I thought this was supposed to be about bullying

I thought this was supposed to be about bullying.
She went dere way to fast.

Nagatoro is hotter though

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Nagatoro is too hardcore in everything she does.

>She went dere way to fast.
Can't win against dick.

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>same shit every chapter
>literally nothing happens
>even when they're adults he's fucking afraid of touching his wife

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>that sorry excuse for a boob
Senpai has literally shit taste

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You can't say no to these legs.

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At least Nishikata is 11-12, it makes sense for him to fall for stupid shit, and Takagi being pretty much precognizant is the conceit of the story.
The adult Takagi manga is written by a different guy if I'm not mistaken.


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That's not an excuse though. It's the same shit every chapter with development and snail pace.

>killer sign it's time to catch up on Nagataro

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Senpai may have shit taste because she is abusive bitch, but definitely not because of this, mommy boy.

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You're a retard. She went dere in both chapter 1 and 2 of the doujinshi stuff.
It was always like that.

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That gif reminds me of those old "click the money to win" banner ads.

If you convert how interesting they are into porn values, then
Takagi - handholding level
Nagatoro - LWB level

Man thanks for reminding me how awful those doujins are. I wonder why he didnt make it at least somewhat on-par with the first one.

thanks for the meal!

It is about bullying. It's about Nagatoro bullying herself.

Why isn't the latest chapters on Mangadex yet?

I think the nipple might be in the wrong position.

>We need to draw a 3D-model of her breast anatomy in this picture.

does she suffer from some sort of condition in her eyes?

I don't think it's out yet

It's out, you just have to know where to find it.

Because no one has bothered uploading it to mangadex.

A guy being bullied by a girl is too pathetic a concept to stretch out indefinitely. Girl teases dumb kind she likes works better.


HOLY SHIT that thing is ugly

Not him, but it's not in the sekrit club either.
Is there a super secret club just for manga releases or something?

Whoever decensored this deserves a medal.
I actually thought it was official art.

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What's LWB, never came across that term, and I've watched more than enough porn.

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It shouldn't have even needed decensoring at all, but it was done well.

If I just told you, would it really be a super secret club?


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Not as secret as it should be. I should have joined when I had the chance.

It's an edit. The original has steam covering the nipple.

Nah, this is a terrible excuse for decensoring. Clearly was taken from other artstyles. just take a look at 774's own tit drawings in his porn and you'll see that it is drastically different.

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Is Nagatoro a virgin?

absolutely not after she raped senpai.

My assumption is that he means LittleWhiteButterflies. Scanlation group that does fetish-y things.

she is decently sized for her age.

What the fuck I haven't read this chapter yet, are the scanlations behind?

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I think it just scanlator being too lazy to finish the job so they teased user here with unfinished work.