You now remember Rage of Bahamut Season 2

You now remember Rage of Bahamut Season 2

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I remember how Jeanne moved to heaven and Kaisar became undead, which are the things that changed since S1

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If S3 ever happen, I wish they leave Jeanne alone

You now remember that Favaro had 5 minutes of screen time

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This is the biggest crime.I only watched it for Fava, Kaiser and Rita.

>Hitler did nothing wrong and got dragon pussy
>why the fuck do demons were enslaved for
>why messing with the angels and starting a pointless war
>El plot going nowhere
>Undead Kaisar
What the fuck were they thinking.

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>>El plot going nowhere

This was the worst imo

Female viewers

literally lolwut

sometimes its better to rely on anons who take it for the team!

>literally changing his face post-production because everyone complained it looked like he's trapped in an unliving hell


Oh for fuck sake

I'm more angry for Kaiser going from a man of justice and principles on S1 to a cuck because every character exist to suck Hitler's dick, one way or another

>at first I was like
>but then everyone including the director talk shit of it to the lowest hell and I felt a little vindicated

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I still can't believe this scene got past the sketch phase without comment.
>yeah, this doesn't look like the face of a man screaming "KILL ME KILL ME KILL ME" in his mind, powerless to speak against his master or self-terminate

Is this real? lmao


Man if you told me way back when even before the show aired that there was going to be a Bahamut S2 where at the end of it, a grizzled Favaro goes back to adventure, Kaisar died but he got turned into a sentient zombie by Rita to become her eternal companion, there was a massive clusterfuck battle at the end involving Bahamut with Jeanne turning into a literal demigod while teaming up with a fallen demon Azazel, and Amira showing up again I would be fucking hyped as fuck. That sounds god damn awesome.

Now if you told me everything else that happened in between...
>show completely butchers Favaro and Kaisar's characters
>Jeanne and Azazel get absolutely shit on
>the series jerks off two mary sues for its entirety

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It's amazing not even the writer could ruin Favaro and Kaiser's chemistry. They're great when they're together, which unfortunately rarely happen

>tfw tumblr fap to this

So what do you guys want to see in season 3?

Open with a narrator saying Cheerios was torn apart by his own subdits

Bahamut chilling for a minute ago it doesn't need to revolve around preventing a fire tsunami. A third ending where the races come together to combine their powers world be dull as shit.

Same. I hope the inevitable season 3 is just them going on a crazy adventure again.

Kaisar was way, way too chill in season 2. What happened to our crusader of justice?

*minute so
*would be
I'm not a regular phoneposter because I'm this not used to it.

The writer neutered him because he could overshafow her husbando

It did go. He was strong enough to throw some shit in the fan but not enough to stop the hand. It happens user. Then his death moved the plot foward

>>show completely butchers Favaro and Kaisar's characters

It fucked their relationship but not their character. Maybe Fava's but kaisar's was actually the perfect next step from what happened in S1. The only problem was everyone else being retarded. After both azazel and the king got BTFO on a 2v1 against Kaisar they should've stfu

>What the fuck were they thinking.

About how to introduce a moeblob. Moe ruins everything

Fuck you too, user.

Not!Subaru gets transferred in Genesis world and has to stop the events from Virgin Soul from happening. Has an amnesia when it comes to the identity of the people he has to stop.

Shingeki no Bahamut: Let It 3ND


What's wrong with Rita?

Cold an clammy.

Dropped it few episodes in. It was a fucking joke.

It was a huge disappointment. It had its good parts, but completely fucked itself with stupid plot points and an idiot main character. 5/10

i dont think the female audience liked it either.

Nothing. I was talking about the dragontard

I now remember demonfu ;_;

The tumblrinas liked it but they don't buy BDs

Season 3 with Fenrir as a protagonist when?

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I dropped it halfway through. Did I make the right choice?


>liking a female character who loses all agency for the dick, discards her friends for the dick, and ends up marrying hitler

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This show has at least one merit, it tried something different.
Too bad it wasn't good. But at least they tried and I'm relieved the industry can still produce free spirited stuff like this, even if it turns out to be a giant turd in the end. At least it's a free spirited turd.

Well duh, tumblr loves shoujoshit, K-dramas and tons of "problematic" shit. In fact, Nina is their perfect self-insert

>muh opressed demons
>forget about everything when a hot guy appears
>goes for the biggest Chad

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No, shitposting about season 2 was fun

Jokes on you, I never finished it.
Thank you based hurricane Maria.

>tfw Kaisar will never yell FAVAROOO again

Sure he will. Even Rita knows she's just prepping him to meet Favaro again.

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She's the only one making season 2 at least enjoyable.
>that "date"
>that jailbreaking
>that zombie ramp
Fuck that dragon bitch

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Reminder that Cygames meddling is responsible for this mess and that it still sold more than Genesis.

i leak anally when i cum

Whats worse is not only might a season 3 not happen, meaning you won't get to see Rita and Kaisar as a zombie couple, but as much as season 2 was pointless and unnecessary, to create a season 3 would be even more pointless and unnecessary.
And even if they did, there was a 3 year gap between seasons, so you ain't gonna get shit till 2020.

