Dragon Ball Super

Every Antagonist in DBS manga is a chump

Hit is ssg level at best and his timeskip has zero improvement

SSG vegeta (post ROSAT) is more or less = SS Rose Goku Black

M Zamasu = 100% Blue Goku

Toppo only beat goku cause goku let his guard down.

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El Hermano

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>M Zamasu = 100% Blue Goku
Vegeta destroyed TWO of him, with regular blue. Using Final Flash 2.0

Vegeta was enraged and had a stronger normal blue form than goku already to be fair

Yes, and Vegeta utterly annihilated Cell's sides with his final flash. Your point?

>Hit was not using his killer techniques
>Black and Zamasu are not incredibly overpowered because that's what Toriyama writed in his original script
>Toppo did a better job in the manga and he doesn't act like an imbecile

Even without killing techniques, anime Hit was > ssb goku

Toppo only won cause goku let his guard down, anime toppo ate a warp khh from ssb goku with basically no damage

>Hit is SSG level at best
Goku said Hit is much stronger but because Hit is prohibited from using his full power because Assassination in a tournament is a no go
>M Zamasu = 100% Blue Goku
Zamasu's threat wasnt his power but his immortality (it didn't matter how much Goku/Vegeta beat them, they would still get back up)
Toppo caught Goku by surprise and won. Goku underestimating Toppo is a testament to how strong Toppo actually is. We don't know much about Toriyama's outline until we get his fight in the manga, if he does have GoD powers than he's not really a chump considering he beat Goku without it.

KaioKen was a mistake
Vegetto blue struggling against Zamasu was a bigger mistake

In the anime Hit beat ssb goku and forced him to use kaioken without using his killing techs so manga hit was way weaker

Anime Goku black was pulling out clones that could beat goku/vegeta

Anime goku said blue probably couldn't beat toppo and needed to use kaioken

Muchas gracias

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They are stronger in the anime, but it doesn't mean they're chumps in the manga. They're still plenty strong.

>Manga hit was way weaker
Relatively it was the same, Goku needed to go all out to beat Hit, the difference is Vegeta is an actual rival in terms of strength in the manga instead of being 10x weaker at all times thanks to lack of KaioKen
>Anime Goku black
Manga Goku Black was still threatening, it was supposed to be a problem that could be solved by Goku and Vegeta working together but was interrupted because they had two problems to deal with. Merged Zamasu was always supposed to be Goku Blue + Vegeta Blue strength at best which means a Vegetto fusion would be leagues above as opposed to the anime. The threat was still there and it even forced Goku to try a destruction technique
In the manga Blue didn't best Toppo at all. You can argue that Toppo only one because Goku let his guard down, but there's not enough info in the manga that suggests Goku Blue would come out on top, especially if GoD mode Toppo is a Toriyama script thing

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>Anime Goku black was pulling out clones that could beat goku/vegeta
That dimension bullshit did little more than buy time. Without his asspulls, Black is weak.

In the anime Hit straight up beat ssb goku, whereas in the anime, he didn't land a blow on ssg and didn't fight ssb cause goku jumped off

Toppo himself in the manga said if goku had landed his punch, he probably would have lost to goku

>Tfw you'll get an El Tio movie with full Takahashi quality

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>Without his asspulls
And without his various SS transformations Goku is also weak as fuck. So what's your point?

The manga respects power levels so Goku and Vegeta rarely get tough fights.

The whole using Blue once makes you 90% weaker later on was a stupid addition, makes you wonder how did they ever defeat Freeza in FnF.

>two threads up
Shall I dare say it?

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I remember you.
Yes. Kill this thread and the other, and litter em with shit

using it twice makes it so you can't use EVEN 10%. Vegeta could have been at like 1% vs HIt for all we know

Hit was still holding back and Toppo still has power he chose not to use being a GoD candidate. That doesn't change. Moving the bar didn't make it less threatening because in Toriyama's universe, Goku has no KaioKen SSB form and both those antagonists are still hinted at being much stronger than as Goku fought them. The only real difference is Vegeta is still a candidate for being strong fighter without kawaii blue

Manga Toppo is boring, although I agree it was a good decision letting him beat Goku.

Mirai Zamasu was always a shit to Blue tiers.


