Shingeki no Kyojin

What is Zeke endgame? How will the fandom react if Zeke is now an ally?

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I don't really give a shit anymore.
This garbage jumped the shark with O MY OCEAN DREAM

Then why are you here, you massive faggot?

You know the answer

This anime has become so predictable that there is no need to speculate.
Just wait till the story ends

*The manga


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How did that jump any shark, the ocean thing being a characters motivation was introduced in the very first chapter

You’re so full of shit, this arc continues to surprise anons, for every grim reminder fag there’s was a good guy eren, so on and so forth.
Everyone still wrong about the lights, no one actually knows what erens plan is, so on and so forth. You don’t know shit, no one does.

Can't wait till Falco devours him.

I want to marry pieck!

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>How did that jump any shark
I think he meant this

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Who doesn't?

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excellent taste

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why do armin's abs completely poke out of his body like square blocks

>this arc continues to surprise anons
With garbage-tier writing


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You better act fast than. She'll be dead in a month.

Anyone else?

Gabi. Killed by Flocke to avenge Jean.

He had a nice ass.

so? she still is one of the best girls in the manga

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I like her lazy smile

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It hurts to see Pieck in pain. But her husbando will save her next chapter.

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It would surprise me if she doesn't shift again straight away after this. Her titan is small and she can stay in it for months, so it shouldn't take much energy to summon again.
I mean if Eren can summon a 15 meter titan three times in the span of a few minutes she should be able to get back on her feet soon.

Yeah, after the constant transformations Eren did, I wouldn't be surprised to see that happening. And her suspicious look towards Zeke might be a hint for a role in the future.

That panel is so silly looking without context. Falco just staring at massive monkey butt in admiration going "Wow."

How many hairs do you think his ass has?

what a cunt

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Armin is a hottie.

LM soon.

I hate it when people don't appreciate the best SnK ass

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And here I thought titans had no ass

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We know, Zeke.

Legit I'm really glad she actually called him by his first name. That actually means something might be going on, even if one sided.

why are all obsessed on make him an ally?

I'm actually pretty excited to see the colossus

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I don't want him to be an ally of SC, I want him to be an ally of Eren.

Leave the devilspawn to me.

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I hope he protects Gabi.


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Pieke confirmed for having no ass

Ok,let me make some points

>Pieck isn't dead,and she will play a important role in the future
I don't think Pieck is gonna die.if Zeke really is working with Paradis,then I sure Pieck is the one who is gonna conect the dots and maybe become Reiner's Vice Chief.

>Pieck coming back to the battle
She could easily shift once more since her titan drains so little stamina,but her body may had took quite some damage,so I not sure if she will come back,but if she does then she wouldn't be in a combat positon but in a "support" position(like carring people or sneak attacking).

>Zeke's alliance
I not completly sure what side Zeke is in,is heavily implied that he is on Paradis side but isn't this too obvious? Isayama tends to surprise us,and I think this could be one of those situations.
Let's keep in mind that Zeke could be working with the asians to achive Grisha's orginal plan(which he took to his own hands with better ways to achive it),but how does he plan to "free" all the eldians?
He openly stated that Eren isn't his enemy even though Eren is a number 1 enemy to the world,so is Zeke planing to going through his promise?

He called manlet for a fight,it could be either a act or he was legitimately looking for a fight.But let's not forget that he killed no one,which is weird for a guy like Zeke.

>Zeke's death
So in this chapter Zeke could be dead,but wasn't that too "easy" and "simple"? There could be two options for that,either Zeke got out of his titan or was took out by manlet,or he hardened himself before the battle so manlet couldn't kill him which will allow him to regenerate or to surprise manlet with a sneak attack.
Either way,I don't think he is dead just yet.
>post yfw Zeke regenarates and the first he does is to shild Pieck with his hands(since their titans are facing each other)

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>Porco's last stand
So Porco is the only titan left standing,so what is he gonna do? I think Reiner is going to save him and they will just bearly win this battle for Marley.

My bet is that Reiner is going to win a battle for Marley once again,and Gabi's death will push him foward to fufill his plan of "saving the world",so the final battle will probably have Reiner in Paradis in the front lines against Paradis forces.

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>but her body may had took quite some damage
That would mean she couldn't transform until its healed, so yeah, I don't think thats gonna happen

Even if she did,he titan "comabt vest" got destroyed and 90% of the Panzer unit got killed,so is unlikely that she will come back(even if it's in a support field).
But let's not forget that Reiner took some beating too(before,during and after the Shiganshina battle) and was able to come back to fight,but unlike Reiner,Pieck's titan got messed up really bad,it would take some time until fully healed(only if her titan,by the fact that is smaller,it could regenerate faster than the others).

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Ask manlet

Probably Zeke is faking his death with the help of SL, that's why Levi blew his nape erasing any trail of Zeke

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How many SL soldiers is in Marley now?
20, 30?

Will they kill Porco without him meeting Historia?

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>Armored Titan
more like plot-armored titan amirite?


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Eren calm down.

