Oroka na tenshi

>inb4 no replies

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If the thread dies:
Chapter 1-9 (translated): mangakakalot,com/manga/oroka_na_tenshi_wa_akuma_to_odoru
Chapter 1-17 raws: oldrawmanga,tk/2017/06/oroka-na-tenshi-wa-akuma-to-odoru.html?m=1
Chapter 18-19 raws (newer raws will be here): lhscans,com/manga-oroka-na-tenshi-wa-akuma-to-odoru-raw.html

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I want to manhandle her.

Carefull user, she would rape you.

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Volume 4 cover looks so good.

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Jokes on her, I know karate.

Can you beat THIS though?

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Amane is cute! CUTE!

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Why isn't eddy in tekken 7 anymore

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Fuck, my eyes close by themselves...I can't let this thread die yet...I need to post more pages...

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She’s pretty /fa/

/fa/ dresses like gundams though, they have no clue about fashion.
THIS is fashion.

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How does it feel when a loli breathes onto your chest, sexually?

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You and I are the only ones who read this manga user, I am thankfull you exist.

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It seems like my time has come. Time to let another thread die. Let me take this hit for my loliwaifu.

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Based OP

Based based op poster

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How about you dump a chapter so that people can get into this manga?
Posting the same random pages isnt really helping

I will but where should I start? Chapter 1 or the latest one?

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Wherever you want
I will bump the threads if i see them

Why did you make another thread about nothing when no new chapter is out?

Thanks user, I am glad.

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Because still only 1% of Sup Forums know about this manga.

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that outfit, that ponytail and those glasses. holy fuck