With the previous mention of Riko's eyes being effected by the abyss I got a nagging feeling she's actually going to trade them. I might be wrong but that's the only part of her body that was mentioned like that before and it's just odd that it's on the list of things she can trade, like the author planned it.

If the story cops out on her sacrificing anything I don't know if I'm going to be more disappointed or relieved.

It might also be about the village destruction, pieces for a shitstorm are sort of layed out.

Losing her vision would be a huge drawback on their journey even if she's mostly useless anyway, even the legs would be a better deal. Unless she asks the village to make her fake functional eyes.

I can't imagine the village going out that quickly, there's still far too many questions, all of which need far more than 30 pages to cover fully and decently.
Unless Moth joins the party, but I have a feeling Big Daddy Bot will hear that Reg is trying to go back down to the center, and for some reason or another he'll try to stop them leading to Faputas death.

He probably think the abyss barrier is a sickness and he will want to "cure" the crew

I'm not saying she will lose her vision, but Faputa conveniently has a pair of relic goggles with currently unknown properties, that MIGHT just help if she actually does. Although Riko with those goggle would like kind of silly, even worse if it's permanent.

Watch as we get ch 46 then have to wait months for 47 because Tsukushi wont stop playing the Splatoon update

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I hope all the shit just hits the fan at the same time.
>Riko accepts the deal and gets horribly injured
>Nanachi wakes up and they make their way out
>Veko has fucked off somewhere.
>the "summoning" starts happening in the village
>it goes wrong
>turns out Veko messed with it
>balancing shadows everywhere
>they're killing everyone
>oh shit run away
>Faputa notices Reg's severed arm on escaping Riko
>angry moth noises
>Reg sees it but is too far away
>angry Faputa reminds him of something
>we get a full flashback of their time together
>Reg has to choose between Faputa and Riko
>we see him charging up the incinerator in the distance
>who is the shot aimed at?

>Reg charges up the incinerator on Riko, pointing it back at himself
That would be the best cliffhanger

well he did ditch Faputa to leave for the surface so if he gets his full memories back about her, he might remember the reason. Maybe the "brb gonna get haku" was just something he told her so she won't go psyho and allow him to leave.

I hope Moth joins the party and has awkward interactions with Riko as they compete for the shota

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And they fix Mitty, so Nanachi can stay with her in the village, safe and sound. Perfect end for their story.

anyone got more of these comics?

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Trying to force a quality discussion in a MiA thread
It happens, but it's becoming rarer and rarer. You'd better be off making a thread like this when a chapter drops. Then we will have some actual discussion going, but this went the way of every thread for a manga that got an anime: the cancer seeps in and it becomes a shitposting general. So yeah, only make threads when a chapter is dropped and otherwise stir clear of this hellhole general.

By 'cure' do you mean kill or doing things that would make Bondrewd blush?

This was always my favourite MiA fan comic.
>Grand welcome from Bondrewd, minding etiquette to his fellow peerless black whistles
>Be ignored completely
>Be perplexed so much that you don't know what to say for a moment
>Just like that, he's gone
>Meanwhile, Srajo, the Lord of Mystery, is chilling in the elevator. It has a nice big window and Srajo is reading what seems to be a book. Wakuna is diving down, some murky, shady looking creature in the background that is barely distinct from the background
>The two black whistles great each other like two office colleagues would when they meet on the way to the cafeteria
I love it

I don't know if they are related

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>Dislike loli and gore stuff
>Decide to still give a whirrr
>Watch 6 eps back to back
Tis good

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Yes, just keep unleashing your inner sadistic pedo side!8lJxzLAb!ffjKahvXUQc3yekrpswfZg

Here is a link to the manga/BDs if you want them too, links for the OST are also in a readme there

well there are a lot in the anthology. but non of them are in english.!8lJxzLAb!ffjKahvXUQc3yekrpswfZg!4wADgDiL

I didn't ask for this

Is this really not dolphin porn?

just take it my friend its all yours

Its legit, i got the manga from there

Fuck this shit, it would be no better than average wish full fulfillment isekai garbage.

watch as Lyza shows up and it just turns into a shitty harem

Are those the BDs of only the first four episodes? Well thanks anyway user

If anyone is interested I can torrent one of the 40 gig ones on Nyaa and put it on Mega for future use. Would take a few hours.

it's okay user, i dont mind streaming the episodes that I saw on dailymotion

What's he pointing at?

Post the OST links!RfJDAaRC!xCL1F4vOv5ZbaoW9cFXevQ!4fYEXSCL!rAGmKlp60Y7X9pTvBaeINQ

hittin ya w/that good shit

Where you get all this gore and necrophilia?

the local distributor, Kevin Penkin

Riko will threaten to expose herself to the 6th layer's curse and ruin her value in exchange for getting Nanachi back for free. Then Belafu will call Riko out on her bullshit bluff.

user that maintains that MEGA here, I'm actually updating those right now. I'll do a proper post when it's all done, which hopefully will be when I come home today

I always associate Relinquish with Bonedude in my head, but is it Ozen's theme?

Is there a name for Ozen eyes?

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Why do you associate Relinquish with Bondrewd? It doesn't even really sound like his theme

When? Where?

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Hanezeveeeeeee Caradhiiiiiiinaaaaa

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slowdown speedreader


You may want to read the first chapter of volume 4 again


Damn you

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Why would she phrase it that way though

What's weird about the way she phrases it?

There's nothing wrong with it, Mitty was with her.

It's like she's meaning Mitty was watching over her in some way and then she goes on to thank her and I get the sense it's for something specific, atleast more than a general thank you for having existed ( again).

That's because you speedread and speedwatched through the dream sequence and Riko's recap of it.

>Mitty was watching over her in some way
Holy shit nice bait
Advanced trolling 10/10

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do you think bonedrewd has regrets?

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