Which Love Live has the best voice?

Which Love Live has the best voice?

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Better question: which has the best feet?

This one.

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The JAV one


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I find Hanayo impressive.

They are so cute.


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What about the worst voice?


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Is this the JAV franchise?

That's pretty good.

This. She's also my favorite.

I'd say Eli has the best voice, then either Umi or Maki.


Nozomi sounds like a 50 year old JAV granny


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Sunshine isn't canon.

Eli > Rin > Umi > Hanayo > Kotori
The rest not relevant.

Best singing voice.

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What was Ruby thinking with this costume? Dia needs to give her a stern talking to.

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>he thinks Aqoshit will perform in the Olympics

The only redeeming part about her.



Her voice is fine. The spoken word parts are obnoxious but that's Nico's whole schtick

now you know

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her VA is vocalist of fripSide

Can somebody explain to me how a jav actress got this job?

Good choice.

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Kotori has the best Love Live voice by a mile.
It's uncanny. Such a voice doesn't seem like it should be coming from a mortal, but at the same time it sounds so human. Most voice actors lapse into shtick when going all super-high-pitched, but Kotori's breathy voice has an air of earnestness about it that I find fascinating. It doesn't try to be an impossible anime girl, somehow it just effortlessly is.
Just listen to her solo mix of Natsuiro Egao de 1,2,Jump. The normal μ's version is just a forgettable anime song, and when you listen to the other girls' mixes, you can see why. It sounds like half of them are trying to get it over with; there's just no heart. But Kotori alone sings the FUCK of that song, you can sense beneath her cheery words an ANGER, a passion! One chorus she's giving it her all, and the next she gives even more! Almost yelling the lyrics, a lesser voice would break and creak, yet Kotori makes it look so easy. A voice like that logically should not exist.

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I agree


Eli for u's
Yoshiko for Aqours

Pretty bomber girl!

Nanjo and Mimori are without a doubt the best LL seiyuu
For Sunshine it's Aina

All this shows me is how great Umi is.

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The one with the lisp.

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Plump soles.

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Kotori with her annoying high pitched voice

These two. I want them to have a duet.

For muse:

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Kind of agree. Also, Kotori is literally me.

Don't do that.

This reminds me of Mio

Umi is so perfect

I will always love u's and Honoka specially, they are my treasures BUT i think the second love live had best singers

The BEST LL voice for me is from Chika Takami
Just look at this, its a wonderfull voice

Look: (2.32)

THE SECOND best voice of LL for me is from Yoshiko(Yohane)

Look at this (1.37)

And i think then i will go with Maki

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Umi a best.

>Yohane shoukan
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I'm of the opinion that Rin has the best unedited singing voice out of all Muse. It's powerful and yet sweet in a way that the skill of professionals like Eli and Umi just doesn't match.

Your love for Kotori has convinced me to download her cover just to see if you're right. Stay posted for details.

I see there are other individuals of culture in this thread as well

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Has there ever been a more punchable face?

I think he's talking about a voice actress who did porn for a living

Pic related for speaking voice.
Best singer is Yoshiko/Umi.

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Her face isn't punchable and neither is the other girls' faces.

I have a hard time deciding between Eli, Umi or Rin, but one of those three is the best.

I love her voice, but she never could keep it during the Lives

>only redeeming part about her

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I wanted Honk's Love Wing Bell, dammit.

They need to do more of it.

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Also one of, if not, the best sunshine

Nozomi is ugly


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What a cute

This but I would replace Eli with Umi.

What a SHINY thread!

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Yoshiko and Zuramaru

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Happy birthday Umi!