the breaker will be returning for a third season.

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>In a year or so, maybe, maybe longer.
I'll hold off on getting hyped until there's solid to look forward to rather than a vague promise.

did he stop working on that piece of shit triagnle?

Fucking finally.

>Trying to finish Trinity Wonder by this year
Hopefully he'll end it this year

What will it be called?

It says right in the article that the current focus is finishing up trinity and that breaker is probably likely maybe possibly next in line.
Not anytime soon though.

The breaker: old waves

I thought breaker is a manhwa.
Yeah those are clearly korean namesprobably

Oh really? Cool, I miss that series. The action and the girls were great.

What could it possibly be other than korean?

How is the other manwha by the same people?


reminder that Sera is best girl

>tfw Veritas season 2 never

Shi-Woon better get that Jin-Le pussy in the third part.

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>he still cares about the Breaker after New Waves

Oh boy, those guys are TERRIBLE at promises. Korean manhwa artists in general.

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Let's hope Shioon isn't a bitch.

Did the artist stop drawing softcore porn?


jesus christ, that manga was so awful


Cool, now we'll see MC murder his master and hook up with the redhead as god intended


It becomes shit after gomonryong become sasuke 2.0 anyway

Season 2 was shit anyway, only good for the girls.

best girl

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Second season was fucking terrible.
First one was godlike though.

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When she's done jobbin.

Damn, I just remember that the A-Team was a thing again. Those watermarks were blasphemous.
I definitely like Sera Kang the most of the girls introduced in New Waves. I want to see the loli So-Sul reunite with Shi-Woon though.

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>All this hating on New Waves
why do so many plebeians exist in this world

I can't wait to get pissed about him picking the wrong girl

The first half was a fucking drag with only some high points. Seeing all the fucking genius teenagers was fucking painful to read, but then it redeemed itself when based gramps fucking destroyed one of the hyped up teens and suddenly the old folks started getting involved for real.

That would be a waste of energy. Instead, you should set your hopes on that pic related will get revived without complications so she can get a happy ending with 9 arts dragon.

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Fuck off with this gook shit. Fucking dog eaters.

I'm so sad I don't even remember who this is

i hate it when they kill someone and then bring them back to life

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Technically not yet, but it's good to know they're planning on it within a year or two.

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My brother.

So it's not bad enough they took a hiatus from the breaker to make a new series, they now feel the need to rush the new series' ending?

New waves was indeed trash, but the final stretch of it was ok. They definitely fucked up the pacing by going weekly. Also ending and starting every arc in a hospital.

Of New Waves sure. Overall So-sul's best girl though.

>Second season was fucking terrible.
I wouldn't say terrible. It was kinda "safe" the Elders were fucking terrific I still get choked up about beard bro's death, if you condense the middle to like 50 chapters instead of 100+ it would've been epic.

New Waves's problem was that it was weekly, and like most weekly series eventually just padded out every event into tons of chapters. Story progress was super slow.

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why the fuck is this thread still up

The author and the artist of Veritas are actual cancer. Everything else they've done since splitting up has been cancelled. But not because it wasn't good enough, but because they get in fights with the people they're doing the manhwa/webtoon with and at an end of a random chapter you just get "end of season 1".

why not

I'll have to re-read it though, it is really vague in my memory.

Man I haven't read past the first series many years ago and that was mostly adverage at best. What the fuck has happened since then?

Sup Forums enjoys the breaker? We used to have threads every time a chapter came out, and that was just for shitty New wave

Oh god, the end of Veritas was already a kick in the nuts and they do it again?

When did the breaker even go on hiatus? Feels like it's been ages since we've had breaker discussions on Sup Forums.
On another note I'm looking forward to the last season, if it ever comes around, since both of they guys said that they want to make it more compact/try to condense the story. Unlike new waves where everything got dragged out over god knows how many chapters.

if it does come back, can I skip he second part? I have not read it at all.

I don't even remember what the fuck happened in New Waves aside from the teacher turning evil and some old dude who initially disliked MC dying for his sake.

Kwon shouldn't have died. Fuck Goomonryong.

The Breaker was meant to be 5 volumes but ended up with 10.
New Waves was meant to be 10 volumes but ended up being 20 worth.
And apparently the final series was planned to have 20 volumes worth of content.

We're in for a wild ride bois.

>40 goddamn volumes
This'll be interesting.

Maybe they'll be able to plan it out this time.

I hope they skip the tournament because easily it would take a lot of volumes.

No, you cannot. Read it, there's no pacing issue when you can marathon it.

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There better be more Sera-noona.

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They need to figure out what to do with Saehee. Shioon never called to say he was OK after the school battle, so she probably thought he was fucking dead until he appeared on national TV in the finale.

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Oh boy have I been waiting for this.

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Also loli is best gril

Oh, I forgot that Ha-ru now wants Shi-Woon's dick too, easily hottest girl in The Breaker(Jin-Le and Sera-Kang come close though)

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Really? Last I saw was her betraying antifa's leader.

Nobody cares about Saehee. She's so obviously not even in the running anymore.

Yep, she showed some interest in him through the series, but during his fight with goomoonryong, oh boi that was when we all knew that she now craves for the D.

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Shion's character progression has been some of the best that I've ever seen. Hopefully he doesn't regress during the third season.

That does not look very attractive but whatever.

Motherfucking Kwon was the realest nigga on the block. The elders deserved some damn respect

I loved how he took out a whole fucking crew by himself.

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