User-kun, asobo~

user-kun, asobo~

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I'd give her my banana if you pick up what I'm throwing down.


What if she bites?

about to 3 episode test this one

what am I in for?

It's fucking dumb. The show, the character, all of it. After every episode you think "that was fucking stupid".

Pretty fun, though.


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Oh we’ll play, play it rough, if you know what I mean


That's nice of you. Do you have enough for the rest of the class though?

Unironically my pick for anime of the year.

Mochiron, asobi ikomasho.

i want asobo

>what am I in for?
Idiots, sluts, and punches
It's good fun.

>He doesn't like teeth on his blowjob

I'd play with that aho if you know what I mean.

this anime really gave me some 2000's vibes which was actually really nice

I just want to give Ruri a hug and tell her everything will be fine.


She's probably just dyslexic and her parents are too ashamed to get her help.

A good time.

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marrying the aho with the condition of impregnating her mom on the side

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>impregnating her mom
Pretty sure she wouldn't risk a second aho.

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Don't lie to retarded children.

>impregnating her mom
Isn't she a little old for that?