One Piece

Is he "the Ninth"?

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who is behind that phone, borsalino?

Isn't that Jinbei?

This is the none faggotry thread. So I'll stay here

To be honest it's posts like this that make me really want to avoid the thread.

This Also fuck your thread, Perospero deserves a thread for his birthday.

Do you think she's Katakuri's favorite?

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Kill yourselves faggots. You a ruining the threads

no u

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Big Mom really let herself go.

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why is nami always rude to brook?

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>One piece thread about to end
>3 different people make 3 new threads

I don't know which one to post in.

Because he's a gigantic pervert.

You know which one my kaching ning nong ching chong

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Based MODS deleted the gay ones.

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>Says this in the gayest of the threads

It's pathetic that they felt the need to delete the gay ones to get this one going. How insecure can one mod be? The Perospero one had the most posters after all.

Homosexuality is NOT okay.

Regardless of whether it's okay or not, is wishing a chad a happy birthday gay now? Do you also think it's gay to shake a fellow man's hand? Makes you wonder who's the insecure faggot here.
This thread is gay as fuck too anyways. There's nothing gayer than being a Jinbeifag.

Which one was the perospero one

What are the chapter 900 theories so far? Someone joins, someone dies, etc.

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There needs to be a cover page stage dedicated to Poire and Katakuri having a sibling moment.

she was against him going with them to recue sanji

Let me guess. You were the one starting it.

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No shit I was. Congatulations, you guessed it. I wonder why, I did my hardest to hide it.

it was probably deleted cause it was made after two other ones were already posted

It was actually quite easy to spot you. You were very butthurt and that would happen only if you were OP.

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>you will never be in front of a manspreading Katakuri

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So just how strong is Sabo? What will his DF awakening be? Kind of interested to see what role he'll eventually play later on in the story. I don't think will see him for a long time though. Pretty sure he can use conqueror haki. Also we don't even know what the fuck happen to the revolutionary army after they attack. I hope we get some light on that.

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Big mom bites the dust

Hey! Is that you Mr. Pri-

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No gays allowed. Make a yaoi thread and leave us alone nigger

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There's no reason why it should. Mods keeps enforcing a no general policy, they get triggered enough to delete a thread when the OP isn't elaborate enough or when there's the word "edition" in it, and yet there are constantly 16 Franxx threads with three words OPs and 4 spelling errors on the board. But when 4 one piece threads are created, they feel like pushing a single general and delete the other threads? Why wasn't deleted too? Give me a fucking break. There is no logic at play here, they just do whatever they want. If they like your thread fine. If they don't, they fuck you over. I wouldn't be surprised if the mod was the one who created this thread.


She saved them later on user, what?


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Nice that user hit a nerve.
Anyways Sanji will also save Luffy. He will be the one to take him to the ship.

Sanji was also the one to save the kids for Nami not Nami herself.


>this entire post

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That might be for the best. I'm not sure I could satisfy him being 1m60 and all.

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Carrot's canon power level

Normal state: above or equal to brook (high mid tier)

Sulong state: equal but potentially above post TS Sanji (mid high tier)

How powerful you think she will get until the end of the series?

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user is right. Sanji will save everyone with the cake and Nami didnt save the kids by herself.

No she is not fagget. Powerlevel fags are retarded.

Sanji didn't save himself, much less make that cake on his own either, what's your point?

How can the others concentrate with this beauty?

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I'm pretty sure rest of the strawhats didn't do shit both scenarios did they? They must've been out of your eyes, not to mention Chopper was dedicated a fuck ton more than Sanji. Besides, there would be no cake without Pound, Pudding, Chiffon, Bege's ship and crew. The only people you can nitpick are your ship. Either way, im out of this shipper talk.

What do you mean whats my point? Its obvious. Sanji is the reason the Cake will work and he was the leader of the group making the cake. He doesnt need to do it all by himself in order to save Luffy.

I thought you were opposing Sanji, who "didn't need any help", with Nami, who needn't help to save the kids.

It's probably easier when you're blood related.

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Calm down son, no need to be angry...and she clearly is

Are you fucking retarded? Apart from this post There has been no talk of shipping. Its all about Nami needing help for saving the kids, counting all the SH's and Sanji saving Luffy with the cake. The cake was a group effort but Sanji was the leading man there. This is undeniable.

Another day closer to Monet's return!

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>didn't need any help
Who said this? What are you talking about? They both needed help. I dont get what is so confusing to you.

Reminder that Katakuri only looks cute because he is 2d, if he was drawn in a realistic 3d way he would be something like pic related

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I'm assuming most minks have latent haki in some form or another, and it's already canon that travelling with Luffy basically raises a person's potential. Carrot will be the only strawhat to master haki during the journey, rather than during training.

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I just got it wrong, no need to be a prick about it.

>it's all about nami needing help to save the kids
Then include the other strawhats, jesus. You put it there like Sanji specially saved the children when Chopper and others did a lot more, including one of the children herself.
>the cake was a group effort
Great! Can you shut up about Sanji being the saviour of everyone and include Pudding, Bege and Chiffon too? Hell, it's Bege right now who's doing the hard part with Big Mom.

