New idol anime by KyoAni:

New idol anime by KyoAni:

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>Yasushi Akimoto, Aniplex, and Sony Music Records.

Let's see how many people will fall for it. Again.

Isn't this that one group with the girl speaks perfect English and was raised in America?

>idol anime
I thought they were invulnerable to this, fuck.

Old news and this A1 with Kyoani character designer.


Is this yuri?

>Evergarden did so shit they're doing an idol anime for guaranteed sales
Holy fuck how low Kyoani has fallen.

How did Shinka and Midori meet up, and why did they form an idol group?

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reminder that violet wants to know what is love

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That drab, understated feel sets it apart. It looks like an orphanage, but it's not edgy either.

What do they do in those the other 14 hours each week?

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Oh great more copy and paste characters from KyoAni.

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There are still retards who think KyoAni is doing this.

They approximate pi.


>idol anime
I am blessed to live in the best timeline

>A1 with Trigger character designers
>A1 with Kyoani character designers
how do we stop A1?

I like where your head is, user.

OP going full retard

Can't believe people here really fell for it thinking it's by KyoAni.

Bah, 333/106 sounds much nicer.

It's also a better approximation.

#fakenews aside, it's comforting to know that if KyoAni ever did decide to go the smart route and make an idol anime, there would be a massive wave of butthurt from fujoshits and l/u/sers upset that they aren't going to get their new seasons of Free and Hibike.

5 years late to the idol fad

>idol anime
>not /u/

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Most idol anime play the safe route of making it only yuribait. Look at LLS. You can make pairings in your head as much as you want, but the series itself only teases.

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But Hibike is only yuribait as well

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Okay, you got me there.

>the series itself only teases

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>A1 with Kyoani writers

>Bah, 333/106 sounds much nicer.π

Can't say no to series

>>A1 with Kyoani writers
You sick fuck

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>New idol anime by KyoAni:

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Bait is bait, doesn't matter how strong it is.

KyoAni doesn't have writers, they use freelance ones.

Midori !

Like how Yoshida Reiko is "freelance"?

A new kyoani that doesn't have sameface. I am shocked.

Oh, wait.

Yes. She's series composer for Hakumei to Mikochi this season.

Why did they want pi and not some other number?

>>A1 with Trigger character designers
When did this happen?

>despite the fact that she wrote 90% of kyoani's series


I knew it would happen. After a series of flops Kyoani has come to take ALL the money

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Not even close. And she's still a freelance writer.

I'm not really interested in idol anime unless they have concerts in the Shadow Realm.

>google yuribait
>everything about hibiki's
Wow I guess they are synonymous now.

Is the casting couch a thing for idol groups?

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You've just proven him right, retard

A1 are chinks of anime literally too many homages to be called a coincidense.

Weren't they supposed to be drawn by different designers?

I just checked, apparently the Midori clone is not the one done by the K-ON designer. He drew this cutie instead.

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Yakuza is heavily involved, so what do you think?

>not JCs
Ruined already.

ask them to make grimgar s2

the same fucking damn design different time

Really nigga?

Until the girls actually kiss, it's yuribait.

I'm hyped. After becoming an Idolm@ster and Love Live fag, I'm so fucking hyped for idol stuff.

Midori and Shinka sitting in a tree.
K Y S now seriously

delet yourself off this planet

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I might give this a shot but I doubt cute character designs are going to keep me interested in idolshit by themselves.

the prototypes were all different designers, they settled on Horiguchi becaues K-on face is too strong

>ITT: Retards

Time to kill yourselves.

Quality post.

Quality post for Quality threads.

Convince me otherwise.

Post the dabbing VA.


>violet evergarden did so poorly they needed to do an idol anime afterwards

You still baiting, or cannot even the fucking thread.

So, Rika clone?

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Because pi is delicious.

How do you use computers when you're blind?

>people ACTUALLY believing this
Horiguchi hasn't worked at Kyoani for years, retards.

She probably regrets it by now. Did not get a proper job in 6 years.

But they look like kyoani moeblobs, stop lying.

This anime was announced even before Violet Evergarden.

>responding to shitty bait

355/113 is even closer but it doesn't sound anywhere as nice.

Let it go
You hit lightning once and that is it

>responding to a shitty bait thread
Oh fuck, now that's me!

is idol anime even good, the genre doesn't appeal to me at all and i've watched almost every genre out there.


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I’m sure some are well made and entertaining if idols is your thing, but everything about the idol industry disgusts me so I’ll never watch any.

Idol Anime != Idol Anime

The main three shows atm are wastly different. Idolmaster, Love Live and Wake up Girls. (not counting likes of Aikatsu of fujoshi idol shows).

Im@s is pretty much simply fanservice for fans of video game/mobage
Love Love is K-On! with bigger cast
WUG is more realistic/band documentary (and WUG is real existing idol group) idol drama showing not only good side of industry

>Wake Up Girls
>main three
I like WUG just fine (and have seen them perform), but Aikatsu is far more a part of the big three of idol anime than it.

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>when KyoAni haven't make music anime in two years

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I am glad iM@S has figured out that's what we want and are just giving us more Gekijou.

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I fucking wish. It's just the character designer.

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But seriously though, kyoani idol anime when?

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There's 94 replies so a lot

Sadly, the music video is CG.

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Not only does each reply not represent a unique IP, but most of the IPs are just discussing the topic normally, without seemingly falling for the OP's ruse at all.

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>but most of the IPs
most of the replies*
Eff my Elle.

I don't get why it looks so bad. We live in the Age of Serkis. Why can't it look as good as Gollum with Live Motion to 2d?