Season 2 when?

Season 2 when?

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Vert when?

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Right after Beru game.

Best Nep time.

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When they finally fire whoever is pushing Neptune as MC.
Its clear Nepgear is superior MC.

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Not soon enough; Vert-chan is best nep!

Never David is making too much off of Jojo now to do anything else now

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Have you worshiped One True Goddess of Gamindustri, Nepgear-sama!

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A V-II series would be great, if belated. Just an OVA would be fine.
I'll idly pray for one when the next main nep game is out.


She murdered billions.


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I prefer the sadist slut.

Is it me, or the main cast hasn't had much anime work recently?
>Imai-san! Imai-san!
Only Satou seems to be doing recent anime roles (P5A, Seven Deadly Sins).

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Oh, and Asumi has one upcoming role this year (that Island adaptation).

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Ending was better than the op

It makes so little sense why there isn't one.
You can make arcs about the two action games.
V2 is quite lengthy considering how much they'd have to cover
Possibly have a Nep vs SeHa AU arc
4GO arc
And bam, there is your second season.

>Adapting the games
That's a bad idea, considering the first season. If we ever get a second one, it should be original if possible, something like the Hello New World manga.

I would prefer them to have original stuff instead of game adaptations as well. But Dave is gonna spend as much time as possible doing every chapter of Rohan so that Jojolion can end before they do so they can just say screw it and do lion while they have the art style.

The "Ito" one was my favorite.

>nep anime, JoJo styled

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Only if the mushroom chapter gets adapted

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The giant Nep one?

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I am literally going to marry Uni!

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I am literally going to tonguefuck Uni's asspussy!

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Fact: Anime was better than the games

Sadly, its true

No, the Hello New World manga is best. And it's stupid random shit.

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