Finish konosuba

>finish konosuba
>liked it a lot
>hey I should check out a figurine of best girl
>all are $60 to fucking $200
Never realized figures cost that much. Are they worth it?

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They're decorations, OP, they're worth what you pay for them.

hey buddy the buyfag threads two threads down

Not only is that figurine overpriced, it also looks like SHIT.

Fuck you

But that is not best girl

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Please read the buyfag guide before buyfagging.

You're making a new thread for a topic that already has a thread. Fuck off.

You're buying the PVC figs, so you should expect them to be expensive
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Don't come cheap in this day and age. You're getting the seller guarantee the fig hasn't tasted mayo

That wasnt me

Read the guide. Amazon is all fakes/overpriced. Also konosuba figures are all made by a garbage company except the nendoroids and bikini figs.
And yes, 100-200 for a decent figure is the average not including shipping.

How's your first day on Sup Forums, bud?

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>he doesn't know

>he doesnt get the reference

Aniki was too good for this world.

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I dont buy figures, never understood the appeal, but theyre worth what you pay for them. If you want it, and you can safely afford it then go for it.

If you wanted a waifuwars thread you just ask,

Aqua > megumeme > literal Shit > Darkness

they make me happy when I look at them

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>they make me happy when I cum on them

They're paperweights only useful for jizzing on, of course not

how can anyone have such shit taste

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I will stab you in the throat!

I'm going to marry Megumin

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If you want to buy PVC you need to learn what you're doing or else you're going to get ripped off or end up with a shitty bootleg.

t. has thousands of dollars of top of the line plastic anime girls

Teach me.

>Manufacturer recommended age: 15-55 Years

There's a buyfag general on Sup Forums, look into that

Read the guide in the buyfag thread honestly. If you're too much of a lazy stupid fuck to do that just make sure to keep your orders on and Learn about conversion rates, lurk the buyfag thread to find out which manufacturers are good and which ones are SHIT.

I don't condone spoonfeeding but I'll always help somebody throw their money away on anime goods, it helps support the industry.

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I just got the Nendos.

Nendos are cheap but I find them a bigger ripoff then scale figures. At least a scale figure has a totally unique design that took a lot of planning and sculpting, actual hard work and talent. A new nendo is just molding a hair piece, some accessories and printing faceplates. They should be closer to $20 than $50 for what you get.

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Of course if you just care about the character a nendo is fine too. I have like a dozen of them but thats my opinion

I'm never gonna buy anything because every time I go through the same mind process: I like this character, but not THIS much.
The only character I like enough to buy a figure never got one. So merch for me, at least helps me keep my powerlevel hidden.

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teen thread

I used to buy a ton when I worked part time and lived with mom. Now that I live alone work full time and pay bills its a lot harder to justify a $150 plastic toy.

As a /toy/fag I can never be a statuefag.
Nendos fill the merch hole for a lot of characters that never get figmas or Figuarts or whatever.

My problem is not even that, I've wasted money on other kinds of expensive luxury like commissioning drawings and stuff (and I also pay bills and rent).
It's just that I feel like my first statue needs to be special, so I want it to be a character I really like. It's a strange feel.

Nothing wrong with that. You're buying something that serves no purpose other than to make you happy. If you're OP, look for stuff made by Altar or Good Smile Company. They have the best sculpts and QC. If its all small companies who made your character, check MyFigureCollection and see what people have to say about the quality.

First one's overpriced (assuming it's a standard-sized 1/8th and the second one's underpriced. Well, more accurately, the second one is likely just low-detail, which seems to be the case based on the picture.
Buyfagging is expensive. Cough up the dough if you want to decorate your shelves with true love.

I'm not OP, but thanks. Considering my favorite character never got a statue, if she ever gets one (unlikely) I wouldn't be too picky.
There are other characters I like and considered getting a figure, but they are either male or the sculptor fucked up a detail that makes all the difference for me (autism).


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90% of this hobby is waiting for something that will never be made so don't beat yourself up over it. Hope you find something you like eventually


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Enjoy your $200 prize figure, also .

as a buyfag who owns the 60-120$ range aqua s2 and megumin s1 the darkness ones for that price range look terrible in person. the bellfire ones look great but that is a steep price.

>urge to buy another Raita figure

why are skeletons so sexy

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If anyone is going to fall for these, it's Konosubaniggers.

lurk for 1000 years before posting

please read the buyfag guide you retard.

>best girl

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>buying toys


keep your filthy hands off her

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Said one pervert to another.