Who is more ripoff series? ??

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It's always ripping off naruto, OPM, etc

Hello ESL-kun

They're the same to me to be honest, people keep saying that BNH do things better but the only thing that has done better so far is having a more consistent animation.

BC is so generic you can't call it a ripoff of anything specific.

>eyes of different colors

You can't spell cool without heterochromia.

Both of these are generic shitfest fuck off shounen kiddies

They're both equally generic but Academia fans delude themselves into thinking that it's unique while Black Clover fans will admit it's derivative. Academia fans are easily worse.

>shounen kiddies
but shonen is for kids

Deku would survive in his world as a policeman/hero analyst if the AllMight asspull didn't happen while Asta would be an unemployed junkie because it's all about magic in his world.

Think about it

Ripping off what?

I'm a big fan of BC but I'd say its definitely the less original series.

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>kills bc and bnha
nothing personal

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>It's always ripping off naruto
This, Black clover just uses general shounen tropes and cliches while MHA is directly taking scenes from Naruto just like what Naruto did to HxH

I say BC but i think that is going to change with the coming chapters

Is it bad that I want to start reading Black Clover just to be a contrarian to people who think MHA is amazing


check mate, dad!

It's bad that you and 90% of Sup Forums can't look past a few shitposters and see that while both are garbage, BNHA is a somewhat well rounded series while BC is literally Naruto-lite. Time to grow up and form your own opinions champ.

Black Torch.

>directly taking scenes from Naruto
literally what the fuck are you talking about