>You will never look into his beautiful, feminine eyes

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>New chapter in a few days
>110% GUARANTEED Monet will not return

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That slut is either dead or cursed to a life worse than death, because she won't be able to think about anything but Zoro's cock.

So? Give him fair skin and even that troll is fair game.
Not that Katakuri looks like that anyways, he's canonically handsome. And Katakuri faggotry is all about the heart anyways. I would still like him even if he looked like an orc.

post yfw monet actually fucking returns next chapter

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did katakuri sew his mouth/cheeks shut or something?

post yfw someone is working on the chad perospero vs the virgin katakuri image

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I honestly belivr that she already has haki, i mean, inuarashi and nekomamushi were om whitebeard and roger's ship, and they were able to match Jack so they definatly have haki, so ot would make sense for them to teach their top fighters, carrot included

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No, she is

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This is called nitpicking and its really pathetic. I didnt include Pudding, Bege, etc because my point was that Sanji was the leading man and the reason the cake will be as good as it will be. I always said it was all the strawhats and not just Nami, which was my point all along. Stop being this way.

Yep, apparently.
I used to think he tried to sew the sides of his naturally wide mouth to look more normal but according to the SBS he wasn't born with that large mouth, so it's the result of poor medical attention. Or maybe the wound was just that awful. Anyways, that's what left a scar.

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>sanji was the leading
So? That means the others did nothing? user, Luffy is the captain of Strawhat pirates as you know. Whenever they do something big like save a country, they say "the strawhats did it" and not fucking "luffy did it". Just because he lead the cake making doesn't mean the others should be ignored.

>canonically handsome
No he isnt

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If he closes his mouth, will his jaw teeth perforate his eyes?

He is above the mouth.
For most people anyways. For me his entire face is handsome.

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Flampe has shit taste is all.

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>Has a "tragic" past
>Former enemy
>Dreams of being the world's greatest scientist
>spent the most time with the Straw Hats post-timeskip
>Has a much needed logia devil fruit
>Will get spotlight, with Franky, in the inevitable Vegapunk arc
Chapter 900
The Ninth

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These threads are going to be a shitposting nightmare for at least a month when it happens, especially if the next chapters start confirming Monetfag's theories to explain how she got there.

>tfw there's more fanarts of a gay fugo ship than my both otp's combined

Why do people even want more people to join the crew?

I haven't even been able to accept Brook as a legitimate member of the crew yet. He just feels like a temporary ally like Vivi or Kin'emon. Franky really feels like the last true Straw Hat to me.

>I haven't accepted brook

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What are your otps?

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>That means the others did nothing?
Who the fuck said this? Seriously. Me saying he was the leading man, which is true, does not mean others did nothing. This isnt hard to understand, brainlet. Why do you care anyways? Is it that annoying to you that I dont constantly include everyone responsible for making the cake? My point, for the hundredth time, was that Sanji was the leading man. If you dont disagree with this then there is no point replying. Last (you) you get btw.

People were saying that when Robin joined. 'Okay, now we're done, no more.'

Katakuri isn't handso-

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>first friday class is at 11 am
>chapter releases early friday morning in my timezone
feels good man

>stronger than current Sanji

I get it's fun to shit on him but hell no. She went sulong, and all she did was speedblitz fodder while Daifuku's dumbass genie sliced most of his own ships apart. If she went up against someone like Daifuku one-on-one she'd probably lose.

l-luvi and lual

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He's handsome to us. To us. In the One Piece universe, he isn't. Everybody sees him as hideous, because of his mouth. But to us he is drawn handsomely.

That's because LuKa is best ship

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>leaks start appearing
>Monet Monet Monet
>everyone in thread says it's fake and gay
>images drop
>people lose their shit
>Monetfag's not even on but everyone's losing their mind
>old fans return, say some shit now
>everyone calling Oda a hack
>monetfag returns
>people call him a copypasta or a fake-fag because he wasn't there and clearly the first freakout was the real deal
>manga drops
>people buttmad
>other threads made, deleted for generals
>mods get involved, know dick about the thread culture

>youtube OP reviewers talk about how Sup Forums called it years ago, and a Monet avatar had convinced everybody that this was happening, they're super smart
>Youtube manga normies start coming to Sup Forums, making new threads, invading this one, reporting 'fags' posts
>Mods terrified
>people freaking out
>/qa/ is on fire
>mods ban One Piece for the day because they don't fucking learn
>shitposting spreads to Sup Forums and Sup Forums
>irreversibly tying Sup Forums to One Piece
>jew shitposters invade the generals in the wake of Monetfag being right
>Sup Forums ruined forever again
>whole new -chans are made over this and they're all shit like all the others
>Monetfag posts about his trip to Brazil or Australia or something and everyone is mad and it's hilariouis
The Note was Thrown, and So the Die was Cast.


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Keep dreaming, Monetfag

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What's the fuckin basis though? It would be weird for her to show up at WCI especially.

Actual Major Spoiler

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So what are you guys expecting this chapter? I dont know what to expect myself.

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The face of Monet fags when Carrot is shown to have the snow powers, meaning that Monet is ded and aint coming back

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