What was the best episode of Evangelion?

What was the best episode of Evangelion?

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All are shit

Asuka strikes

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Thermal expansion

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The episode where Shinji, Asuka and Rei go through NERV after the power goes out is pretty fun.

The one with the gay kid.

The one with retrospections of world before 2nd impact, and lifes of older characters then, and how they got to where they are now.

shinji is in like every single episode user


I dunno. I only saw the first six before I dropped it.

The Shinji and Rei sniping episode

the one where they all work as a team to defeat the acid pouring angel

There is one right answer and that is pic related

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Episode 8

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The 24th episode.
I love watching a giant robot decapitate a homosexual boy

from 23 onwards they're all fucking perfect


24 or 9

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Darling in the Franxx (episode 8)

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At Least, Be Human
The Beast that Shouted Love at the Heart of the World
The Choice of Life
In Still Darkness

those are my favorites

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Kaworu episode

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the one where the base loses power and the 3 have to sneak in

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Both of You, Dance Like You Want To Win!

The episode detailing Second Impact was amazing.
also, while not solving anything, the last two episodes were great

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The music from that episode is the best

This is the only correct answer

Episode 06, the one with the kill cube

Oh boy, I love Godzilla

>hideaki "i fucking love godzilla i want to hold it and hug it and kiss it on the mouth" anno's kaiju anime is inspired by godzilla

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Asuka Strikes
Dance like you want to win

End of Eva

also the first two episodes are among the best in anime

If I had to pick just one, that'd be it.
>from 18 onwards they're all fucking perfect

Maybe he means kaworu

My favorite is the dance episode.
The episode when shinji gets tanged or the one Toji gets crippled are really strong ones that define the tone of the last part of the series.
Episodes 25 and 26 are amazing but people often ignore those 2 because EoE had more spectacle

>because EoE actually involves and does something with the established plot

>Evangelion Plot
>More important than character development
I know they had little budget left for the TV ending, but Anno spent it on the right things
HOW instrumentality happened, despite looking very cool, is ultimately unnecessary for the narrative.

it's not a discussion nor do I care which was the better or "correct"
I just told you the reason, which isn't
>ha it looks cooler


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Episode 16, Shinji's awakening in that episode is the greatest moment in all of anime.

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Even if the details are ultimately unnecessary, they definitely help wrap up the series. They might wrap up Shinji's character arc, but the last two episodes felt so out of place to me. I need to rewatch the series sometime soon though. Maybe I'll be able to appreciate them more next time around with everything I've learned about the show since I originally watched it.

unironically 26

Just remember that EoTV and EoE are complementary and part of the same.

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It's hard to pick the best episode considering how many build up on others, especially when it comes to the character development and eventual plot build up.The best standalone episode is "Jet Alone", though. The mech was great, the episode was great, and the ideas behind it were great.

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None theyre all garbage

24 is undoubtedly the best.

Magma Diver

>while not solving anything, the last two episodes were great
You besides solving Shinji's inability to accept himself and reality?

I agree with but if I had to pick one I think I would nominate 23. Some of the absolute best pacing I've ever seen in a single episode. It's amazing how an Eva self-destructing isn't even the most interesting thing in the episode. Also episode 1 is incredible as well because it doesn't try to cram in the first fight.

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How about this one?

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Naw, instrumentality is completely different in both endings. What leads to it are similar events, but instrumentality itself is different.
In the TVend it seems a positive thing, because people are still able to interact.
In EoE, its a bad thing because this interaction if blurred

The one where Asuka get mind fucked by an angel

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They don't really interact just the ideas each of them hold of eachother interact with eachother.
And Instrumentality is portrayed as a bad thing that is why they celebrate when Shinji decides he doesn't need it.

That's your headcanon, but the "good ending" is still there on EoE. It's when Shinji rejects Instrumentality and "wants to be here".
Also, Shinji did interact with the rest, remember the scenes on the train bandwagon? Hell, even some scenes are the same (Shinji watching Misato have sex with Kaji).
It's the same thing from a different perspective.
Remember, the ending of Evangelion was already planned since 1993, proof lies on the Eva Project Proposal that was officially published on the 100% Newtype artbook. Some things were changed in the end, but the whole idea was already there. The theory that EoE was just made up after EoTV is not true. EoTV was a very abstract version of EoE.
What EoE added was One More Final.

