Well Sup Forums?

Well Sup Forums?

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>Not wearing a Patek Philippe
Totally pleb.

I'd wear left, 'cause it looks cooler.

Show me an anime where one of the characters wears a Patek Phillippe or a Vacheron Constantine

Digital watches are extremely gay in my opinion


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Wearing a watch under the wrist is just fucking uncomfortable. Also, digital a shit. Analog is where it's at.

i have a watch that looks a lot like the right, havent worn it since the second time the battery died

Watches, clocks, and alarms are all degenerate

This is something I have never considered

Enjoy being late to everything, faggot.

The watch on the right doesn't have a battery though

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Fuck off Shirou

Step it up

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Is this the Nokia 6610i of wristwatches?

like this

No, the G-Shock is

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What the fuck, why did I read it as "Anal shock"

>shock resist
If you are being shocked to death I think having a shock resistant watch is the least of your concerns.

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>wearing watches
Gramps it's past your bed time, go to sleep.

Watches are effay as fuck.

>Being Poor and uncultured at the same time

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I wear a $20 timex. should I upgrade to a gshock?

>not planning everything ahead of time
Keep up time, youre too slow

kinetic shock you silly goose

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I wear an Omega Seamaster Diver. That's a nice watch.

If you don't know what time it is, how do you expect to be there on time?

I'd pick the chronometer

>the oldfag attack

I wear a Audemar Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Grand Complication

Are you fucking poor or what?

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left, since it's actually useful

>the "I'm paying too much for my phone so I can't afford a decent timepiece" attack

I honestly haven't seen someone carrying a clock like this other than my grandpa.

Not that user, but what's the upper inner dial? The other three are obvious.

he said Sup Forums, not Sup Forums

Obviously the classic is best.

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Chronograph over Gshock no question

>implying phones cost shit all nowadays

Phases of the moon for that part of the month.

Why do you need a watch if you have a phone? That's like owning a typewriter when you have a PC.

>he can't determine the time by checking the position of the sun and the stars
the absolute state of Sup Forums

>A grand for the latest iPhone or Samsung
>costs shit all


tfw people actually buy and wear this shit

What if you are indoors?

Watches are a fashion statement, not a vital tool unless your phone breaks or you forget to charge it.

>$630,000(!) watch

>buying the latest overpriced shit on release
i guess i can see why you'd waste your money on watches afterwards

>unironically needing to now the current time
Sure is a lot of normalfags around here

look out the fucking window

>still wearing watches


Glad we agree that watches are useless then.

This is the only watch you need. Prove me wrong. Protip: you cant

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>he has a house to stay in
h-haha the absolute state of privileged people

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You must not pay much attention due to most people have the latest generation of trash, Ontop of famous apple products being slowed down so you're forced to upgrade I dont think you're fully aware of how stupid people are with their money

what do i care what some normies do with their money

I've been wearing the same Armitron digital watch for 5 years now.


is it made out of wood?

Because you want it inside you.

>Patek Philippe

How can people pay so much for something that looks that shitty?

Left. Gotta be high speed low drag when you operate oniichan


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Fuck off violet, nobody likes you.

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Ah, I see you're a man of class as well.

What I don't want to?

How can someone not use a watch, having to take out your phone everytime you need to know the hour is annoying. Also, if you go to college not knowing the hour in the middle of an exam is pretty inconvenient

>not knowing the hour in the middle of an exam is pretty inconvenient
Is it? I'm usually more worried about doing the actual test. What use is it to me what time is it mid exam? Finish the fucking test, turn it in and go home.

Hey, it's the Sagara Sousuke watch.

Woulda thought he'd go for something more tacticool.

You'e not allowed to post on Sup Forums if you don't own a Seiko.

If you actually need to write and not just choose the correct answer you need to know how much time would you spend on each thing

>ahead of time
>without anything that enables you to do that

years of tradition + the magic is inside

Those first 4 "You're Under Arrest" OVAs were so god damn beautiful.

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This thread is shit, but the person giving the exam will usually give friendly reminders to people too engrossed to pay attention to time.

Mine is pretty sweet.

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Terrorcore, would cop.

Is it normal to need a moment when reading an analog clock? I feel like an idiot, but I don't have much practice since I don't own a watch.

Oh, you must be one of those people that always cut close to the time limit. I wouldn't know what it's like to be you, I'm usually one of the first to leave and it never affected my scores negatively.

>needed anything but your internal clock

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That's why you identify things that you're confident in and do those first. Also, what said and in my experience every room had a clock in it regardless.

t. brainlet who never got perfect scores

What if you tried to learn English before posting?

This is literally perfect.
The only thing I might consider changing is the strap.

It's quicker and classier to pull your sleeve up than to take phone out of your pocket. There's a reason we switched from pocket watches to wrist watches.

>It's fucking raining
What now asshole?


Move out of your rainy shithole.

Honestly, this shit is fantastic. I inherited my grandfather's and the only thing I've needed to do since is change the battery once and replace the strap.

>being so poor that a 6 Dollar ultra budget Casio is something you ''inherit''

I'm actually sorry for you user.

>Need to book plane tickets
>Can't figure out when to book for because no idea how long it takes to drive because I haven't seen the sun in 5 years
>No idea when to set out and how long till the flight because it's fucking raining again
I tried

>he doesn't wear something overly complicated so phonecucks can't read it

top kek

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This made me fucking laugh, good job. I'm pretty sure that's not you but if by a miniscule chance that IS actually you, consider suicide.

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It's more sentimental value. And patina. Can't get either on a brand new watch.

It was a memento I wanted because I loved him and he offed himself after his wife died, faggot.
Here's your (You).