What makes a perfect magical girl, outfit-wise?

What makes a perfect magical girl, outfit-wise?

Is it a mask? Hair ornaments? Boots or shoes? Technological implements or good old magic crystals? Underbust outfit or something that fully covers everything?

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Armor and masks. Why not make her fully protected.

Exposed chest or bust.

Lots of clothes

Frilly clothes
Vibrant colors
Bright innocent smile

Mask and legs showing all the way to almost pantsu shot

Frilly as hell. Poofy as hell.

Depends on the girl. Variations on the same theme based on their personalities ala Madoka Magicka.

because frilly dresses are the strongest armor known to mankind.

There is a broad range and various adjacent and subgenres where different flavors might be acceptable. But generally something like precure and madoka (TV series, the spinoffs not so much) is great.

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Look at that upgrade path.

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This is a magical girl that's reaches beyond her prime

>in her 50s
>lost her daughter
>radiation poisoning
she looks fine given the circumstances

yes, but she's 40 years too old

So a mahou onna?

Majo. Bitch be a witch, yo.

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Being a magical girl (male).

Frilly, poofy, and elegant, yet within a range to still plausibly allow for magical combat in them.

Yuri is 17.
Homu is 24 on the inside.
Mai Otome had a granny who de-aged when she transformed. That's a damn nice perk.

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Crosbell and Sora are anime too but they are fine because of reasons! AHHHHH!!!!!

Does TailRed count?

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Alisa a cute

I wanna see a magical girl in full plate armor, completely protected

Peak magical girl design.


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Be honest though. He was totally cuter then any of the actual girl magical girl.

>just finished marathoning the first two seasons of Precure
>watch this

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What is the context of OP pic. Does the character actually dress like that in-game, and if so why?

We already reached peak performance ages ago

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One for any occasion.

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the seasons differ quite a bit. You should probably ask /pc/ for an updated version though, the latest seasons weren't quite to my liking.

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What did they do to you?

Don't you mean one for every occasion?

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I wish I could dress like that