Character clearly says "hi"

>character clearly says "hi"
>translated as "yes"

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>character clearly says "chance"
>the word chance is nowhere to be found in the subtitles

>character clearly says ``Oni-chan´´
>translated as "Makoto´´

Dumb EOP

>character clearly says "yeah"
>translated as "no"

>every character says "ikimasu" as in "heading out"
>translator decides to translate every "ikimasu" as something else for every character, making it a catch phrase like "Let's do this"


>character says mansion
>translation reads apartment, apartment block, condominium

>character says go men clearly showing support to men against the feminist menace
>translated as sorry

Fucking SJWs

>character says hamburger
>translated as "salisbury steak"
hate this meme

Character clearly is discussing the great state of Ohio in the best country The US of A

Translates it as 'Good Morning'

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>character says "ha"
>translated as "Yes sir, I understand"

But that's wrong, user.

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>character says english word, or japanese word with a very straight-defined meaning

>they translate it wrong


Characters are discussing 'pants' translators translate it as 'underwear'

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Am I retarded because I have never seen any of this

>character uses the ''family name''
>translator uses the ''given name''

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>character clearly says "keikaku"
>translator brainlets translate it as "plan"

Pants are underwear though.

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>character screams for their nanny
>translated as "what?"

Ok so here is one I'm not really sure myself, if it's good or bad.
>Characters say the -san after the name
>Translator translates to Mr./Ms.

I mean in most cases it's correct if my weaboo is right but somehow I like it more if they just put the "-san" in afterwards. Any thoughts?

Only for superheroes.

actually the characters are saying "hamburg"

I think in some contexts it can be treated as Mr/Ms but not in all. It's pretty common in just normal conversation that in the US people wouldn't be using a title for. And a lot of other honorifics don't have easy translations like that.

w-why is character talking to a d-d-demon?

Believe in panties.

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My favourite one is when the voice says X-senshu and they subbed it as X-san. It was from ballroom e youkoso I think.

>pic related
>my country's translators turn it into "[who did you call] a brat?"

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thanks, boner

>Characters say oh my
>Translator translates to "your"

>character says "Kiss Ama"
>translated to "bastard"

>Character talks to Tony Kaku
>never seen him

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>Character says "Oh, nigga"
>Translated as "please"

Is this real

It’s translators attempting to get translations as 1:1 as possible while ignoring the fact that doing so makes the English sound incredibly unnatural

>character uses some weird japanese sign language
>isn't translated at all

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ITT dekinai's getting trolled

Yeah, they actually ended up splitting the game in three, each focused on one race.

>character is talking to a man named Ken-san
>translation is "Mr. Sword"

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The cradle of humankind is a fucking shithole, never ever even consider going there. It's in Africa, for starters.

>Character has Kansai-ben or speaks with a dialect.
>Translates as caveman redneck american speak.

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Danganronpa localizations in a nutshell.

>character calls Sue Goy
>she never answers back

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>clearly say airy gateau
>No light/fluffy chocolate cake to be seen.

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>character says "yes"
>translated as yes
Do actual elevens talk like this?

my favorite.

>character says what's with you guys always coming here
>subs say

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>Character clearly says a name
>Subtitles ignore this

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>Character has chinese name
>Other characters call him by the japanese reading of the kanji
>Subs call him by the westernized reading of his chinese name
>Wiki refers to him by his chinese name, and occasionaly by his westernized name.
Confusing as all shit.

yes, my road

>playing card game instead of drawing manko

>thunderbolt fantasy flashbacks

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>30 characters
>each with their own speaking dialect and sentence ender
>translator ignores this

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Fuck off retard.

In all honesty, is there a proper way to carry over the Kansai dialect into English?

It would have to be different for every continent and country.

>scanlations since no official translation
>team clearly has a key member change at some point
>they make no attempt to maintain the style that's been established

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>Character asks for consent
>Other character points towards a power plug


It's ok though, after the game died they made the multiplayer free2play

Yorkshire dialect.

Even worse,
>font change
>it's fucking Arial or Calibri
>English is their 3rd language after Thai and Chinese

I hate japanese

>character says "aaah SUKA"
>translated " I see..."
I'll never understand this blyad.

>Someone mentions Tony Kaku
>There is no character called that in the show

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I've seen that in official novel (not LN) translations too. After four or five fucking volumes, MC's speech pattern suddenly changes, as well as other characters' nicknames which are suddenly translated.

>blushing milf mentions steak
>translated as "wonderful"

>"Ganbare!" is translated as "Break a leg!"

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>End up breaking your voice

good goy.

Ms. Togo, the amnesty is contacting Yuki so she can marry the shinjyu-sama!

>character clearly says stop enjoying destruction
>dubbed as ARRGH I will not let you destroy my world

I hate this. I understand the argument that casuals don't know what honorifics are but I feel they should be left in for those who do and it's much less of an eyesore to read.

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>They feel the need to add a translator note at a random point that contributes nothing but their opinion

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>You aren't going to do that right?
>Yes (No)

>character says "good morning"
>translated as "OHIO"

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>"wow oppai! ^___^"

rub a dub dub thanks for the grub

I watched all of it, and I still don't know who is who.

>Character says "Mogi"
>Subs say "Natsuki"

>character says "ara ara"
>I get an erection

>character says 'hora!'
>I instantaneously cream my pants

Audibly kekked

Fucking WN are terrible at this. I almost threw my phone across my room reading one once, every page was interjected with quips or observations from the translator, completely destroying the flow of the story.

And worse is that it's encouraged by an army of retards who like that nonsense.

>character says he's not allowed to bring Nakama
> they're not my Nakama

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Omae wa dai guy

What? You don't think this is hilarious?

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Great show but I still get confused sometimes

>Swapping character name order
I hate it so much. Especially in Sagrada reset where they added a tl note explaining how "Eri Oka" is a pun.

>character clearly says jew go to make a jew leave
>translated as 15
They can't keep getting away with it.

>character says hyaku paasento
>subs translate it as every word that means “certain” other than “100%”

This has never happened.

>The old rub a dub dub gg subs are lost to time

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>character says rape
>translated as handshake

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>character says literally anything
>i was looking away from the computer for a split second so i don't even know what they meant

>character says something not so easy to understand even if you know Japanese
>Crunchyroll™ translates it as whatever the fuck they want
I seriously hope you are AT LEAST trying to learn Japanese, because these pieces of shit have even changed the context of entire episodes and missed important plot points through their shitty translations.

Well I doubt if you started learning Japanese right now you'd be able to understand those hard to understand portions anytime soon. I'm sure this sometimes happens with those kanji scribbles outside of bubbles in manga too where they're nearly impossible to read, especially if they don't have furigana.