Marathoning it now. Am I witnessing the ultimate cucking?

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Don't bother watching it.
It's just rage inducing for the entirety of the whole show.

umu thanks for remainding me it exist droped it at second cour.

What's wrong with it? I mean the MC is robotic to a fault but it makes him cucking Slain all the more hilarious.

Drop it now there so much wrong with it.

>I mean the MC is robotic to a fault but it makes him cucking Slain all the more hilarious.
Poor user doesnt know the truth

Don't mind them and keep watching.

>He doesnt know

Terrible resolution, good thing I'm not a shipfag though

While I liked this show to some degree, I didn't like the ending. So I'm going to spoil it for you so you don't lead yourself up to disappointment. Well actually you don't have to look, anyway. Turns out Slaine got fucked off and Inaho didn't really want anything other than for Hime to be safe. She goes with the random Vers guy instead.

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You don’t even fucking know what’s about to hit you

>He doesn't know

but slain is best boY


Slaine didn’t deserve all of his pain.

Slaine did nothing wrong and you cannot protect his smile. Asshime a shit.

She wouldn't be able to feel it anyway so why bother?

Jokes on you both MC and Slaine get dumped by the princess for a literal who that shows up at the very fucking end.

Wasn't this story based on the author's interpretation of early 20th century geopolitics and Japan's role in WWII?

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Who Urobutcher? Care to elaborate

No, he's thinking of the project director, you know, the guy behind Boku no Pico.

Even so you also have to respect the fact that Inaho's robotic eye is better at smooth talking than he is.

Don't think it was Butch. But I think there was a fan theory going around that the backstory of the conflict between Mars and Earth was like the Sino-Japanese War.

fucking how?

>he doesn't know.

Roman Holiday, but Aoki is such a fucking hack that hee didn't know what he was ever doing.

So Slaine is Japan and Eggs is the Nukes got it.

i think thats his fetish, dont indulge into it.


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Mileage may very regarding that but it might just piss you off how slaine ends up, depending on how you feel about the series.

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He rolled the dice on total domination and got was coming to him and you fucking know it.

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