Dungeon Meshi

Sometimes, for unexplicable reasons, we get chapters a tiny bit earlier than expected, and the next chapter is due in two days. We can hope, right?

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I hope it doesn't come out on the 16th, I won't be able to read it until very late that day. But it should get translated on the 15th at most.

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Raws are in two days. The translation might take longer.

Argh. I would be traveling.
Do not want miss comfy threads.

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How would the Dungeon Meshi crew perform in the abyss?

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a new dungeon meshi chapter soon ? you have my attention user

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The same time like every month.

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Lack of knowledge would kill them.

A chapter come out usually every month in the 15, should have one in 2-3 days depending. We may even get spoilers tomorrow hopefully.

thanks for the info,kind anons

Laius would try to rocket jump out of the abyss from the 5th layer.

"don't need to have senses if I'm strapped to a wok flying a ballistic course back to the surface"

Who cares since people will just spam spoilers here making it impossible to discuss the series.
Not that I blame people blatantly breaking the subs rules

Spoilers in DM threads typically are just raws from the chapter (as opposed to text spoilers). It's not hard to notice and to avoid. And people make a new thread once the translation proper is done.

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>Bonerdude and Marcille

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reddit pls go

Marcille isn´t as lewd as that blonde loli and the wabbit though

>Marcille isn't lewd
There, I fixed that.

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inb4 >elf >not lewd

Anyone got more of these?

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Only this one.

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One ugly loli elf

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That's Marcille and I would do unspeakable things to these legs.

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Dumb elf

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Wait, how is Marcille a loli while Laius is an adult? Is this a dream sequence?

The last page makes it look like it. Otherwise I wouldn't dare to speculate because nothign would make sense. That said I believe we get a glimpse at Marcilles magic, that creepy book with the eye is probably important.

Or it has something to do with the paintings that let you step into the past. Though Laius seems to wear different clothes.

I'm so confused.

Looks like somebody picked the wrong kind of shrooms

It has something to do with the bowl Senshi is holding. It's some kind of vision all of them are seeing.

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So that's the dog she used later to catch a Mandrake
Also is nice to see Marcille smiling again, it's been a while

it's a Proust madeleine ?

Yeah, she reminds me a lot more about the earlier chapters, without the dead tired eyes and even being able to smile.

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What is this? An omake or something?

The sheer utility that Marcille provides as well as the overall stronger team would be super useful but they would get killed by a tricky monster, screwed by the curse or die poisoned due to lack of abyssal knowledge

This was kind of a short chapter, or like said we'll have the real one in two days?

Shes basically a prude though.
Laios is like 5000% more of a pervert and I wouldnt be surprised if Farlyn and Chilchack are also into some funky stuff.

I want you to be right.

S its a Marcille focused chapter...
I wonder if we are gonna get another one on Senshi. Chilchack and Laius have tons of those, dwarf daddy is sort of falling out of the spotlight.

Yes, Laius is a /d/eviant.

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Chilchack has maybe two.

The trap disarming chapters?

I think one was about the trap, the other about the mimic.

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The bowl passed around has a smell that turns into a castle the same way the dream fades, it's passed around and they each say a thing while looking up. What else could it be ? Still doesn't explain the whole deal with the catastrophic dream tho, just the end with the dog ?

I wonder how that user is doing now. Maybe he's become a quality chef?

The series overall doesnt have a main character.
Laius might seem so, but he only gets mildly more of the spotlight, and Chilchack is by no means sidelined in most chapters. Senshi tends to get forgotten if no food is involved. Now, that doesnt happen often but lately there have been several chapters that are more conversation or action focused, with food (and thus, Senshi) being minor.

Also, Chilchack has 3 featured chapters, Trap, Mimic and the one he went off with the Orc's sister
Senshi has like one (Golem farming), Marcille has 2, but she is overall way more important to the plot that Senshi so shes more prominent in most chapters.
I just want more spotlight for my dwarf papi

>that grimoire
so marcille confirmed as final boss ?

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>laius melts
>and he's fine again
What the hell is that fleshy abomination?
>old laius
Marcille has a bad history with doggies

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She is like 6 levels of fucked up. Not surprising

Isnt that The Sorcerer's book?
Holy shit

>Uses dark magic (for """good""")
>Interested in making dungeons

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I want to pet this dog.

It's not the full chapter. If you look at the page numbers you can see that there are 21 pages between the last page and the first page with a page number.

So that's the next chapter?

Most likely, yes.

I see now that I am a fool

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Dammit, I'm retarded

Which legs? The ones on the bed or the ones under the bed?

Those under the bed of course.

Chilchack is best he deserves all the chapters

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get a load of this fgt

Depends on whether the cleric can perform recall without triggering the curse.

Otherwise I don’t see any of them hard-core fucking with it. Maybe Senshi and Laius become black whistles and the girls become moon whistles. Chilchack would stay topside and handle artifact inspection/grading.

None of them have the audacity to be white whistles. Their entire quest is spurred by an amazing resolve to PREVENT a sacrifice.

Marcille would easily achieve black. She is WAY stronger than the boys and has lots of utility, her only real downside is her unwillingness to get dirty with the environment, which I think she'd shed after a while, just like she is doing in the manga.

Considering she is actually kinda of a fucked up blood necromancer I think she could hit white. Resurrection wouldn't work in the abyss so Farlyn could serve as her white whistle if the situation came to pass. Same for Laius, but I doubt he has the necessary strength to become white. Marcille absolutely does

What would her motivation be for becoming a black or white whistle? Laius and Senshi are monster loving autists, Marcille is motivated by her desire to learn ancient magic.
Unless that shit is at the bottom, there's no reason for her to go. Even Bondrewd is basically just a retard playing with toys he doesn't understand, and he's the fucking resident authority.

Marcille's mantra was "no evil magic, only evil people". It's well within her character to use blood magic to revive a dear friend, that doesn't mean she's ready to do the shit necessary to be a white whistle for no reason other than Farlyn being conveniently dead.