Because Freeza's gold form was similar in that it was leaking power like crazy

except for hit in the anime while holding back was stronger than blue while in manga he was only ssg level

Toppo GoD transformation is toei bs. In the manga he already has god ki and was shown as the next GoD for u11

Having Vegeta jobbing to Hit due to being incapable of countering timeskip was actually a good decision by Toei.

What the fuck is this

Anime Toppo didn't get interesting at all until GoD form, and then it was underwhelming as hell

>forgets zamasu lost to trunks sword of friendship
>forgets toei turned hit into a retarded against jiren
>ssg vegeta = ss rose goku black
that has gotta be the shittiest baiting of all time in these threads, seek help.
>toppo only beat goku because goku let his guard down
are you even trying? 0/10 overall

you again? you post this every thread and you get told every thread

I'm not that user but if you want I can crash this thread...

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>that pick
wtf! no! tiny jiren didn't do anything );

Where's the bread version?

But dat transformation

Fuck off Broly

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Jesus Christ

where comes the mumbling buffoon who has nothing of interest to say but post terrible pics and had absolutely noting of interest to the thread. Being a low form IQ like yourself must be fun, completely unaware of your surroundings or of much of a retard people think you are.

i hope jiren is impressive in the manga


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>being this butthurt over best girl

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there he goes again and proves my point, thank you.

Black’s entire thing is getting asspulls. New powers out of nowhere, zenkais who heal him, etc.

> Blacks asspulls

nevermind goku mastering UI in 30 minutes

>Hit is SSG level, which is strong as fuck in the manga

>no muh improvement to drag out the fights
Thank god

>SSG Vegeta post RoSaT is more or less = Rosé Black
No you dumb speed reader. Vegeta was weaker than Black, he won thanks to a good strategy rather than screaming like a fucktard "I'M VEGETA-SAMA SO I WIN THIS TIME"

>merged Zamasu is SSGSS Goku tier
>so GoD candidate tier, strong enough to become a GoD according to Toppo and Vermoud
Great, basically better (in the manga) than SSBKKx10 is in the anime.

>Toppo only beat goku cause goku let his guard down.
Stop being a fucking speed reader.
Toppo lands a good hit on Goku = Toppo wins
Goku lands a good hit on Toppo = Goku wins
They are equal and just like in the previous case, it's good, they are both GoD candidate tier, hulk mode Toppo and Jiren are the only enemies that are that strong in the anime

>inb4 ViZ translation with Vegeta saying Goku held back
Mistranslation, read Herms' twitter. Nip version says Goku lost because he didn't use all his power since the start (basically what happened in the chapter, SSB Goku at 100% can beat Toppo, but Toppo at 100% can beat Goku too. If Goku used SSB since the start he could have won)

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It doesn't matter if he's overpowered because of asspulls or because of well written power ups. In the end he's overpowered to the point where he pretty much fucked up the entire universe to the point Zeno had to say fuck it and burn that shit to the ground. Saying that shit doesn't count because muh asspulls is fucking stupid.

explosive power of ssb >> ss rose

However ssg vegeta speed was more or less = ss rose goku black


Beerus beating the crap out of Vegeta was great and so was Toppo beating Goku so Jiren being above the GoDs sounds promising

And here comes the true buttblasted autist assmad at people enjoying things he doesn't like.
Dude. Fuck off.
I don't even care about cauliflower but holy shit people like you are a waste of sperm.

>Toriyama himself confirms the series will continue on with the manga
>Toeicucks go on full shitposting mode
Like clockwork

>mfw manga Goku and Vegeta are still chads and not fucking useless jobbers

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>explosive power of SSGSS > regular SSGSS
No shit Sherlock

>SSG Vegeta speed
You mean Vegeta reflexes. He used Blue to dodge and block Black's attacks too

>hurr hurrr muh waifu
fuck off assburger

the only fighter in the top in the manga stronger than goku/vegeta in raw power going in is jiren

The retards at Toei having the balls to go against Toriyama’s script and adding a 10X and later 20X multiplier on top of God ki was fucking retarded.
Not only did they make their own shit look weak with the supposed multiplier but they ruined the power scaling for the rest of the world, character and future plot.
Thank god UI put Kaiokuck fanwanking to the grave.