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Don't talk shit bout Usaka m8

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Yeah, but it feels a lot different in EoE when you have all of the context surrounding the Instrumentality bit. Supposedlt there's a version that combines EoTV and EoE, but I never got around to watching it.
>they celebrate when Shinji decides he doesn't need it
I thought that was less about rejecting Instrumentality and more about accepting himself. Instrumentality isn't exactly portrayed positively in EoTV, but it's a lot less negative than EoE.

Guess Evangelion is a very tumblr-y show.

To reject instrumentality is to accept himself. Since his self can't exist in instrumentality.

>Episode 19
There are better episodes, but I think one of the most striking and truly series-defining moment was 01 devouring Zeruel. There was so fucking much going on in that scene, and it was accomplished with so little.

>Animalistic imagery of this human-shaped "machine" devouring flesh
>The full awakening of Yui inside the Eva, not only refusing to listen to Gendo/Nerv, but also Shinji - AKA the first full scene of an Eva as an independent being (other than the few glimpses we had before, like it saving Shinji/Rei from the falling beam)
>That fucking roar and the blood
>The connotations for the rest of the series/the true meaning of Eva

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>but it feels a lot different
Well, yeah, it does. It's from a different perspective. That's why it's interesting to see both and compare. There isn't anything that contradicts each other, really. The "alternate reality" of EoTV (teacher Misato, etc) is just one of many possible "dreams" (like the real world bits on EoE). The context and ideas are the same.
How do you think japanese people felt when they were shown the corpses of Misato and Ritsuko on EoTV? There was absolutely no context, they had to wait until EoE was released 2 years later to see what that was all about.
There's some other little details, like Asuka being shown inside Eva-02's cockpit in a fetal position (just as she is on EoE at the bottom of the lake, hiding from the JSSDF). This was shown in EoTV, but had no context. Regardless, it's proof that they already had all the basic script of EoE, but just decided to go for an abstract narrative that only focused on the characters' thoughts, and not the real world events.
>Supposedlt there's a version that combines EoTV and EoE
As far as I know, there's no such version, unless it's fan made.
The original Genesis releases in Japan for domestic video, Genesis:13 and Genesis:14, were released with each episode on each tape (Genesis:13 has both episodes 25, and Genesis:14 has both episodes 26), but they are separated, first the TV episode, then the movie one. Then there was the theatrical release which included Death(True)2 & Rebirth, and both Episodes 25' and 26'/The End of Evangelion.
The original DVD release (Volume 7), had all 4 episodes (25, 25', 26, 26') in 1 disc.

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>How do you think japanese people felt when they were shown the corpses of Misato and Ritsuko on EoTV? There was absolutely no context, they had to wait until EoE was released 2 years later to see what that was all about.
I never thought about this, shit must have been hard.

I know how it ends, but I never read the whole thing - is the manga worth it? I really do like Sadamoto's art.

If you're into young boys kissing each other, then sure.

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Watch the complete TV series and The End of Evangelion first.
The manga was finished not too long ago, took ages for Sadamoto to finish it.
Manga ending is fine, it's a lot less cryptic than the anime ending, but at the same time less special. But yeah it's worth it nontheless, it has a lot of differences with the anime. But again, anime series and movie first.

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Everything the manga changes from the anime is absolute dogshit but I guess I didn't hate reading it

>context and ideas are the same
Agreed, but like you said, even if the context was the same, we weren't shown any of it until EoE. It still works without it, because the character's thoughts were more important, but it still felt it left a lot unresolved. Also, EoE seemed like it did a bit better job handling the characters other than Shinji. It's definitely interesting to compare though, and I'm glad we have both.
>there's no such version, unless it's fan made
Yeah, I probably should've mentioned that it was fan made. I think they called it the Concurrency of Evangelion or something. I have no idea how well they handled it, but the idea seemed interesting at least.
It was different enough to keep my interest back when I read it, but I was pretty desperate for more Eva back then. I think I even read a few volumes of Angelic Days.

The dancing one

The Choice of Life, a.k.a. Toji gets crippled is my favorite.
Special mention to Hedgehog's Dilemma, which is special to me.

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The one that Asuka and shinji have to train together to beat the twin angels IMHO

it had everything from comedy, action to more somber moments

24 was also really good, but im closet gay for kaworu so i might be biased