>struggling through this boring + fujo shit
>all the characters get together finally, even favaro is back!

>they all get split up again

thats where I dropped it and I'm glad I did.

We alll agreed that s2 isn't canon.

I only reached the episode where dragon girl finally confesses her feeling for Hitler.

tl;dr me on the remainder of the season

Rita was literally the only good thing about S2
Prove me wrong hint: you can't

Season 2 was a mistake.

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They don't know it's a mess because they don't get what's wrong with it. They had some voice actors (including Kaisar's) at an event and screened this funny clip reel that included zombie Kaisar like it was hilarious.

He IS trapped in an unliving hell.

Reminder that Kaiser is dead, and that Rocky has Revolver Ocelot'ed himself into Kaiser's corpse

Your noncanon is considered a commercial success and s1 is considered a flop, so

>is considered a commercial success
No it isn't

The new writer got the job out of nepotism and went on to say she did not understand the theme of the first season or the plot. She could not understand adventure for adventures sake.

That and she seemingly prioritized shipping Nina and Hitler over the actual story

>went on to say she did not understand the theme of the first season or the plot.
Damn did she actually say this? I would like a source to validate my hatred.

It was in an interview before the show aired. You could probably find it on the archive.

I can't remember what I unceremoniously dropped. Check mate shit eater. You were warned. The signs were there. But you couldn't stop watching.

What? Rita made it seem pretty clear that him being like that was a temporary thing while he gets his brains going again.

That was the worst bit of season 1 though. It had the right components but it didn't mix them together. Season 2 did, even if people dislike the way it did it, it's better even if it lacks out on the raw high speed action that was the first series' strength.

If anything the thing that probably really got people mad was the fact that they made the decision for Favaro to be a supporting character not a main one and the only REALLY strong thing from the first season was Kaiser-Favaro's relationship, so having that be off to the side probably made a lot of people who just wanted "more of that" mad.

people were mad because they took something that was good and turned it into shit

>If anything the thing that probably really got people mad was the fact that they made the decision for Favaro to be a supporting character not a main one and the only REALLY strong thing from the first season was Kaiser-Favaro's relationship, so having that be off to the side probably made a lot of people who just wanted "more of that" mad.
There were many many many MANY more things people were mad about, that's just one of them

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I would have been ok with following Azazel, Rita, Jeanne, Bachus or even Hamza's adventures.
If it was just Cherio doing hitler stuff, I wouldn't be mad, bur the abomination that is Nina was too uninteresting for me.

>Due to a rift in space time, the events of virgin soul were erased from existence. Now enjoy a fast paced action adventure show, starring Favaro and Kaisar.

I liked it


Bacchus waking up and complaining about the stupidest dream he ever had, then accidentaly running over and killing some kid named Nina with his carriage. He brings her over to Rita to fix her, Ritaturns her into a zombie, but the retard runs off before the transformation is finished. Because of that she is feral and bites some retard named Charioce turning him into a zombie. They attack some other kids, but Kaisar swoops in and puts them down. Jeanne enters the scene, she and Kaisar were on patrol. She recomends they burn the corpses to make sure they're dead. As they're waching the bonfire Favaro enters the scene and invites them for a night of drinking. Jeanne refuses because she is pregnant. Kaiser and Favaro leave and Jeanne looks at the stars thinking about how glad she is her child will be born into a world without nutjobs dictators.

meant for

Reminder that this is Cygames' fault, not the writer's. They wanted exactly this kind of story and hired the writer to do write this plot according to their scenario.

Stop blaming the wrong person.

If only they had made Manaria Friends instead of this steaming pile of shit that is objectively the worst sequel any anime ever..

>assmad demon apologists
>assmad god slaves
Earth belongs to man.

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Fuck off Hitler
How did you even type that when you can't even see

But you are literally wrong. The Rage of Bahamut game even proves you wrong as the world belongs to Demons, Gods, and Men living together.

Even the Self-Insert knight who got ass raped by Lucifer before he killed everything in existence knew this.

>gets bead by a god leading the demons who then destroys the world
>we all need to get along
How emasculated do you need to be to draw this reasoning? Gods and Demons are naught but leeches that must be burnt from realm of man before they suck all life from it.

And then we get fun SoL with a little adventure bit for half a season until Favarooooo and Kaisar hear some gossip about bahamut and/or splitting souls and they go on the full blown adventure with lots of ancient ruins, cultists and other fun things you would expect from s2

As far as I know there was a steady flow of demons INTO the man realm under Charioce

And there was a stead flow of Jews into Nazi controlled land, so what is your point? The meat grinder needs to run.

You made a pretty contradictory post so I just thought I'd point that out. Like if you want demons out and import demons and don't kill them and wait for them to rebel and it's your way of getting rid of demons

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Case #999967761 of women ruining everything I like. Reeeee keep women out of my hobbies


To the info? I read it from fans on twitter. It was in AGF2017.

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At least we can discuss about VS like a trainwreck but Manaria Friends at best would be bland moeshit that will be forgotten at the next season.

I'd rather have bland and forgetable than desecration. The trainwreck is good when it's not attached to existing properties that I'm attached to, or at least when it's not directly shitting on things that I like