Fuck that guy and fuck your oldfag culture

Fuck that guy and fuck your oldfag culture.

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Is aniki sleeping?

no Aniki is dead

No he's dead in a car crash like the degenerate drugged up fag that he was.

Imagine being 13 like this loser.

>manages to die early
>you will probably live to fucking 90 spending a third of it locked up in a hospital losing all your independence and mental faculties due to aggressive dementia, needing a 24/7 caretaker who changes your diapers, bathes and feeds you

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>worshiping a degenerate porn star who died while drunk driving
>Not worshiping a god Emperor who's actually making the world great again

It's that fucking simple. You either get in line or you fuck off to reddit.

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Hey buddy I think you've got the wrong door, Sup Forums is two blocks down

oldfag? More like old fag

I'm 17 you asshole.

Nice bait

says the guy from r/the_donald

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You have to go back to /r/The_Donald.

Can the mods ban this?

youre the equivalent of a third world immigrant but on Sup Forums.

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Fuck you

t. newfag

do me a favour nigger faggot.

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Imagine being 17 like this loser

>bringing up a completely unrelated topic just so you can show up what a cool internet racist you are
You are not any better

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Put your capcode back on ABIB.

And you, either go back to T_D or go jump off a tall building without a parachute.

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t. jew cocksucker

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tell me, oldfags, was trolling always as low effort as this:

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Why is it so hard to ignore and report? Why even bother putting effort into your trolling if retards reply anyway.

Lords of the lockerroom > muscle fantasies volume 3

making sage invisible was a mistake

Post more Aniki instead of replying to obvious bait, retards.

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>watching literal gay porn

Reply to this post with "I give you my power, Aniki", so Aniki's ghost rapes OP tonight and gets him infected with ghost AIDS.

It's natural, sex is sex.

I give you my power, Aniki

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>those huge tits

>im racist because i dont like third world immigration
>giving a shit about racism on Sup Forums

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Yeah I actually forgot to ask this one the day we had the stickies, but has anyone here actually watched the actual videos? Not just the MADs
If so that's pretty gay bro

This. Weebs to take the Trumppill.

Based /leftypol/ falseflagger

I only found the censored vids on youtube, but they are long lost due to jewtube laws.

wake up aniki.....

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That's my fetish