Do you think they will make Magia Record anime before doing proper S2?

Game is very popular already and people like new girls.

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Probably not. The point of an anime is mostly to promote other products, and as you yourself said, the game is already popular. I do hope they officially bring it here to the West at some point.

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By that logic FGO or GBF should never get anime.

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I wouldn't be against it since it'll have tummy sluts

Did the Madoka franchise sell well? I’m actually really suprised over these seven or so years we haven’t gotten any form of spin-offs. Whether it be the short stories or the game.Or a slice of life spin-off

The only spinoff i care about is the english version of the Wraith Arc. Why's it taking so damn long.

Considering how much art there is of Homura and the other characters, its pretty popular.

>I’m actually really suprised over these seven or so years we haven’t gotten any form of spin-offs
Neither has Eva.

ufotable is fan of those projects, they did the touhou anime from pure love to it.

There will never be a continuation nor an adaptation of Magia Record.

Prove me wrong SHAFT.

TV series and movies are among best selling anime ever and it made over 400 million $ in merch sales in 2012.

Magireco is constantly in top20 most popular apps in Japan.

They are honestly a better pairing than Madoka/Homura.

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I hope so, it deserves an anime. The new girls are great.

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I want to see JC x JD, Alina-senpai, and Amanecest animated.

Will go down like Lucky Star because it's just not getting a new anime or movie ever.

They have better interactions than old cast.

I wonder if this or Sinoalice will be next big mobage anime.

>caring about wraith arc

Lucky Star is the pinnacle of moe.

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Lucky Star ended with them graduating. How was it supposed to continue?

So many old shows are getting revived I won't be surprised at all it it returns as a movie or something.

I'm glad magireco exists because it means the shippers are distracted by the new characters

Fake news. Magireco has had plenty of cute moments of everyone's favorite dykes to fuel the shipping.

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Only if they fix the story.
The live2d models in this game are great.

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>Only if they fix the story

It's not even bad.

Just painfully mediocre with some dumb elements.

It's an insult to the original series comparable to that of Wraith arc. The story is shit and the characters gimmicky.
Even nips are bracing themselves for all the hate it's going to get if it's ever animated.

It's best it stays a distraction until the real anime project is out.

>It's best it stays a distraction until the real anime project is out.
That's exactly what it is, and that's how it should stay. I don't care where they take the story since it's just a silly gacha game, but I'll make fun of it anyways.
Most of the characters are one-dimensional and boring. The fun aspects of them are, as you say, gimmicks, but bless Ume for their designs.
Nothing can top the silliness of time-traveling candles.

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who is this shieldbro

Meek bullied girl who stores magical torture weapons in her shield.

It's not like original Madoka characters were super deep or anything. Outside maybe Homura.

Madoka and Sayaka, especially Madoka, were well developed. Kyouko a little less so, Mami much less so.

I'm not sure if I would say they were well developed, since Sayaka's entire thing was a downward spiral. She displayed no growth until Rebellion.

Madoka's whole thing in the anime was to witness a fuckton of ugly things, suffer and then realise she would make one hell of a human sacrifice - I know Nips look up to this, but I think they could have done a better job at showing Madoka being attached to her life and the things in it, so that when she decided to do her wish you could feel she did lose everything, instead she was always shown as always being eager to throw away her life.

Kyouko's introduction was a bait-and-switch. She was introduced as some kind of callous bitch, but it turned out she was a highly sensitive girl, who had gone through a rather nasty experience before, blamed herself for it, and developed a rather nihilistic outlook on things, despite being really eager to do good for others. I don't think she needed more development than that.

Specifically on Madoka:

Most of her development comes from learning more about magical girls and how her opinion on the system changed, culminating in her wish in episode 12. At first, she wanted to become one for its own sake. She loved the idea of helping people, spreading hope, and having a purpose. After learning how dangerous it was, she stopped wanting to become one. However, she hesitantly tried to make a contract to save Sayaka from having to be a magical girl twice, but she was stopped by Homura both times. After Sayaka becomes a witch, Madoka became very depressed. QB tries to convince Madoka to contract by appealing to her altruism, telling her to become a magical girl to save the universe from heat death. However, this revealed the Incubator's deception and exploitation of humanity, which upset Madoka. This revelation was what final spark that inspired her the idea for her wish.