But here is the important question "when did he got out"? It wasn't before manlet attack him since there is no steam or opening in the nape,and it wasn't during the explosion since it would had been too dangerous for him to be caught in the explosion.
When manlet cut him,his cut was still bleeding and his titan wasn't steaming,every time Zeke comes out of the nape of his titan it always steams alot and there is always a opening from where he got out.And manlet cutted him in a way that should had splice him in two,the bomb could be to make sure that Zeke was killed,since there was no time to manlet to check if Zeke was really dead and he could still come back.
Zeke's hardening wasn't been used since its first mention during the first fight between Zeke and manlet.

I really want to see how this will turn out to be.

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>Zeke playing with monkey
>Two dead warriors on the ground
>Horse is still standing

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You just blew my mind

Isayama...??? What are you ploting?

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Nice ass.

He's also turning his back on the warriors.

lmao everyone remembers this panel but only focuses on the monkey

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Does this mean that the ancient Titan war will repeat itself? More importantly will Armin die?

>One has a sword,the other has two shields
>Both of them are fallen
>Monkey is turing his back to the fallen Warriors
>Horse is up

>Post yfw
>Armin and Eren are fighting for Paradis
>Pieck and Porco are fighting for Marley
>Zeke is fighting for the Asians
>Reiner and Annie are fighting for personal reasons
>WHT is fightinf for her clan

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>Armin and Eren are fighting for Paradis
Armin and Eren stop being friends at one point, wheter that already happend or not we will see soon. I think they stand at different sides.


No it's
>Attack and Female on one side (Paradis)
>Cart and Warhammer with rocks on another (Marley)
>Armor on his own (Reiner)
>Horse lurking in background (Zeke unless he eats Warhammer)

No way Armin would support Eren "Adolf" Jaeger and his insatiable genocide crusade.

What about this one,m8?
>ArT,AT,FT and WHT
>BT,JT,CarT and CT

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Zeke said that Eren is not his enemy so I don't think those two should be at different sides then.

The monkey is a red herring!

But they aren't fighting against each other,only in different sides of the battle.

>dropping honorifics


Falco refering to Eren as "kisama" next chapter?

>Willy:"The enemy is Eren Jaeger"
Why is Falco still calling him "Kruger"?

Because hes fucking retarded and hopefully going to follow his friends udo and zofia or whatever theyre called together with gabi into fucking death.

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If you still haven't noticed, Falco is really dumb.

I think Gabi will, Falco I predict will live.

>Mikasa was doing an easy job of the warhammer if not for the special snowflake hidden crystal
>Pock thinks he can fight her one on one.
When will the warriors ever learn?

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>Falco is the worst one(only barely got good now)
>Maggath saw how Falco shielded Gabi and how he stood up for Pieck
>Almost died when Eren transformed
>Falco's suffering is starting,friends dying,bro will die,mentors betraying him left and right
>Fucked up lead to the deaths of peple,took a big tool on Marley and killed his friends in the processe
>Falco is picked to be the new Armored Titan
>All the users are born to suffer

My bet still standing,Falco will be the only survivor.

But he is a titan,user.

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Mikasa's record isn't really good against titans shifters though from what I remember

Well nobody's record is.
The only shifters who actually lost their titans were Bert (killed by nobody less than Eren and Armin), Reiner would've lost his titan if Piecke didn't save his ass, and it was a team effort with Mikasa, Hange, Jean and Connie to kill him; and Zeke who lost to the other Ackerman.

And we saw she blowing up the Warhammer's face several times while Eren was watching and thinking what to do.

Yeah, she can cut down mindless titans better than most people, but she's pretty awful against shifters. Hopefully she forced Eren to train her in shifter fighting over the past four years.

The problem with Zeke working with Paradis is that the manga would lack a final antagonist, and someone else would have to be introduced into the story to fulfill that role.

So unless Isayama is planning to go back on his words that SnK is gonna end soon, I'd say Zeke behaving the way he does is only a red-herring.

anybody else feel bad for Mikasa

Eren is the worst person possible to fall in love with

Elite, highly trained Titan killing specialists. That notion just hasn't truly sunk into Porco's head yet.

Post rare Hanjies.

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like this?

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Armored Warhammer Titan soon.

>over the past four years.
Honestly user, I am not sure. Since I am still thinking that Eren has been on Marley for well over a year. Since Eren himself said to Mikasa:
>Good you all came
Like he somehow did not expect some to show up, feels like Eren is the one that came up with the idea to attack at this specific time instead of others.

she wasted her spears

But she is kinda useless without her Panzer squad.

Well she still has high mobility and those crushing jaws, but yeah without her guns and armor it wouldn't take the best of the best among 3DMG users to dispatch her, and she's up against some serious Titan killers.

Not really. Most of the Scouts seem to be equipped with only guns and thunder spears. Guns can't harm her, and they just used up all their thunder spears. The only ones that are a threat to her in titan form are Eren and the Ackerdogs.

No. We're getting Monkey Knife Fight soon

And Colossal Titan. Armin will be on the battlefield in a few minutes.

Why Reiner didn't ravage her?

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Does Marley have a plan to contain him?

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I'm curious as well tbqh. You'd expect Reiner to pound her sweet gussy since she looks man-ish enough.