Don't you see that the "story" is secondary to the "experience". Go watch Nickelodeon for "stories"...

Don't you see that the "story" is secondary to the "experience". Go watch Nickelodeon for "stories". Violet Evergarden is something more than that. It's an entire living, breathing world. And it poetically mirrors the horrors in our world.

The anime writes the story on centuries of history. Conquest, technology, expansion, death... It's all there.

Violet Evergarden's canvas is far too large for small men to behold, I suppose.

My words are failing to sway you? We're in disagreement over art... Which is roughly analogous to dancing about architecture.

Violet Evergarden is an aesthetic experience. I can't tap into your nervous system and make you see what I see, but I can try to explain the soaring heights Fate/stay night sent the show going public to.

Citing sources is a pedantic exercise. And besides, this is a forum for those to kick back and appreciate great art: a bit like a gentleman's club in centuries past. Here we chomp our cigars and wax poetic about the great works and the unanswerable questions.

I must say that you've (the non-believers) made a pariah of yourself at this club. What is instantly evident to us (the mastery of Ishidate's Violet Evergarden) isn't something you grasp. It's an exercise on futility to educate on the whys and wherefores of cinema. Suffice it to say you have proven yourself a dunce among gentlemen. I consider my point carried and Violet Evergarden again redeemed.

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Other urls found in this thread: that violet wants to know what is love/

it's bad written shit

>The anime writes the story on centuries of history. Conquest, technology, expansion, death... It's all there.

Except love

Why do VEGfags feel the need to be so defensive of their badly written soap opera?

Did you take that from MAL or did you translate a random chink review?
Actually I think I know the answer, there's no "Prometheus" there.

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reminder that violet wants to know what is love

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jesus that violet wants to know what is love/

You guys should not make threads 1 minute apart like that. Does your manual not tell you to avoid exposing yourselves?


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At this point it's a marker for the threads.

>The anime writes the story on centuries of history. Conquest, technology, expansion, death... It's all there.

Except being a good show.

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OP's right. Clearly you need a high level of IQ to understand Violet Evergarden and its writing...

More like Violet Everboring


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I've read the novel in japanese last year and really enjoyed it but this has to stop. Just fucking stop, there's nothing capable of saving this adaptation at this point.
4 + X anime original episodes means 10 - X episodes to adapt the LN, it's just not gonna happen. They'll gut the original story to death and it will be SHIT.
Hell, it's already SHIT. Anime watchers don't give a shit about Erika and Iris, LNfags like myself don't give a shit either because those characters didn't even fucking exist but they keep wasting episodes to this CRAP.

Worse, the best part of the LN - violet's past - is being told with flashbacks each episode, reducing the impact of her past overall and slowly killing the chances of an entire episode being dedicated to adapt it.


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>Entire living breathing world
>Worldbuilding is literally one of the worst parts of the show


Anyone who creates a country named "Leidenschaftlich" (literally German for "passionate") and all those other retarded placenames should be hung by their earlobes.

Right now, "Violet" is a showcase of the dramatic polarization in the industry, if you don't like it then you will drop it, if you like every story you will praise it to the best of your abilities; I belong to the latter.

"Violet" is really too literary, which is inconsistent with the values of current mainstream animation. It's an industry that has been desperate for more than a decade.
Violet really shines here. Maybe it's a bit serious, but I really hope that "Violet" will become a turning point in Japanese animation because today's animation can be said to be worthless. The story must be stereotyped and must have swimsuit episodes, there must be a series of bad habits to bait sales and so on. I really lament that people are not wise, no one thought about making a good work, they just think about looking for some big-name seiyuu and producers to then vigorously promote while a show while creating it casually.

Anime finishes airing and there is no difference between the current Japanese anime and the Chinese movie.
The pureness of "Violet" touched me. There was no cheap bait, no product shilling, no dirt; reminding me of "Natsume" that I saw in high school. It feels like more than a decade ago.

I hope that "Violet" can become a kind of Promethean fire, lighting up the night.

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Story wasn't supposed to be the strongest thing in VEG. The animation and atmosphere are carrying this show.

>no shilling
I've heard a lot of tinfoiling about Aniplex running a smear campaign against this show. Considering the thin-skinned viciousness of the defenders and their eagerness to jump to the "tell me what you like so I can shit on it" defense, I seriously wonder if kusoanus is employing their own astroturf campaign for VEG. For that matter the original gorespammer may have their product (or Kadokawa's). He certainly made the original Bake threads as vicious as these.

Animation is pretty mediocre and there's no atmosphere at all.

Your post is pretty mediocre.

