Used goods doesn't count if it was rape, love transcends it.

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Seba's dick will purify her and heal her pains


Are they gonna break her anus again?

Pure love. Much better than Renner and Climb.

Prolapsing anus only makes it hotter!

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Do dragon dicks have knots?
Asking for a friend.

>that /fit/ pasta with user and a bottle
I don't thin you understand what it means.

She isn´t nicknamed ``Broken Anus Girl´´ for no reason!

What did he mean by this

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I'm going to marry Lupus.

No, they have barbs.

>Kill her

Why is ainz such a monst....ahhh right

Are you man enough?

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What was that thing at the end with Albedo?

She will teach him all the sex positions she learned from her years of being a living onahole and they will have the best sex of their lives until they run out of healing scrolls. Where's the downside? Meanwhile Ainz can't even BONE.

She hates the other Guild members for leaving. Only Momonga matters.

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She's pissed that other guild members left Ains alone

No but there might be an arc later on where she's kidnapped again by a perverted dragon and fucked to near death.


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Oh, I thought that she's pissed about being ordered to save a human

I think he has better bitches at his fingertips.


He wanted to laugh and be happy.
But Skeletons aren't allowed to be happy

His name is Momonga.

Where is my Nabe-chan?

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She doesn't like that Momonga changed his name.
She doesn't give a fuck about the guild called AOG because everyone but Momonga left them behind.

She wants him to stop playing guildmaster and that he rules everything for his own personal gain.

In the trash

Who or what is beside Peroroncino?

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What's the deal with that anyway. Why does it keep happening. If I were him I'd be pretty pissed off that some asshole GM is following me around inhibiting all my fun. Though I suppose I wouldn't be pissed off for very long...

His sister. The best dual shield tank in the world.

And I thought they wouldn't bother animating him.

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>gets hit


pink penis

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someone post the pic

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Who the fuck thought that hat/mask thing was a good idea?

>they didn't make her pink
what the hell madhouse

Praise Madhouse for giving me more Touch Me.

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It's MMORPG visual key. Give it up.

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don't worry jannu.
Your better half is about to release

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Why do all the big fanbases like redditlord, re:ddit zero, konoreddit, darling in the rebbit, houseki no rebbit, made in rebbit etc are full of cringiest, horniest meme spewing faggots? It's always the same with these threads.

Who would you main?

These are real people though. I wonder if they're just mimicking their gods.

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Anyone except for two dudes at the sides.
They're wearing Yggdrasil gear.

Tatchi Me-sama

pretty, should i binge s2

Could they not spare a shadow demon to tail Tuare?

That scene was made pretty badly. The flag crumbled in the corner was the emblem of Ainz Ooal Gown. The Flag behind her on the wall was Momongas personal emblem. Albedo seems to hate the guild and other members excluding Momonga, but its unsure why. It probably has something to do with her novel like settings.

Bukubukuchagama-chan aka you guilds cutie eroge seiyuu tank slime.

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the fact that she's used goods only makes me love her even more

top cuck

They didn't think anyone would come for a used good.

>used goods
She's in pristine condition and where do you think girls learn skills to please a man? Online courses?

>that demiurge

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She needs lovin'

there's nothing wrong with that

It was obviously a keikaku proposed by Demiurge. He wanted to rob storage district and for that he needed a scapegoat.

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I wish Ainz was a female and had some skin on.

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post your demiurge drawings

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Some girls are natural born sluts, some are educated prostitutes. Swords are better than both of those options.

Femskelly would be better.

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Girl so broken that the only way she knows to thank someone is by using her body.

Neia would fill that spot.
>natural born
Eager attitude? Maybe. Not skill and experience.

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What the fuck else does she have left?

she is just in love

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Does Neia even have anything to go back to? Dad is dead and mom is missing

couldn't you reverse it at the end so it pingpongs?

It makes me harder than it have any right to.

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It's webm, I don't know to edit webm.

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Healing broken miserable girls is my fetish too, it's like Sebas and I are brothers.

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What would be Solution and everyones reaction if Ainz tried to make Evileye part of Pleiades?

too many options, and most of them are dumb LE JOKE answers.
Not even bothering with this shit

GJ, sluts rely on gullible twats like you to land their sore, loose cunt on a comfy provider after carousel of dicks that they youth was.

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Well I give up. This was the one episode I was looking forward to the most this season and it was terrible. They completely butchered it. Not even Lockmyer can save this season now, and I bet anything he isn't even animated.

>tfw we will never see renner's first meeting with demiurge
i feel like it'd be a great scene, especially from renner's point of view

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I want to marry Evileye-sama!
I will tell her that our love is impossible because of a curse cast upon me, which taints with evil and and darkness all girls who've sex with me.
Then she's going to tell me she can endure it if it's for our love, and that she will be strong, while always pretending to fight against evil after each time we make love!

Renner yes!

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I didn't mean sluts, user.
Girls with a tragic past, got it?

That sound like something Chuuni would like more.

How can this cutie kill anyone ?

this pic warms my heart, I want to find a love like this

Do you also sow a harvest to reap it ten years later or something?

Reference slutification? I think I have my new fetish.

Is she used goods? Solution fixed everything.

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>that scene with renner and raeven
Holy shit was that bad. Pretty sure an anime original wouldn't understand half the shit they're talking about, especially the reveal Raeven is part of the royal faction.

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I'm braindead user, I meant LAKYUS.


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A thoroughly washed whore is still a whore.

Did the director have a stroke or something, this episode was awfully directed.
The transitions in particular and putting some spooky OST for the renner scene? really?

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Why does she have a pillow with All Might face?