This is the worst shounen jump manga in years

>This is the worst shounen jump manga in years

How did it happened? I read through a few chapters and it just fell generic just like other popular shounen
Why this one got the small stick?

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It was too generic
clover and academia take shounen tropes and twist them

>clover and academia take shounen tropes
>twist them

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I don't think it was the worst manga in years, at least it was better than U19 and Amalgam.

It's not like twisting them
but BHA has fun characters and BC a cool world setting
this alone is enough to keep the series going
GH has none of those

There's been worst than Golem Hearts. The powers were cool and it felt like they had a nice world setting going. It just couldn't be fleshed out.

And it was good that it ended with the MC achieving his dream and not just leaving things open ended. Noah was pretty likeable, but his rival was one-dimensional and how to do a edgy character incorrectly.

It can't possibly be worse than Ibitsu no Amalgam

And yet it, U19, Cross Account and other irredeemable shit got more chapters then Ore Golazo.
Bamba didn’t deserve to go out like that.

>Cross Account
>Ore Golazo
What the fuck are these?

>Golem Hearts
I was under impression that it got axed.

it did

It was really weak do not say is the worst pls.

it had good ideas, but the author was too inexperienced/incompetent to fully realize them

can you give me a quick sum up about U19 and Cross Account?

>Ore Golazo
was probably the worst,extremely horrible pacing beyond imaginable soccer manga

I rate red sprite worse than Golem Heart,it also had extreme pacing problem,like content wise,nothing happen yet story plot wise everything was just 10x speed,like a lot of dialogue of useless things and a show don't tell kind of story,but didn't enjoy anything after 2chp

Amalgam is definitely worse than this

I know for sure love rush is more hated than this on Sup Forums

U19 I didn't read it after 5chp but I definitely didn't like it

golazo had shitpacing because they practically put a gun in the head of the author and yelled DO IT FASTER, IT MUST BE CAPTAIN TSUBASA OR NOTHING
i liked the first chapters, where it was obvious it was going for a slow burn and banba was really likeable as a lead
shame jump editors and kids have the attention span of a fly

Bozebeats is getting shafted even faster

Can be said for every new series, even the successful ones like MHA and TPN. For some reason these newer series need to jump in into the meat of the plot leaving little time to establish the setting.

yes, but for some reason jump its extremely unforgiving with Football/Basketball manga
Haikyuu was given time to land the hit, and it became really good despite the initial not so hype

Kids Next Door: the manga. Everyone had their life decided by the government and you should marry whoever they assigned to you. They also had supernatural powers somehow. MC and Childhood friend loved each other but childhood friend was S class while MC was D class or something like this. Then she and her family is assigned to another place by the government and MC tries to save her. Its main fault was that it was too serious. If it was a comedy it could have potential to be Gintama/Saiki tier, I'm sure.

>Kuso Account
MC is an idolfag and a really nice guy but he actually shitposts a lot in his Twitter account. Idol-chan is very cute and nice but she actually is Umaru-tier and shitposts a lot in her Twitter account. MC and Idol become friends through Twitter but they don't know who they are irl. There's also Tomboy Childhood friend but she is BTFO by Idol-chan. Then they meet irl but Idol-chan dresses like a boy so MC doesn't know who she really is. She's really hot as a guy by the way, no homo. In the end she goes to America and become an actress I think. They never got together but they became good friends. It was shit but the art was great. Oh, and of course she got "character development" in the last chapter.

>MC and idol-chan don't get together
>she gets BLEACHED instead
>MC still too beta to bang his THICK osananajimi
What the fuck is THAT how Cross Account ends? I would have read the rest if it got scanlated but now I'm reconsidering.

>"character development"
Does that mean a haircut? DROPPED,

What is this Bamba thing? google give me nothing

>was probably the worst,extremely horrible pacing beyond imaginable soccer manga
Because the editors sabotaged the manga because it wasn’t ranking high enough but even then they didn’t let it develop its characters meaningfully despite having a good MC and a semi-decent female lead design.
The mangaka has a new manga coming soon so hopefully its better and survives and doesn’t sell out to the editors who don’t know shit about sports manga that aren’t Haikyuu and Tsubada.

>The mangaka has a new manga coming soon
Holy shit really? im so happy for him, i really liked ole golazo and i hope he makes it this time

You apparently do not read many shounen.

Golem Hearts already ded? Holy shit, it felt like yesterday I seen it announced as a new title.