Darling in the FranXX

This is Fatoshi. He has never done anything besides eating.

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First for Goro a shit


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Sorry, but you can't delete your threads anymore.

How much longer must my pudgy self endure?

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No, he has also done the important job of making Kokoro feel special. Therefor, he's a-ok in my book.

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I'm so sorry user. I really mean it.

when will he get actual character development? The dude character literally is: likes eating and thinks Kokoro is cute.

>he has done the important job of what isn't an important job at all

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>This is Zorome. He has never done anything besides "ORE-SAMA!"
>This is Miku. She has never done anything besides being a brat.
>This is Kokoro. She has never done anything besides being a "whatever the character trope she's in is called"
>These are those two pilots that I can't remember for the life of me since they're so boring and forgettable.
>This is Ichigo. She hasn't done anything besides cucking herself.
>This is Zero Two. She hasn't done anything besides Da-ling
>This is Hiro. He hasn't done anything besides being the passive MC.

It's almost as if all of the characters in this show are one-dimensional character traits.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot!

>This is Goro. He's actually pretty okay.

>Eat this, fatso!

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For that very reason he is the least annoying character in the show.

Kill yourself, fat apologist

Hes gonna be the first to die
You should have picked that up by now

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I predict some really dark twist with him.

She is too good for that sack of lard. I want mitsuru to cuck fatty

He is sexy.

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Its Trigger don't expect too much
He's just the character that dies first

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>She is too good
She is just a no-name with big tits.

Guys you won't believe it!
Some frames from the next episode actually got leaked.

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It's almost like you are bad at baiting, Futoshifag

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Hang yourself kudasai

I love this picture

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>he has also done the important job of making Kokoro feel special

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What you just described is perfect

Not an argument.

It wasn’t suppose to be one.

Punished Miku when bros?

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kinda feel every franxx are going to end being cucked by the end of the show.

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But will he ever eat the best tasting meal?

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Guys, I love Kokoro.

Sooooon tm

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Why are 02 and Miku so great bros?

does getting cucked count as doing something?

Very naisu edit-sama.

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So is he.

How does he breath without holes?

Oh shit

How did Hiro survive this? What an asspull.

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How many Mikus do you have in your collection?

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>being so bored with the show you have to force cuck memes on an irrelevant fat fuck and his equally irrelevant partner
What went wrong?

Drink some milk.

What did they mean by this?

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>loves eating
>will never get to eat Kokoro's pussy

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Just fyi i'm using clover and it saves the original filename and not the post number

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How about you force yourself into the gym you fat cunt.

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Mitsurufags are still recovering from getting btfo with 02

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>screenshot of Kokoro smiling at Mitsuru
Top stuff user.

This is Goro. He will uncuck himself and win his strawberry

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This user needs to draw a lot more.


>blocks Goro's patch

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>"Hiro I've decided that I'm going to claim her as mai waifu!"
>"That's nice, Goro. Can we please go to sleep now? You've been talking about her all night...."

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Strawberry is not worth winning.
Seriously, all she's done so far is angst over Hiro. She has no personality beyond pining for Hiro.

I could realistically see that being in his locker.

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>the girl that described herself as my sister actually wants my dick
>what a freak
>Goro, she's all yours

Shut the fuck up, you delusional 02fag

TSanon here. God damn photoshop decided to die on me.

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He was probably thinking something along the lines of
>"Oh wow, so Goro is really in love with her, eh? Didn't see that comi-oshit"

But, Goro wants all of the parts of her that aren't worth winning as well as the parts that are.


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Tell me I am wrong. Show me a scene where she doesn't mention Hiro or is not being angsty over him and 02.

Arigathank you

Post cock


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>Shut the fuck up
Oh right she's very bossy, I guess that counts as personality.

Is he Mitty mark 2?

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TS user still here? Heres another one

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Oh, hi Michlan

Make me.

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Darling blanco when

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>muh namefag

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I want to captivate my crush like she did it with Hiro.

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What's all the blanco edit about? Dragonball?

You need to go back.

>Coolest Team
How adorable. I can't wait for Zorome to break.

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Get hakai'd

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I think you'll have better luck taking her captive instead.

Delet this. Zorome is for Miku to love.

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But I'm not a lesbian.

fresa blanca




Why though ? Kid deserves a lot better than some flat second hand childhood friend.
Even Kittan at least got something HUGE for the trouble.

Papa doesn't love Zorome, he's going to find that out soon.

Because he can IMAGINE her

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Fucking kek

You mean TLanon ?
>Goro:"I think I like you, Ichigo"
>Goro:"What's up with that thing!?"

If everyone is cucked, is anyone?