I haven't been this disappointed in a second season since Minami-ke S2. What a boring piece of shit

I haven't been this disappointed in a second season since Minami-ke S2. What a boring piece of shit.

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That’s Reddit’s favorite anime you’re insulting, bud.


new bread found

Best meido

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Which lizard are you refering to?

so.. this is... the power of... breadhan...

Why do all crazy people in anime look pretty much like this?

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I want to protect this

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>no subject

You had one job, faggot


I want to kill that bug.

What was the deal when heh said he got inhibited about 10-11 minutes in?

Where's EvilEye?

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What shit thread, here.

Who needs a subject? Once people see the thread they'll be in it until it dies.

I want to pump Enri full of my baby batter.

Fuck off to reddit with your generals retard

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>You can vote for everything

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Blond? Pick a guess.

>Minami-ke S2
Still serving as the pleb filter I see.

Season 2 lit as fuck fAm, also the Princess is best non Nazarick girl.

>discussing an ongoing series is a general
>not saging
Kill yourself.

Shut up, EvilEye

I can't believe they had 5 weeks of lizard sex

>OPM season 2 died for this

so it's the same as the first season then

hey its getting animated by the studio that made slayers, its gonna be good
it needs to

Ainz a shit

>studio that made slayers
20 years ago?

One punch man is overated, Overlord is better.

OPM didn't even get made by the people who made Overlord

Those things are completely unrelated.
You wanna know what the people who did OPM do at the moment? comicbook.com/anime/2018/03/10/new-boogiepop-anime-announced-2018/

this season fucking sucks and I hate everything
why are they doing this? at first I thought they were saving budget for actually meaningful shit but Sebas confrontation was utter garbage

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Because it's LN promo. What did you expect?

so what korean mmos was he talking about

good promo

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i wanna fug the bug

better than S1 imo senpai

OPM post boros is shit

>t. stopped reading after the boros arc

Not him, but I read up to where Saitama kills Elder Centipede..... and he's right.

>last chapter

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user I will find you and slap your balls right off
MA is fun as fuck and following Garou is like watching a mini reverse Saitama

What did albeit meant at the end when she said
>this is ridiculous?
Is she mad that ainz is trying to save a human or is she like this dude is being ridiculous with his crazy shit?

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Read the books. She's in love with "Momonga," she thinks "Ainz Ooal Gown," the name, the Guild it stands for, is ridiculous, because everyone else in the guild abandoned Nazarick and she sees them as traitors unworthy of Momonga.

Oh, I get it now, do you have a link to the books? I tried googling them but all I found are reddit links with more links to a discord and I am not touching neither of those places

overlord volume 10 where

>reddit has better taste than nu/a/.

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Overlord was always boring, you just grew up.

I just cannot get over how bad that Lizardmen arc was.

Please tell me it isn't true.

I don't get it. I'm anime only and enjoying it. What's the problem?

overlordvolume10.blogspot.fi/2016/06/v10c00.html earlier chapters on skythewood

>takes girl under protection
>she immediately gets kidnapped

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Ah, you are one of those faggots who only care about the hype, I don't even know how you fuckers can watch 80% of the existing anime.

This entire scene was a fucking disappointment compared to how hype it was in the LN.

This is all according to Ainz samas plan

>Minami-ke S2
What are you talking about? That show never had a second season.