Sora Yori

Reminder to keep a 5 meter distance from Shirase when someone makes her girlfriend cry.

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That doesn’t help when she doesn’t even need to be on the same continent to BTFO you.

Piss off!

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Piss on!

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Piss porn when?

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Go away.

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How desperate is she really?

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Why is she such a petty, vindictive, sweet, loyal and wonderful person.

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Desperate enough to hire a hooker to be her friend after she turns 18.

Go and stay go!

How do their hat sizes compare

A friend is someone who thinks about you.

I'm always thinking about you, Sup Forums.

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That's pretty gay.

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New ep out thanks later virgins

It feels like we've come so far.

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I was actually worried we'd get an episode of Hinata being mad at Shirase and we didn't. And it was great.

I love you, user.

Remember Shirase is for bullying

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Someone help me I'm fucking retarded when it comes to social interaction, what exactly did those girls do to Hinata that pissed her off so much?

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Shirase is the anti-bully ranger.

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I don't care what you faggots say, I feel the yuri.

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Only playful bullying by her husband Hinata

>tell her to do thing
>Thing pisses people off
>we told her not to do thing

How retarded are you?

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I don't even know what made me pick this show up. All I remember is that the season just started and it was probably becasue most new shows haven't started yet. Then I saw a thread here and it made me watch it just before the episode dropped, because fuck the synopsis didn't get me interested.

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But I'm confused what exactly she did. What competition are they talking about? Yes, I am very retarded.

They tried to get themselves back into her life after betraying her via seeking forgiveness, in a really inappropriate manner (namely, showing up for the stream event. They had no business being there).

Japanese highschool is a strange place. In the school I attended they would have eagerly drafted a primary school kid into a team over someone in their final year if it meant they were more likely to win something.


The track event. They told her to run when it was the seniors last year.

The running competition. She was too hayai.

Okay. I understand now. Thank you for tolerating my dumb ass. Pic not related.

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She looks ripped af on preview.

They did, but the seniors bitched about Hinata earning her spot over them, which led her to quit school and the track team.

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YoriMoi was the first thing to air this season. That's why I watched it and I am very glad that I did.


>big racing competition for all years of HS
>it's the last chance for 3rd years to make it (because 3rd year is last year of HS)
>She's picked over any 3rd years (she was cheered on by her teamates into applying. They probably thought she couldn't do better than a 3rd year and wouldn't get picked)
>when questioned, her teammates betray her and tell everyone that they told her to hold back out of respect for the 3rd years
>gets bullied by teammates and other students claiming bad stuff (something like she bribed teachers. Or fucked teachers, real nasty stuff that will make people think she didn't deserve to go to the big race)
>gets so bullied, she has to leave school

That's funny because the synopsis WAS what caught my attention. The idea of a CGDCT show in Antarctica sounded really bizarre, and when I looked at the staff and studio, I figured that this show might be something unique.

I didn't quite get it either because the retarded fucking translators cant edit their own shit to make any sense.

Hinata was on the track team at skool. The track team was entering a real competive meet, not some schmuck exhibition or whatever so the fastest should compete. But muh skool honor means the seniors should be the ones competing as its their last chance to do so before graduating. Hinata agrees with this but her friends say fuck that, you should compete and show up the seniors.

When it comes time the track coach picks Hinata for the 200 meter race, but the whole rest of the team just looks away rather than congratulating her. The same friends who told her to show up the seniors are then seen kissing ass and sucking dick to the seniors about how they had told Hinata to be sensitive and maintain the teams muh honor. Complete bullshit. Hinata leaves the team, loses her friends and then leaves school, her ex friends spreading all sorts of terrible rumors as to why.

god i want to hug her and fug her from behind

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>Mari Block!

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Wtf, I love racoons now!

That’s what you get for hurting people

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Congratulation Shirase, you broke the smile of genki.

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Geez, try to apologize and you get yelled at by some autist you've never seen before.

It was necessary. It can now be rebuilt, stronger than ever.

She really is a baka who can't read the mood.

Do you have trouble reading, maybe even between the lines? Don't think the translation is to blame for this, it was obvious.

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Piss off!

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the girls are so great, i love them. Good show, s2 when

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This Hinata plot reminds me a lot of the forced drama in Hibike Euphonium (the second years - third years feud)

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They went there to feel good about themselves and they left feeling like jackasses because of Shirase, and that's exactly how Hinata wanted them to feel.

In your face!!

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>no webum
user please

That's all the sideboob I ever needed.

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In what world is snooping around your friend's inbox ever considered acceptable behavior? There's MUH FRIENDSHIP and then there's completely disregarding any sense of boundaries just because you happened to feel like a nosy fuck at the time. Dressing it up with the same cheesy j-indie rock at the end of the episode doesn't make it any less creepy either.

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This looks like she has very broad, manly shoulders.

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it wasn't her inbox, the email was sent to the base's inbox, I still think it was somewhat unacceptable for Shirase to go trough an Email that wasn't for her tho but given she had good intentions and Hinata didn't care it's kind of whatever.

I was real glad when Kimari finally spoke up for Hinata near the end.
She was acting too clueless the whole episode.

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Hinata is so sexy.

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Petty highschool drama pretty much looks like that. It's bullshit but that's just how a lot of people are.
She broke the 'unspoken rule' and proceeded to get shunned. I'm guessing in a place like a Japanese high school where seniority is held in higher importance the backlash against her was worse than it would've been elsewhere.
For the last track meet of my senior year the seniors at my school got to pick what they wanted their last event to be, and we didn't have anyone good enough to go on to compete in college anyways. However, this was something explicitly enacted by the coaches, so something like what happened to Hinata wouldn't occur.

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Wasn't the feud in Eupho because some fags wanted to be in the club just for the shits and some wanted to compete for real?
That's actually a pretty realistic scenario by all means.

This is Hinata's entire wardrobe.

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Shirase has cute socks.

That's how they live there, their rooms are tiny.

I'm actually impressed by this show's writing. I thought they would have some asspull this episode, but the writing actually made sense damn.


Is that Ganesha?

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I haven't watched Hibike, but was there a teacher figure or an adult overseeing the club? Like, to decide who gets in or not, audition, etc.
Expecting 50 highschool students to self organize and seriously compete as a wind ensemble sounds like such a clusterfuck.

>that Yuzu
That is the back of someone asking to be a mother.

Hinata did nothing wrong.

How can a plump butt run so quickly?

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It's plump with muscle fibre.

The fields are on a slight slope


Since I read the synopsis back in december I knew it'd be a hell of a show but I couldn't imagine how good it was gonna be.