Me on the right

Me on the right

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Me taking the picture >:)

Me masturbating to you taking the picture.

haha wtf

Me wondering if I should join you.

Me masturbating to masturbating to taking the picture.

Reverse NTR and women pining after men is great. Makes no sense why the degenerate version is plastered everywhere instead.

Me on the left, loser.

He's actually about to headbutt her.


ur the girl?

Reverse NTR is patrician

Going to confess to someone and then realizing they're already in a relationship isn't NTR/reverse NTR/whatever.

Those are some long thighs or really short calves

>tfw you REALLY don’t want to draw hands or feet

what anime or game is this from

Post more cuckqueen pictures like this, please

me in the middle about to headbutt he

>geez main character-kun how come you have TWO girls pining for you?

>Reverse NTR

Post the Re:Zero one

>implying she isn't the token lesbian girl pining after the girl

>Projecting hard
or worse
>Loser straight chicks
>Going dyke because lack of dick and inability to interact with men

God I wish that were me

This is why the harem is always the best choice.

There you go OP.
Happy end now.

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I guess she was in love with that girl?

>and women pining after men

Took me a second

So they are twins and there is one getting NTR'd on each side of the building?


I think I've seen a similar development before.

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user, it was just a little joke.


Honestly took me a few minutes to get. Kept looking for a penis or something

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Why is she blushing, she a cuck?

absolute state of Sup Forumsnon

What's this from or just some fanart with selfmade characters? Seen this image a couple of time lately and everyone was complaining.

Same. Disappointed desu


>tfw girl and have a cuckquean fetish

Ponytail > all


Me on the left

I am biologically


How do you like to be cucked?

Me at home crying into my pillow.

How does it work? Do you find arousing being the NTRd girl or the one stealing the man?


Me watching this scene in any piece of fiction and masturbating furiously
God I love it, too bad its so rare I want the girl to despair

>clutching a lover letter
>not clutching the girl's sweaty pantsu from gym
0/50 - F
See me after class!!

Well fuck me I learned something today
And now I want a gf like that, another requisite in the list as if finding a regular gf wasnt hard enough

Why is female NTR so great?

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Only reason Im watching that dumb anime

feeds your delusion that two girls could ever pine for your affection at the same time

Isnt all of anime about feeding delusions anyways

That's pretty funny.

Don't get your hopes up: it's blatantly obvious how 02 will die and Hiro will end with Ichigo after the obligatory timeskip.

I dont get it

Are there actually people this stupid on Sup Forums? OP said "me on the right," so that user flipped the picture so that OP would be the one getting the guy. Happy end.

Im stupid because I dont take memes seriously

keep telling yourself that buddy

I hate you fucking cuck enablers

>Kotomi doesn't even understand what's going on
God damn I love that autist
I also love the way Tomoyo is like "ah fuck I can't believe I lost the bowl"

Late reply but my fetish probably isn't much different than a guy being into cuckolding. Only difference is I'm not really into the girl pleasing the guy better than me, but it's more about her getting impregnanted and forcing me to raise it as a single mother.

>and forcing me to raise it as a single mother

woah nevermind, slow down because Im getting off the crazy train
Jesus christ

not all entertainment is projection

hey you asked

Fuck off. I was having a good day.

When you are young you usually tend to act stupid when you experience those kind of feels, but don`t worry in a mattter of time you wil get suited.

I dunno if I should find this hilarious or horrifying

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That's pretty hot, are you also into the other girl humiliating and dominating you?

>My ex-husband son
That's some next-level shit

>it's more about her getting impregnated

Okay, I can see where this is coming from. I'm assuming this is coming from an angle of ultimate infidelity? The idea that your partner cheats and begets a literal physical manifestation of their betrayal?

>forcing me to raise it as a single mother

This is where it gets next level. I'd actually applaud you if you actually followed through with this. Most fetishes are a short term thing but you're suggesting you'd follow through on a lifetime of suffering just for your fetish. That's some dedication if you actually follow through.

That's some /d/-tier shit man woah

It's a pretty fucked up fetish admittedly, but it pretty much only exists in erotic fanfic. When it comes to hentai I pretty much stick to basic cuckquean and even that is rare.

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I bet your greatest regret is that there's no reverse gender xration out there. Imagine Prince Knight Taming. There were already female orcs in his story.

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What is more anime or manga where i can empathize with the girl losing?

Femanons are pathetic.

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I'd rather get off to the girl being bullied relentlessly

play yandere simulator a few times op .. you'll get some good ideas on how to win him back from that hoe

>it's more about her getting impregnanted and forcing me to raise it as a single mother
How would you even go about accomplishing this without it being obvious/consensual between all parties involved? I mean, as a male, I obviously have power fantasies of impregnating a woman during a tryst and having her lover unknowingly raise the kid as his own, but how does that work in the inverse?

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This. Your fetish is retarded because it can't be accomplished, even in a fictional setting.

But then you would be just getting off to someone suffering. I project myself into the losing girl as i'm a pathetic loser myself. I want to see her lose to see myself there and just for a moment believe that i'm a cute girl, and then it makes me want to care for her, as nobody but myself would care for myself either.

>literally self-inserting

I don't self-insert i just have a bullying fetish

>Being a psychopath

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Not really. I think it can work like this:
1. The man is married to femanon
2. The child is born from the man's secret lover.
3. The man adopts the child using some bullshit excuse ("it's a friend's son who got orphaned") or just imposing his will ("we're adopting this kid; end of the discussion!"), legally turning femanon into the child's mother.
4. The man leaves his house and elopes with the kid's biological mother
5. Femanon is legally the mother so she's forced to raise him/her alone.

It sounds like a fucking telenovela but it is feasible; probably that's how the scenario plays on femanon's perverted mind.

>We are raising this kid i dont reaññy ive a shit about!
Fuck. Just what kind of family leads people to have such shit mental status.

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Is you're waifu into NTR?

Holy shit

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>going after boys
that's the first mistake

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