What did he do wrong exactly?

What did he do wrong exactly?

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Didn't finish Guts and Casca off.

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Seriously though all his niggas were willing to die for him anyway.


Exatly, they died for her captain...literally.

He dicked the princess too soon, that's it.

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Slut was asking for it

If you really think about it, Guts deserved to suffer.

He was a narcissistic man baby who threw a temper tantrum because he lost a single duel. So he shagged the Princess, and was tortured for his stupid. He then fed all of his friends who loved him to hideous penis-shaped abominations, raped Casca, all to torture Guts.

All because Guts beat him in a stupid duel.

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>wahhh why won't my boss who treats me like a brother treat me like a friend
>me guts me hit things with sword dont touch me
>me go find myself and be retarded lumberjack go away griffon

Literally nothing. He is a great friend.

nothing he is being cucked out off existance by his previous self like Hauser/ Douglas Quaid in total recall

Make a retarded speech when Guts was eavesdroping

What exactly was the purpose of raping Casca infront of Guts?

Why was Guts eavesdropping on him chirpsing a bitch and why did he get so butthurt over it?


Everything after he became Femto

Destroyed half of the world in order to be able to sell his hawk town as a solution?

>waaah why won't my subordinate just stay
>me Griffith me never lose anything me too pretty
>me go have sad sex with princess and scratch my arms

Guys had just murdered a man and his child and was on the run from all the kingdom's soldiers looking for his ass
The dude was already having a rough night, and Griffith's "lol I don't have friends really" speech would make any dude who just went through a shitty night want to go find themselves and shit

I went over to my mates house and while I was walking in I heard him say to his wife she was the most important person in the world. Does that ean I'm not important? might kill myself desu

You should kill his wife instead of yourself, then you'll become the most important person in the world

>best soldier, invaluable asset & showerbuddy
>he was sad his one true friend left
>better than going to chop wood

We're you on the run from the cops for murder and did your friend say some vague requirements for what it means to be his actual friend that you don't think you fufilled?

No and no because I'm not a thin skinned bitch boy and actions speak louder than words.

>No and no
Well then go murder someone first, get shot at by the cops, and then ease drop at a different time

this is probably the most solid answer yet

That's a completely different statement and you know it. Griffith didn't say Charlotte or whatever was more important than his men, he said he doesn't have friends. Meaning they aren't important at all.

Not like he risked his life to save Guts multiple times is it... oh wait.


treacherous lil' bitch.

Who did he betray?

created a medieval equivalent of america

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