Get obsessive crush on a boy after he pats your crotch with his foot

>Get obsessive crush on a boy after he pats your crotch with his foot
>Meet him again 8 years later, discover he is legitimately retarded and still mentally a child
>Guilt him into marrying you
>Never kiss him on the lips
>Complain about everything he does for the rest of his life.

Seriously, what is wrong with Chichi?

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>draw a haha
>call it a chichi
why is this allowed?

shes as cute and naive as goku

>>Never kiss him on the lips
I still can't believe this. How did she even get him hard? Was he even awake the two times she milked him for semen?

>how did she even get him hard
you seriously think people get hard from kissing? what are you a virgin or something?

underrated post

she's a retarded mountain girl

No, but it's obvious tat if Goku doesn't even know the most basic form of intimacy, how the hell would he know what his penis was for or use it?

You don't need to kiss someone in order to want to fuck, besides kissing is just a human construct that has no real relationship with copulation

you can see animals fuck in the wild, but kissing is something only humans do. goku fucked her like a dog.

>Goku is a retard who only responds to violence
>Be surprised that ChiChi uses violence as motivation

I think what he is saying if Goku's so clueless about sex, how would he get hard if tits and pussy are just another body part to him? When kids bath with their moms they don't get hard, It's the same with Goku.

>you seriously think people get hard from kissing?
Are YOU a virgin? Have you ever kissed anyone?

Remember when Goku tried to sell out Bulma for kami power?

do you think puberty is a social construct or something? are you retarded?

Master Roshi made him and Krillin study during training. Someone like him had to have taught then basic sexual educational

Retarded doesn't even begin to describe Chi Chi.
She's worse than retarded, she's completely ignorant.
She ignores the blatant truth, that strength is everything in this universe and that brains means nothing. And for what? Fear her son could get hurt? First off if he just trains enough that shit doesn't matter and second off THERE ARE WISH GRANTING DRAGONS THAT CAN FIX THAT and even if there isn't GOKU AND CO ARE FRIENDS WITH THE KAIOSHIN, WHO ARE GODS.
But NO Gohan needs to study so he can get into a mediocre college and become a mediocre scientist who makes no money because Bulma already invented everything that people need.
Fuck Chi Chi, fuck her indoctrination and fuck people who defend her living vicariously through Gohan and thus making him a weaker fighter because of it.

do you think humans have to be taught what to do with their primal sexual urges? He'd know what to do insticively.

God forbid she wants her son to be something other then a deadbeat too focused on
>fightin' stronk gais
to have and support a life outside of it.

Well in Dragon Ball Online's continuity, Gohan ends up publishing research that allows the entire human population to tap into Ki energy, so it worked out pretty well in the end

Reminder that Goten is Gohan's son.

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Maybe he isn't the father.

Yes. Exactly what I mean.

Goku is legitly retarded. He has no urges beyond fighting and eating. He's not even good at protecting his offsprings, which a normal human being would feel the need to.

But Goku isn't human

El Hermano

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user, Gohan had litterally the absolute worst and most dangerous and lonely childhood of any of the Z fighters.
He spent most of his time as a kid and young adult being beaten half to death by world desroying monsters and demigods.

Chi-chi was right.
The thing about him being an office bitch slave cuck though? Nah, that's all toei.
Toriyama has him become a beast mode author and professor.

Is there any logical reason why you would fucking say that post is underrated? Has anybody expressed any kind of dissatisfaction or criticism at all against it? Are you delusional? Are you reading replies that are nonexistant? Maybe you come from communities with voting systems, but there is literally no way that you could know what other people think of that post you just replied to here. Maybe it's psychological. Maybe it's your own post you're replying to, like a 12 year old fucktard liking his own facebook posts thinking his swelling autism is going unnoticed. Maybe your self esteem depends on you tricking yourself into thinking someone out there thinks your post is worth something. Or maybe you are just a retard, the worst kind of retard, the one who thinks he's smart, the one who thinks he's the only one to have gotten the joke, to have understood the post. Well, guess what, faggot, that post is under no definition underrated so why don't you do the world a favor and go check out what the bottom of your toilet smells like?

>Goku is legitly retarded.
what does that have to do with anything? Retards love to jack off all the time
He has no urges beyond fighting and eating.
you don't know that

>Toriyama has him become a beast mode author and professor.