Nit that guy but it is. It’s like saying a character can’t be beat not because of powers they have but because the writer will write anyone and everyone opposing into being weaker and dumber.

There's some Toei original things that are cool but overall I love how much more consistent the manga is with itself.

>It’s like saying a character can’t be beat not because of powers they have
But Zamasu can't be beat exactly because of his powers. He comes a reality warping entity on a higher plane of existence.

>>forgets zamasu lost to trunks sword of friendship

Thats still better than Goku time

If you combine both then the product would be great.

It certainly would

>Goku's time
You mean when his SSB Kame (without even KK) did better than SSB Vegeta and not!SSB Trunks Father-Son Garlick-Ho?

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Didnt he break both of his arms in the process?

Do you remember when toeishills said Goku and Vegeta's progression in the manga was too much? "They are supposed to be faaaaar from GoDs" they said and now Vegeta is beating a rookie GoD tier guy and Goku surpassed even GoDs
And all this without power creep

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>breaking your arms by firing a laser from your hands
Yeah that was fucking retarded but you are right, it happened. Your point? Are you excusing SSB Goku shitting on SSB Vegeta and notSSB Trunks combined attack because "he tried really hard"?

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That powerbeam struggle looked so retarded.

A small kid could draw better than that.

And then trunks cut up merged zamasu so trunks > Vegito blue

No, that’s an in-universe reason. An out of universe reason is a tendency for asspulls. It’s like Sasuke from Naruto in that he’s getting abrupt and nonsensical powerups out of nowhere and if you have him on the ropes, he’ll just great snake escape.

To be fair, it took all of Goku's mastered SSB Ki to perform that Hakai and Vegeta was sparring against not even trying Beerus, he got completely rekt in a single hit after that page.

At the exhibition match Goku said he had no chance vs any GoD and that he couldn’t even fathom their power

This is true too

Nice try toeimongrel. IN the manga goku straight up says he has a long way to go before he can fight any GoD and that their power was beyond his comprehension


no you

you first
I insist

Why are these threads so horrible.
It's like a big dumb in joke.
I like Cell.

fuck off Perfect Cell

SSB is such a powerful but inefficient form in the manga

You want to live, Jiren? You know what to do.

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Were they using Goku using Hakai for "progressing too fast?" Because copying techniques is what Goku does, just because he copied Kamehame doesn't mean he was as strong as Roshi at the time

Apparently Vegeta getting one shotted by beerus means goku and vegeta are progressing way too fast

>Cmon user, let's train!

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I want to rewatch Z, is Kai a better alternative?

It apparently starts with a scene of Bardock seeing Goku fighting freeza and screaming his name while dying, which really puts me off already

Kai English dub is a bit awkward, and I'm not a fan of the new Japanese music. Sub is fine I guess.

Now that the dust has settled, what are yer thoughts on Super?

thats only in the manga and the manga is not canon

long hair videl was always superior to short hair videl

everything gohan touches turns to shit

ToP went on way, way too long

>Kai English dub is a bit awkward

How so? It's much better than the original funi dub. My only problem with it is that Sabat's Piccolo and Vegeta voice sound too similar.

Wrong, Gokek is still destined to job. And since GoD toppo doesnt exist in the manga Vegeta will job even worse to jiren.

I love the cheesy ass Funi dub and Vegeta's old bants. Also Sabat's voice is going a bit.

Merged Zamasu's power was all over the place in the anime. Vegeta and Trunks job to him, while an exhausted Goku destroys his attack, and he gets killed by the energy of 3 people who jobbed to him and about 12 regular people inside a sword.
Toppo in the anime jobs to Goku in the preliminary fight and comes off as a non-threat.
Hit is just 'really strong' and Goku Black had bullshit powers in the anime (like the clones that came out of nowhere)

makes me want toriyama to be jailed for not paying taxes.


Trunks inherited Goku and Vegetas God ki though.

Agree about Toppo vs Goku

Hit issue was the vague explanation of his improvement gimmick, but I guess it was Toei wanting Hit to look strong because Toriyama always saw him as a jabronie. In Blacks case they shouldve bothered explaining Black had hidden abilities due to being a former Kaio.

Which OP did you guys like more?