The state of Sup Forums in 2018

>The state of Sup Forums in 2018

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>comparing Optimus Prime to EVA

Optimus Prime and Robo-Ridley? Wut

It's Ultra magnus retard.

Transformers is my favorite anime

Is that a toy robot? lol

I know and like both though.

>all that lens flare
sasuga, micheal bay


The NGE 01 is not a problem though. The one you'd have to worry about is the movie EVAs.

The new Yu-Gi-Oh! Monster Designs are truly amazing

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Left is EVA and right is DitF, right?

I bet a good part of Sup Forums doesn't even know the one on the right.

>Sup Forums only cares about anime made for kids and teenagers for the sake of toy promotion
Oh wow gee big surprise. I couldn't have guessed that with the front page being constant shounen and fateshit and dumb mecha shows.

I know this, and he can beat both of these robots.

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>Implying that doesn't describe Tomino's ouvre better than Eva, which had robots designed not to be toylike

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Why the fuck is /m/ spilling into Sup Forums? Go back to your containment board.

Moefag spotted lol

Robots are a man's romance

Thankfully I have no idea what the purple robot is


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>/m/ is a containment board
Fuck off newshit.

What is the left one? Looks a bit like Guncannon, but without the cannons.

lend of lelvangelion

God GM.

Moe is the essence of anime
Romance is man’s romance you teenage dork

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Somebody doesn't understand man's romance

I don't know how it's possible to live this far under a rock for so long.

And it isn’t me. There are many popular romance franchises specifically aimed at men

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>he has a different opinion so he's a moefag

Feet or GTFO

OP is that optimus prime

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Best Feet AND Best Girl.

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The best girl is Ryou.

You made me fucking die

What is this fucking thread? Since has Ideon been anything but a seldom mention in mecha threads?

What if I don't know both?

Why? Had you named someone predictable like Kyou or Nagisa I’d have just called you a faggot or a secondary (respectively) but Ryou is a baffling choice. She didn’t do much in the anime and her route gets hijacked by Kyou.

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>Since has
Since when

Don't worry i know them, Optimus prime on the left, puprle Godzilla on right.

That's just wrong. Nagisa is best girl.

She's cute.

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> correcting people’s grammar on an Ethiopian book-binding imageboard

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nice pokemon

Mecha is cancer in general.

>hurr durr my robot is better than yours
Shut up grandpa go back to argue about the second world war and tomino with the old guys at

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Is that a JoJo reference?

> and her route gets hijacked by Kyou
That's exactly why. I felt myself like an degraded animal when I hurt her so much, but she tried to salvage our relationships until the very end. I cried when she promised to grow her heir and be more like her sister, so I could love her. I think it was really unfair. At least she looked happy at the Kyou epilogue.

That's optimus prime, easy

But so is Nagisa, Yukine, Kotomi or Fuko.

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Tomino is a hack. Anno should've directed Ideon.

Thanks user. That’s a solid explanation.

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Is Jordan Bess a furry for fucking Carlala?

Why is this board so harsh against Sup Forumsfags yet so lenient towards /m/echunts?

Metabee destroyed all life in the universe?

Because there have been good mecha series

>containment board
Go back to your containment board.

Because most mecha is anime? We have zero tolerance for toku, Boston Dynamics or other non-anime shit.
But hey, who am I kidding. /m/ is nothing but waifufaggotry now anyway. The board died of heat death years ago when no good science fiction mecha came out and gurrenlagann fags took over

That’s an interesting, but valid, way to spell “I am a secondary”

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Yeah, but when everything is gonna die, are you gonna be picky?

>tfw will never be a part of the Buff Clan

>gurrenlaganfags took over

If I had a choice between a button that would kill every EVAfag and a button that would kill every Isekaifag, I would press the former.

Medabots reboot when?