You mean be one of the richest people in the world through consistent World Martial Arts tournament wins?
Look at Hercule. He's got a private chopper FOR HIS JOBBER STUDENTS. He's THAT fucking rich.
Ho man he's so poor.
Oh yeah that's so helpful if someone like say the Anti-Monitor or the Beyonder shows up. Every jobber on Earth can fire a ki blast now, that'll stop these multiversal Deity tier beings.

Actually she's quite realistic depiction of below average intelligence 3d thot. I'm talking redneck woman


young chichi a cute A CUTE

call me a fag but I really can't get into it without the kissing.

>Was he even awake the two times she milked him for semen?
She for sure just drugged him and milked his balls in a joyless medical procedure to get herself pregnant.

In nearly 35 years of Dragon Ball, Goku never even once expressed any sort of physical attraction to anyone. He is completely asexual.

sexual attraction and sexual desire are too different things. it doesn't matter whether he finds pussy sexually alluring or not. He'd still want to fuck it because it's a wet warm hole and better than his hand.

>Retarded doesn't even begin to describe Chi Chi.
>She's worse than retarded, she's completely ignorant.
So she's perfect for Goku.

Foreplay is only arousing because you know it is leading to sexy times. Living in a country where a kiss is a common greeting desensitizes you pretty fast to it

It did. It ended up starting enormous interest in martial arts and ki. Made Earth more well defended than ever.

>Foreplay is only arousing because you know it is leading to sexy times
How come the foreplay is the only good part of porn then?


You have no idea how retarded Goku is and how hard he was dropped on his head.

Every other male character in the Dragon Ball universe except for maybe Tien and Chiaotzu who are probably gay together have expressed either sexual or romantic interests or both in one or several girls.

Notice how Vegeta was having flashbacks to his wife and kids during his big dramatic moments? Remember how he he fought Beerus despite knowing he would lose because he slapped Bulma? Meanwhile Goku was just thinking about hamburgers and lasagna and being stronk

Even animals know how to have sex. That is something that is intuitive and biologically implanted into us. Goku just lacks knowledge of social norms for intimacy.

Did you misunderstand the second half of the sentence you quoted, or do I really need to dumb it down even further? Anticipation is everything

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>expressed either sexual or romantic interests or both in one or several girls.
You're still hung up on romance and attraction.
My point is that Goku would've probably fucked animals if Chichi hadn't married him. Not because he's attracted to them but because of his sexual urges.

This. She basically castrated her son.

>When kids bath with their moms they don't get hard
How can you be wrong so many times in a row?

You are so fucking stupid I swear I could smash the little fucking peanut you call your brain with my dick right now through your fucking eye socket.

seriously there is nothing wrong with Goku. He goes through life doing exactly what he loves and was born to do. Chi Chi's the weirdo.

at least someone get it

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>Earth more well defended than ever
Yeah no.

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i'm stealing that

Chi Chi was right most of the time though.

Nigga Gohan would be dead and gone but thanks to his work most of civilization can now harness ki energy and are able to fight. How can you not understand that?

Congrats you have a bunch of fodder.
Meanwhile Chi Chi prevents Gohan from becoming a God like his dad so when 6+ Dimensional beings come to visit reality is fucked.

Goku was very much a virgin at that point.

>but because of his sexual urges

WHAT sexual urges? Where? Krillin was fiending to get in Launch's panties and knew all about Roshi's addiction to beat off magazines but Goku was just all durrhurrr when do we eat

>worst and most dangerous and lonely childhood
It was no worse than Goku it's arguably much better because only once was he actually seriously expected to defeat the major villain of the ark

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did his research make it so that the average power level on earth was as strong as final form frieza or perfect cell if not it was a waste

>you seriously think people get hard from kissing?
You do get hard from kissing. You don't even have to kiss to get hard. Just being that intimately close with a girl and you'll get hard.

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>Just being that intimately close with a girl and you'll get hard.
what are you a virgin or something?

Normie here and you do get hard from kissing a girl if you know that she's into it and willing to go further. Usually if you kiss her for a minute or more.

If you just like kiss her goodnight or whatever you're not going to walk around with a boner.

>in b4 autists post frogs and REEEE

Dragon Ball is for normies and secretly-weeb Chads, and blacks.

Every human and saiyan (who are all part human) player characters in DBO can be as strong as the majins, so yes?