>Animation is pretty mediocre
Most incorrect post I've read all week

I think you brainlets are confusing art detail with animation.

I think you don't know what animation is.

Tumblr will start a riot if he is alive they calling him a pedophile in every fucking post and they planning to make a petition to make Leon official love interest

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It's only small movement of facial muscles and eyebrows, right? None of those quick movements; those are for immature plebs.

too obvious

He's kind of a lolicon, so the fuck what.

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Most of VEG's animation are just simple hand/face movements while in extreme close ups. Nothing very impressive.

Is Ishidate a Shaftfag?

Subtlety in my drama? Oh hell no, I want some flashy shit.

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I hope you fall ill by the end of the season



Worse, SHAFT can at least make some competent fight scenes.

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Shut up Leon.

You just know these buddies are the ones hate voting the show on normalfag sites except they can't drag the public opinion with them this time. Hyouka is avenged niggers.

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Except Hyouka was actually great.

The masses disagree.

You just don't get the intricacies of

The masses opinion should never be trusted when it attains to quality.

It sold better than what's being predicted for VEG, it also has a better score in Anikore and BGM

Sangatsi S2, Zoku S2, and yes Kizu Movie 2 are currently higher rated than evergarbage on MAL.

Hyouka was good. Go watch episode 19.

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>caring about MAL

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Owari S2

Good, neither should Sup Forums for that matter. But that's not my point user-kun.

And yet VEG is going to make more money, funny how the market works huh.
Really, what a retarded point. Let's not bring sales and money to this thread please.

Hyouka is one of my favorites. You people seem to think I'm shitting on it.

Because they're underage fags with below average intelligence.

>Sample #74: the trigger nigger.

China has been proven to not bring much money at all, though

>subtle in any way
Kek. Are you talking about the same show that had the mean general say things such as: "use the kawaii loli, abuse her and throw her away when she's not useful anymore"?

And they'd be right for once. Gilbert's "love" for Violet is pretty sketchy given the circumstances.

VEGetables have been glad to point out how it's their highest rated show of the season, though.

>Even the fags over sakugablog have stopped caring about this show.

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Shitposters from R*ddit and MAL were the first ones to show the massive drop in rating from MAL. No one cared about MAL ratings ever in any of the VEG threads.

Funny. You read an outdated and generalized IPO and a machine translation of a blog post from a literal who and the first thing you make out of it is that no show is making money in China and that China doesn't bring much money despite them being by far the most relevant gaijin nation financially speaking.
Meanwhile in the real world China behaves like every other group of people out there, giving money to what's popular and not giving shit to what they do not care about. It legit astonishes me how dumb this board has gotten.
Really, how do you function? Do you have a college degree and if yes how did you manage to get it with that level of reading comprehension?

>Made a legit thread earlier
>Died after three replies
>This fag makes a shitty bait thread
>Everyone arguing his stupid points

user we had a legit 660+ post thread yesterday & today.
This is the shitposting circlejerk thread, let them have some fun for once.
poll to decide which is the most annoying shitposter among these threads

What is that with tendence of Franxx fags to self btfo all the time?

>no Ishidate-fag
Fuck off, Ishidate-fag.

And see what deep insight they have to offer:
>Last episode was kinda bland
>Hope they don't fuck up the last arc
Compare it with the reviews of the first episodes.

Violet Evergarden is the epitome of dishonest animation.

>caring about kVin
The only purpose for this blog existing is listing animators trivia. I posted it because you so obviously btfo yourself.

His disappointment is tasty, the faggot managed to read the LN and believe kyoani of all studios was going to adapt it faithfully at the same time.

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>I posted it because you so obviously btfo yourself.
>The content of the link only demostrates that they stopped caring about the show.
>Resorting to boogieman #74: "Franxx fags"

Change your posting style.


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Anyway 18 hours until AOTY. Thanks for shitposters for always creating and bumping VEG threads. I hope you try hard going all out with your shitposting in remaining hours before episode airs, so that at least those who dont have dynamic IPs could be banned for period after episode airs.

How big are their events in order to get those BD to sell out?

So does this show stop with it's assignment of the week bullshit at any point?

It does, what ep are you at?

Finished episode 6 last night, gonna finish 7, 8, and 9 later today.


Good. I hope you enjoy the ride for once.

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I sincerely doubt I will, but stranger things have happened.

what is love

Why are veg threads so dead?

>Put 5 discs in your store that no one buys from
>"sold out"

Kyoani are the nintendo of anime

Now please stop forcing these threads, we've had enough for today.

I'm pretty sure their event has more than 5 seats senpai.

Sakugafagbooru has partnered with crunchyroll, so he's forced to shit on VEG.