She's not a shallow character, and she did grow and change. But this is barely scratching her personality traits.


Shield girl is cute.

I forgot to mention her name is Sana Futaba

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More LS won't happen because Kyoani gave up the rights so they could make serious anime for mature people.

It really makes you wonder why they gave up on making otaku anime when they were gods at it.

All their own IPs are just drama series, which are plain mediocre.

Well there are plenty of spin-off manga but I guess those don't count.

It's been 6 years since Rebellion. Why would anyone let that much time pass?

I understand coming up with a good plot takes time, and I do recall Urobuchi saying it took him some years to come up with the entirety of the plot for the series. However, from a business standpoint, why have they barely done anything with a franchise? Even a non-canon SoL series about the Megucas would do to keep the hype alive, but other than some crappy gaccha, they've done nothing.

Who the hell is managing this project, and why aren't they managing the way they should? Are these people incompetent at business? You have to ride the momentum. Hype isn't like wine that it gets better with time. Without fuel hype dies out, even for huge hits like Madoka.

I think part of the problem is getting Urobuchi on board, there's no point if he's not writing it. But he kind of had to be goaded into doing Rebellion, and maybe he just doesn't want to do anything that doesn't involve puppets now.

Have any of his projects after Madoka and F/Z even been successful?

Madoka is his greatest work, and Rebellion clearly set the story up for a continuation. Would you really leave it up to anyone else to continue your work?

It would be extremely stupid not to finish this properly.

Like Phantom World?

>It's been 6 years since Rebellion

Nothing new. How many years passed before EVA got new movies?

The main problem is Shaft is busy with other shit and so is most of Magia Quartet. Butcher didn't even write anything good in years.

Eva was a complete work by the time EoE was released you dingus. Unlike Rebellion, EoE had a conclusive ending, no matter how odd it might have been. Everyone knew that was it.
And even after EoE Gainax kept milking Eva.

Rebellion, on the other hand, set the franchise up for a continuation, and 6 years later we haven't had a single piece of news about it.

Rebellion finale works as an ending even if it leaves place for continuation if they want to make it one day.

I want to see the general public react to Mami being captured, brainwashed and turned into a christmas tree, allying herself with the enemy.

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hack writing

I'm pretty sure it was written with a pen or pencil, not a hatchet.

Are you sure?

Mami was always very weak emotionally. And bad guys are led by cute loli.

>Rebellion finale works as an ending
No it doesn't. Rebellion's ending was in no way conclusive. The TV series ending was conclusive, but Rebellion added more to the series without wrapping things up.

This is far tov different from EoE which didn't leave any room for more - at least not in the same timeline.

She's finally happy.

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Star Wars took 16 years between OT and PT and new movies still sucked.

Madoka is one of the biggest anime series ever. No wonder they are careful.

I'm 99% sure

Mami is a fan favorite though, which isn't saying much since this is a rare show where every girl is a fan favorite, but a lot of people aren't going to be happy seeing her like that. Personally, I think the whole holy mami ordeal should have been reduced to the equivalent of a single episode OVA, but it just kept going.

Never ever madocucks.

You are going to be very salty one day.

OT had a conclusive ending in RoTJ. The PT was never necessary. It was just made due to Vader's massive popularity.
The new trilogy was just an unnecessary cash grab.

I understand being careful, but giving fans nothing in 6 years is plain stupid. Notice I did say even something like an AU SoL series would work.

They made multiple manga and games.

I'm talking about anime here. Manga and games won't reach nearly the same amount of people as an anime can.
You can't expect to keep hype alive through those alone.

That's what they're hoping to do with Magireco, but it won't last forever.

That's what Lucky Star did as well and none of them did anything to keep it alive in the end. Gotta have a big movie or another anime at some point.

LS was originally a manga, and as far as I know is still ongoing.

About the anime, KyoAni just got their heads far too up their asses thinking they could just ditch their main market (otaku) and keep selling 30k+ discs with their crappy IPs - Free being the sole exception due to fujobucks.