Actually in DBO Goku and Vegeta just fuck off to murder each other in space. Neither of them or any of the other characters are there to do anything so it kinda is up to the fodder to save the day.

Yes. I'm pretty sure Humans were able to go Super saiyan with some training

you dont get hard every time you kiss but if youve never liked/loved someone so much that kissing her didnt get you hard youre missing out bro

Especially when she begins panting and lightly moaning.
Then wraps her arms around you.

>CAN be as strong as the Majins, so yes?
Any human can already be as strong as Majins but are they all as strong as the Majins?

I only kissu one girl in my life and got hard everytime I did. No we weren’t related

Who got the worse husband? Chichi or Sakura? I can't think of any other shounen heroines with such sad marriages.

>nerf your own son into another boring human instead of a planet busting hero

just to step in kissing=/making out, like a peck on the cheek or the lips gets you hard? Maybe for the first day you are in a relationship but it gets old really fast

Kekd hard

Wondering why Bulma never offered Gohan an internship while he was young. Must be a hell of a experience and advantage to add that in your CV.


>muh strength

Reminder that without Bulma's intelligence, Goku would be dead and so would everyone else and the only timeline would be the future Android one.

Not only that, the Dragon Balls would never have been found, at least not by Goku and the whole events of the entire series would have been set into motion.

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It's honestly hard to believe he's the son of these to airheads

underrated post

muh strength has saved the world dozens of times and the universe at least once while muh science saved earth once by making sure that characters like goku and gohan could use muh strength

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>while muh science saved earth once

The one time that mattered the most, where strength was powerless.

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Reminder that Jiren literally walked through being frozen in time because of 'Muh Strength' and time is only the 4th Dimension.
Now say a straight 5th dimensional being shows up and decides he wants to fuck with the DB Multiverse?

wouldn't matter because there wouldn't be a DB multiverse, Goku would have kept growing up in the forest eating bears by himself and once a month turning into a space monkey until either King Piccolo or some other D-list villain killed him off or he got that heart virus and then died off.

Hit cannot manipulate time for real, it's just some shitty freezing technique.

Only the angels can do that, which is controlling spacetime and even creating.

>strength was powerless.
the entire plan was to save goku's life so that he could beat up the problem and what about all the other times where muh science was literally useless?

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>Never kiss him on the lips

What? They have kids

>literally reduced to using what ifs to argue what is fact.
Face it Kid. Smarts means nothing when you get to dimensional tiering.
Either you're punching with the force of a multiversal Big Bang or you're fodder.
Science isn't going to do shit if Tiamut or Mandrakk decide to pop in.

Dude slow down

Gohan was kidnapped at 4-5 and left alone in a desert for training knowing that his father just died, saw his mentor get killed because of his incompetence, then the little dude went to namek got his neck broken and got traumatized by the Ginyu force so bad he later in life started copying his poses.
All the shit that Goku went through as child was along the 12 years of age
Gohan had to kill a bug when he was what? 11 after seeing his father sacrificing himself. No comparasion Gohan had the hardest life as a child in the Son family.
Hell giving the tone of Dragon Ball itself Goku's childhood was a lot more lighthearted

Okay well other than Bulma/Trunks saving the future of everyone - twice

>no capsules
>no gravity chamber
>no spaceship to Namek
>no healing chambers
>no space pod for baby clark kent who would have blown up with the rest of Krypton

Goku couldn't beat up or ki-blast his own heart virus you caveman

Fuckoing this. Goku was 12 at the start of his adventure. By the time Gohan was Goku's age at the start of his adventure Gohan was already able to go SS2. Their childhoods are not comparable at all.

>Gohan had to kill a bug when he was what? 11
Nine actually.

She wanted his dragon balls if you know what i mean.
So much she wanted them that she actually married him after he smacked her in front of a bunch of people.
Not to mention Goku does not work unless he believes he is training or something.
He had not work once till Super and on Super you see him trying to bambuzle his kid to do his work for him.

user, I get hard by touching a girl´s shoulder if she is hot

Must be one of the other alien sunpermen with perfectly static hair running around

Why do people keep calling Goku a retard, he's just a naive country bumpkin. And considerably less so after he comes back from Kami and is basically a normal person that enjoys fighting.

Reminder that Goku is literally brain damaged and Chi Chi raped him multiple times

underrated post