The Devil is a part timer

Lightnovelfags tell me. Do they do the do?

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They raise a baby together if that's what you mean.

Yeah but it's one of those 'Modern Japanese can't into romance so just make up a baby' deals like SAO did.

>DEVIL is a part timer thread


You can't make that shit up.


>sold pretty damn well
>pretty popular both in Japan and the West


It's been 5 years Bros

I just watched this shit and it's quite literally the best thing i've completed in a WHILE.
Watched it subbed, then watched it dubbed and it was just as good, is the light novel on going or nah?

Isn't this the one where the big tiddy girl loses? Glad that dumb shit is finally over and tiddies are winning again.

They are very close now, like Emi literally cling on him a lot.

This is the most 5/10 show I've ever watched. I have ZERO strong feelings about it and forgot it existed immediately after watching it.

Why do you fags only care if a girl with tidies is winning. Redhead is more intresting cause its a hero demon lord dynamic. Also big tiddies is human so she'll die way before him anyway while redhead is half angel and will probably live longer.

Except through the baby, we find out that her father is very much alive, and other revelations come through and she slowly lets go of her hatred for him. Added with the fact that even side characters, even her father, start noticing her change in character around him. With that change, it's really baffling to him and he really doesn't know how to handle Emi being so soft/kind with him, and it's adorable.

Because it's one of those things where the author pussies out and thinks picking the flatter or smaller chested girl will snub declarations of wish fulfillment.

Emi is confusedere with him as of now, and Maou being ironically the purest individual on the planet doesn't know how to handle her. Chiho dies inside a lot meanwhile.

b-but isn't this a 4/10 :c

No, there was nothing negative that stood out about it.

I hope some day they will make new seaonse of this show. I had read few volumes of novel but there is so much shittalk about stupid things like coffe and hamburgers or other talk about work from the point of view of Japanses social sacrefice fanatic.

but isn't it a bad think when an anime leaves no impact hmm

Is the light novel on going?

Emi a shit

I suppose, but it wasn't like it was unpleasant to sit through.

Actually later on in the novels she Emi changes sooooooo much that Maou can't even handle Emi trying to be lovey-dovey to him.

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Yes. The anime promoted the ln too well. On the other hand, the comedy feels less now but the story is pretty comfier than before despite all the fights.

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Posting best girl

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Emi is adorable.

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emi hugging maou already happened

Yeah but I need some mutual shit

Am I reading this right? They're raising a baby but they didn't make it, because that's how hard the author wants to stall the series for maximum profits?

The baby is the manifestation of a gem from the Tree of Life.
The baby came to be because part of that shard was in the special sword the hero had, and the other shard was owned by the Maou. So, in volume 3 those shards fused and the baby appeared treating both of them as their parents.

It was partly a device to force Maou and the Hero to coexist and for romantic comedy. But the gems and the Tree o Life are also an integral part of the plot.

The novel still can offer so much more.

I just want to know how far their relationship has gotten and when the next volume is.

Problem is the author does not want a season 2.

Yeah, but when does Ashiya fug Emi's friend?

Wait, didn't he tweet last november that it was out of his hands, and that he would 'greatly' enjoy seeing one?

That's a change I didn't expect from him.


S2 please

Did Maou got a promotion yet?

I want to rape Emi after i kill her baby

I mean really, it could be a passing of the blame, but whatever.

Eh, the baby will probably die on its own seeing as emi can't feed it.

What about the older magic kid that hangs with Emi's dad?

you meant teen? Alcies?

>That Maou-sama doujin
The mere existence of that shit will haunt me forever

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What, did the devil do something bad?

why not?

Are the LN translations dead? I've not been keeping up on it.

your mom is dead

Basically, Maou brainwashes everyone into becoming a public toilet and then undoes the brainwashing at the end of each day while letting the people retain their memories so he can harvest their suffering.


No one cares what you need, go write fanfictions.

I think that's the one by Neromashin

Why do they keep translating 魔王 as Devil or Satan ? I thought the closest synonym for that word in moon would be King Yama or some weird shintoism god.

Well in context they aren't referring to shinto stuff so why would they translate it to shinto stuff?

In the context neither he is supposed to be the christian ruler of hell.

He's literally called "Maou Satan" so I guess that's why they went with the Christian translation.

His Ente Isle name of Satan is written in Katakana so that's just author being chuuni.

>tfw Emifag since Day 1
>tfw devout Emifag when she got a ton of hate threads

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the 魔 in 魔王 doesn't refer to magic, but to the 魔 in 悪魔. Anyways, the idea of a mob of people gathering to fight some monster king is more original and probably better attributed to momotarou.

Reverse isekai is a underexplored genre and I love it.

This is the best reverse isekai, devil's quad confirms it.

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I liked the reactions, it made a comedy show even more funny.

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I mean you already knoe yourself Satan

Reminder that my waifu is the best girl.

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Reminder that your waifu is the church bitch

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>tfw no maou to scratch your itch

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i want to rape Chiho and kill Maou

Rather, Rika will rape him in his sleep

Rika cannot win because Alciel is gay

>blocks you

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>fallen paladin

> Nips in charge of knowing where babies come from

They work in the same place now. Basically Maou is her boss. Emi is fired from her old job for prolonged absence iirc


Love transcends all boundaries

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more like lust

>implying you won't fall on your knees for maou's maou

> Love doesn't contain physical attraction

pure lust

Is there any other adaptation that broke that 10k line and never got a sequel? How bizarre.

White Fox never does second seasons.

There's steins;gay's prequel though.

There's literally nothing wrong with falling in love and breeding an invincible army of death knights, user.

I ship them, but suzuno is still the best girl. Chiho is a shit.

she doesnt love him, she want companionship and someone similar to her fate and understand her. Also, she needs big dick
Chiho is good girl. She helped them a lot and didnt sabotage at all, she held her ground and bide her time

The anime promoted the ln too well.

>she wants companionship, understanding and BIG FAT HORNED DICK
That's tier 3 love, user.

Someone is reading that vanilla doujin

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>she doesnt love him
That is a yuipollfag level of denial.

love require two-way understanding and affection and realistically, a common social norm. They are extreme. Emi likes him no doubt but she does not love him and never will because he is Maou and always be


t.Emifag with her baby bullshit

> She refuses to kill Maou and waits to see if he is truly reformed
> It's not love
> She betrays her people and fights at Maou's side because REASONS
> It's not love
> She raises a child with Maou and works at his job
> It's not love
> She sends their kid off to college, Maou hands her a tissue and she cries into it
> It's not love
> She's on her death bed, and calls Maou to her side for her death bed confession
> It was love

fuck off dumbfuck MrRonaldhoefag

it was not, their "love" was based on false pretense

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